Day 30: Thank you to the Manordale Knights of Columbus, St. Mary’s parish in Glenshaw, Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carnegie!

Our fathers made a calf in Horeb and adored a molten image;

They exchanged their glory for the image of a grass-eating bullock.

Psalm 106: 19-20

3-10-16 idols


“They exchanged their glory.” What kind of glory did they forfeit? The glory of their bodies. The glory of being made in the image and likeness of God. Genesis tells us that when God created humans, He said we were “very good.” We have great dignity as humans; we are the crown of God’s creation.

When He brought the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, did He free them so that they could become enslaved again? Of course not. And yet, this is what we see with the worship of the golden calf. When people get tired of waiting on God to “deliver” and answer them, they inevitably seek other forms of worship (idolatry). Many of these idols today are seen in various forms of moral depravity, such as abortion, and in various addictions as well. Bishop Malesic of Greensburg recently said, “If you want to see a slave, just look for someone with an addiction.”

What are we addicted to? Many things. All of us can fall into addictions, be they forceful and obvious, or silent and subtle. But one thing our culture suffers from is an addiction to convenience. The incessant complaining about our “First World problems”: When is that microwave going to beep?! Why doesn’t this GPS work?! The batteries in this remote are dead!! And the worst kind of complaint of all: What do you MEAN I’m pregnant?!

And so, we curse the microwave, slap the GPS, throw the remote across the room…. This is what we do when we don’t get our own way. And when that unintended pregnancy comes about, we have the same mentality of either abuse or disposal. And why? Addiction to convenience. This is an addiction akin to idolatry.

3-10-16 love vs abortion

So what, or who, can set us free? If idol worship makes us enslaved, from where can our deliverance come? There is only One Who can set us free. That One is Jesus Christ. John 3:16 tells us,

God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him might have eternal life.

3-10-16 godprolife350

How do I know that God is pro-LIFE? Because He came to bring us LIFE. Abundant life. Eternal life. And even YOU, the post-abortive man or woman who regrets your past abortion, can find this life in Jesus Christ. “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” (St. Padre Pio)

Life and freedom can be yours.


3-10-16 women freedom

3-10-16 freedom


Shift Manager Reports:

From Marshall:

Thanks to the PA K of C Council #4226 from Murrysville, and Peggy who joined me on a rainy morning during the start of some type of PP meeting day. The men and women who entered that building were greeted with prayers. Thanks to Diane for a great setup as always.


3-10=16 k of C


From Ginny:

From the St. Mary’s pro-life group (2nd shift today), we had Roz, Ree, Ro, Vince, Joe, Gina, Pat, Carol, and Ginny.  Mario M. came down to pray today.  He is one of the Knights of Columbus from St. Mary’s Church in Glenshaw.  He spent lots of time talking to a young man who goes to Pitt, who is originally from Japan.  He was fascinated with praying the rosary, and what we were doing.  We gave him some information, and Mario did a wonderful job explaining to him what we are all about.  This was Mario’s first time at 40 Days for Life!  The young man stayed and prayed with us for over an hour.  St. Mary’s pro-life group feels very blessed to have been there today on the sidewalk.

3-10-16 ginny 1 of 4


3-10-16 ginny 2 of 4


3-10-16 ginny 3 of 4


3-10-16 ginny 4 of 4



From Marilyn:

3-10-16 marilyn 1 of 2
Judy and Chuck share God’s love and light


Beth Ann, Cheryl, and a faithful brother in Christ to join them
Beth Ann, Cheryl, and a faithful brother in Christ to join them

From Lisa K. (me):

I have many things for which to be thankful from my shift today.  One is the wonderful people who God continually provides for me.  He is such a good and providential Father!!  Thank you to Pat, Joan, Bill, Donna, Bob, and Vince, who were so wonderful to check up on me or pray with me.  And thank you especially to Vince, who served as a last-minute Shift Manager!!  God bless you!

Bill and (Shift Manager) Pat, dear brothers who stopped by, along with Joan, who has become one of my faithful prayer partners!
Bill and (Shift Manager) Pat, dear brothers who stopped by, along with Joan, who has become one of my faithful prayer partners!


Donna from Mother of Sorrows in Murrysville, and Bob from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton... before the rain!
Donna from Mother of Sorrows in Murrysville, and Bob from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton… before the rain!


Vince and Bob... and the rains came!!
Vince and Bob… and the rains came!!

Another thing to mention was when three young men in their 20’s approached Donna and me, and had some questions about why we were there, and some other questions.  I really appreciated that they were asking with sincerity.  So glad to have the opportunity to discuss civilly with those who are genuinely seeking truth.

The last thing I feel I should mention is this.  Last week I told the story of when I felt like I should “pray an exorcism.”  Since last week, I have been charitably corrected by some brothers in Christ.  Exorcisms, in most cases, require authority of the ordained.  I will include here what was sent to me in an email, regarding the specific prayer I used:

“The introductory instructions say ‘The following exorcism can be used by bishops, as well as by priests who have this authorization from their Ordinary.’  So, it’s only meant for priests to use when they have permission.

Basically lay people are fine to pray for things, but the direct commands in exorcism (Begone Satan and the like) are reserved to priests with permission.  This is partly because the full authority was given by Jesus to the apostles.  That authority must be delegated by a living apostle to a priest in order for the prayers to carry authority.

The other issue is that we only exorcise people or places when the person with authority asks the church to do that.  God doesn’t violate our free will so trying to exorcise a person or place with the authority over that person or place wishing it is not effective. 

The good thing is that Jesus is in charge in the end and asking Jesus to drive the demons away from a place is fine.  I would pray for the conversion of the people working in these places, as well as the insight to come to the patients that this is the sin of murder.”


From Rick:

The 5-7 PM shift went well today.  I would especially like to thank the many prayer warriors from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carnegie.  The powerful presence of prayer was evident this evening.  Joe, Tess, Vince, Dave, Walt, Lee Ann and other members of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton led us in praying the rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Stations of the Cross, and other prayers for life.  It was so moving to be with such blessed people who know and love the Lord, and whose love overflows for pregnant mothers in need, and for unborn children.  The weather was nice (just a little rain) and the Spirit of Christ was present.  God bless 40 Days for Life, and may God’s grace and blessings be with pregnant mothers, fathers, and unborn children.
3-10-16 triplets

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