Day 28: Saint Louise de Marillac Catholic Church, Upper St. Clair, ALL DAY—–7am – 7pm——

st louise de marillac

Patron Saint of Social Workers- Feast Day is March 15.

Thank you to Saint Louise de Marillac Catholic Church of Upper Saint Claire for adopting the entire day.

Weather always plays a factor in our lives.  If it doesn’t, then the reader does not experience the “seasons” of life.  Winter, spring, summer, or fall- which one do you like best of all?  The month of March can throw a curve ball.  (Even if the Pirates are not in town.  Mild weather is predicted this week!)


If March comes in like a lion, we hope it goes out like a lamb.  If March comes in like a lamb, we still hope it goes out like a lamb!  Weather can be unpredictable.  Our favorite meterologists can get their predictions wrong. And life can be unpredictable, especially if we miss the warning signs of danger. But one thing in life is predictable… and that is when life begins. Although others would like to argue against proven fact, God, and mothers: life begins at the moment of conception.  Those who argue against this fact are not necessarily ignorant…just deceptive.


1 Peter 5:8 warns us about the lions in life: “Be sober and vigilant.  Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”     
PP website lures:  “Emergency contraception (AKA Plan B/the morning-after pill) can be purchased over the counter for $35 any time our office is open. If you would like insurance to pay for it instead or do not have insurance and cannot afford the full cost, it can be prescribed by a clinician during clinic hours. Bring ID, insurance card and form of payment. If you do not have insurance, bring paystubs and proof of other household income and form of payment. Pennsylvania Medicaid covers emergency contraception.”

Click link: PP’s highest honor The Margaret Sanger Award


The killing of lambs is not new to this generation.

Click link: The lambs throughout history

We can be thankful that there are people who do defend life:

Click links: Lambs and people who defend them

Bishop Sheen (from a recent FB post on Catholicity)

Association of Pro-life Doctors

Original Hippocratic oath, circa 400 B.C “I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly, I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy.”

40 Days for Life and Sidewalk Advocates for Life- caring for God’s children.
Isaiah 11:6 tells us that there will be a time when: “The wolf will live with the lamb,the leopard will lie down with the goat,the calf and the lion and the yearling together and a little child will lead them.”
    “Shepherd me, Oh God from all my wants, from all my fear from death into life.”
Click links:

Abby Johnson                                               Bernard Nathanson 

Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King Jr.) 

But, until the time comes that the lambs are protected 100%, we will stand guard. 

Saint Michael defends us in battle and is our protection against the devil.

Char reports from the early shift 7 am to 9 am:

“I left the sidewalk today feeling the warmth of the Lord.”  

What a day! We are actually taking hats and gloves off. The weather and the people on the sidewalk match…warm. A young lady brought us bagels because she said she saw us everyday on the sidewalk and wanted us to know we were appreciated. A lady stopped to thank us for having the”guts” to stand for pro-life. There were many “women of Steel” steelworkers in for a convention, smiling and wishing well. And we were joined by wonderful sidewalk warriors…Rose,Walt,Dick, Jim and his daughter Kristen from Louise de Marillac.
Kristen is on Spring Break from Penn State and came to the sidewalk. We are going to pray for all A’s for that young lady! Rose and I spoke with John who said he was pro-life but had a problem with rape/incest and babies born to teens and raised by Grandma. We talked about the fact that none of this was the babies fault and maybe adoptions would be the answer. We gave out Breugger’s certificate and bus passes to “A” and he asked that we pray with him. Beth came…PP was relatively busy and I had no pamphlets and missed my perfect chance to maybe change a mind…that won’t happen again. I left the sidewalk today feeling the warmth of the Lord.  Char

char shift
Kristen and Rose; Jim and Walt

Rose was going to help celebrate a very special birthday for her 3 year old nephew today.

Rose sent in a special request report:  

Shortly after I arrived at 6:50 AM, I mentioned to Marian that today is the 3rd birthday of my grand- nephew Lucas, who many have prayed for because of his need of a miraculous donor for a liver transplant.

 If you are included in those prayer warriors on his behalf, THANK YOU. He is still frail and needs constant vigilance and care. In a brief visit with him today there was renewed concern about a wound still healing from a recent surgical procedure, but he laughed aloud when he saw a picture book of a snowman with a very long carrot nose.

Click link to public FB page: this is a quote from a March 2 post:  Laughing and being silly is the second best medicine!!! Praying is the first best medicine!! 

Moments after 7:00 AM a man named John, stopped to take the pamphlet I was offering. He said he did not believe in abortion but why would I want him to have the literature. I said, “Because it is a reminder of how marvelously you are made.” He proceeded to share a lengthy story of himself at age 18 getting his girlfriend pregnant and her mother wanting her to have an abortion. He was strongly opposed realizing that was his child as well, so his mother took her in and helped raise his son. He thanked us for doing what we are doing.  We prayed with Andre for his needs too.

