Day 31…RP Church of the North Hills, St Paul and Catholic Churches (Butler), West Hills Baptist Church

To comfort the sorrowful is a spiritual work of mercy. The Man of Sorrows was Perfect Love, and in his perfection he was only incapable of indifference and hate. His sorrow was more intense than any the world has ever known. So intense that the night before he was crucified, he sweat blood, a hemorrhage of all the world’s agony. In those hours his human nature craved the comfort of friends. 


I imagine that Jesus is very sorrowful and grieved over the sin of abortion. But you who go to the sidewalk…are a comfort to him. You are his friends.


UPDATES From our Shift Managers:

Al and Sally 7am-9am

It was a very quiet, chilly morning. Al did the shift alone because I was not well. Two married couples, one of them with 2 small small children and a couple other adults were there to pray with him. PP was open for business, but not at all busy. I forgot to remind Al to take a picture, so there is none, but thank you so much to the people who stood with Al on the sidewalk!


Sheila 9am-11am

Traffic was very heavy into Planned Parenthood.  Kathy, who had been there since 8am, said that about 5 couples entered before I arrived.  I saw about 10 couples enter during my shift, two of which were mother/daughter.  One took a resource sheet but none were interested in talking to us.  But thanks to the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North Hills, beautiful hymns were offered up along with our prayers.


Dan, Kathy, Kim and Terry


The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North Hills…Vida, Meg, Phoebe with Micaiah, Charles with Miriam and Pastor Harry


Pastors Martin and Harry

Regina 11am-1pm

Today, from 11- 1, a modest but mighty group of prayer warriors joined forces in front of Planned Parenthood. I was blessed as always by our faithful team of Sidewalk Advocates including, Peg, Madelyn and ever inspiring, Pastor Bryan. As if their uplifting partnership weren’t enough, I was also blessed by the company of Mark, Sue, Kathy and Maria from Butler and lovely pro-life warrior Ginny from Mount Lebanon!



How powerful and consoling it was to stand against evil by praying the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet with these faithful witnesses. Pastor Bryan Also led us in powerful prayers in The Spirit against the enemy of life and father lies. I am once again so very grateful for our powerful pro life community in all the counties in and surrounding Pittsburgh! Thank you my friends.

Much love,


Marie 1pm-3pm

See the pictures below of the people from St. Paul and Catholic Churches (Butler) who stood with Marie from 1pm-3pm!



Our wonderful leader Nikki



Nikki 3pm-5pm

My 3-5 shift was very enjoyable, on the sunny downtown sidewalk with the even sunnier members of West Hills Baptist Church. Wonderful Katie was there with her little son Nick, and a big box of pre packaged candy with fetal development cards attached. Ginny was there also. We provided a joyful presence on the sidewalk today! One young girl thanked us, said a friend had an abortion and she tried to talk her out of it. She spreads the pro life message to her friends. We are making a difference!


West Hills Baptist


Katie and her son Nick


Pat with Pastor Walker and wife Karen and a member of West Hills Baptist

Pat 5pm-7pm

Unlike the last two Fridays, this evening the streets and sidewalks were more crowded and the feeling I had was more “unsettled” than peaceful.  A man named Michael, who is homosexual, spent a great deal of time talking and arguing with Pastor Larry about homosexuality and abortion.  I tried talking to him for a while after that, but I soon got frustrated and walked away.  For whatever reason, I just didn’t seem to have the patience I needed tonight.  Michael is a very mislead and misinformed man.  He could use our prayers.  
Pat, 5-7

IMG_20160311_183051 (480x640)

West Hills Baptist pray~ers

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