Prayers continued as several women hastily came and entered the clinic before any words of intervention were possible. I did envision angels surrounding the door and praying they tug at the hearts of those women to save and protect life.

As I offered pamphlets during the hours I remained, several others expressed thanks. Just before I left, a young woman came with a bag of bagels and cream cheese, said she was thankful for what we are doing, and gave the treat to one of the six of our “team”.  The vigil presence IS making a difference.


Sally reports that she ran into a “lion” and “lamb” on the shift and a lion now knows the value of lambs.    9 am to 11 am

What a beautiful morning! Needed a head covering and almost needed gloves, but it is obvious that spring is on the way. We saw the beautiful daycare children for the first time this 40 Days. They smile and wave at us which is always a treat. Also, the happy little stroller boy came by with his equally happy Mom running and pushing him. We all wait to see them each morning.


Before we arrived, someone had dropped off a bag of bagels, a knife, and a container of cream cheese. The man, who came by looking for breakfast money, appreciated the treat. He was very friendly and we were able to give him several flyers to read later.

A few people from St. Louise were there on our shift, plus a few Evangelicals. Beth was the Sidewalk Advocate. Bill H. was with us for a while, as was dear Lillian. PP got busy around 10 a.m.

Several things happened to highlight the reason we are there. First, the truck that picks up the dead babies (aka “medical waste”) arrived.
Then, a man told us that some of his children were aborted and that a lot of his family had aborted their children, and suffered complications such as hemorrhaging and torn uterus, which kept them from carrying a future child to term. He is totally pro-life now & the past, and what could have been, is always on his mind.
A young man brought his girl for an abortion. After she was “safely” inside he came out with a bag that he said contained a hotdog, offered it to us, and when he had no takers he threw it in the trash can. Then, before he went back inside, he told us that he wants her to have the abortion because “I am selfish and I don’t want anything to interfere with my life.” He spoke in a totally uncaring way, appearing to have no conscience and no care for the girl or his baby. It’s all about him and his comfort and satisfying his desires. We see many more people just like him. No knowledge of right and wrong. No moral compass. God help our country!! (And help this young man who one day may see the deception he bought into.)   Sally

Beth, Bill, and cheerful friends!

IMG_0297 (1)

Cil sent pictures for the 11 am to 1 pm shift:  report will post tomorrow
 Thank  you to  MaryAnn from St Louise and Rick T who came by.
Mary and Darlene
two women
Joyce and Marie
Ginny and the Sonshine!

The Maley family arrived when I was leaving.  Little Maria wanted a baby model and feet pin as soon as she got there.  So sweet!


Dean wrote for the 1 pm to 3 pm shift:
Today was fairly quiet at P.P. There wasn’t much traffic. A few of the young women who were exiting accepted my offer of a footprint pin. (that’s a start)!
During my second hour Seamus, Bob, Joan, Sister Mary Faith and Jenny were on hand to pray.
Seamus, Bob, Jean Sister Mary Faith and Jenny
Rick, Mike, Darlene, Cecilia and little Marie

Peggy reports from her 3 pm to 5 pm report:

When I got there Sister Faith, Bob and Joan were about to leave – from St. Louise de Marillac.  Ginny (Mary Virginia) from St. Bernard’s was there (and stayed most of my shift).   Soon Katie from St. Bernard’s and Tom and Andy from St. Louise  came.  Katie was great at handing out literature.  Andy and Tom were intent on praying.
Several people went in and a couple people left that were probably post abortion.  We were able to give literature to what appeared to be a mother-daughter pair, but they really weren’t very receptive.  The girl was carrying a paper bag and the mom talked about birth control but was resistant to suggestions.  Interestingly a high school boy that I talked to at length discussing the issue of abortion last week came by with a girl friend this week and didn’t want to recognize me or say anything today.
Kate, Tom, Ginny and Andy
 Lisa  writes that it was a beautiful day on the 5 pm to 7 pm shift:
What a beautiful day.  I am thankful for the gentlemen from St. Louis ???????? that finished out the evening with us.  I thank Katie from St. Bernard and Katie’s mother that stayed at home with Katie’s small child which enabled Katie to be with us.  Katie had a very good way with the public.  She passed along a lot of literature.  My faithful Catholic Daughters of the Americas Johanna and Donna spent time in prayer with me.  It was nice to see Bill toward the end of the night on his way home. Lisa
Johanna, Bill, and Lisa our shift manager!
  The Lamb of God saves!  “Broken hearts can be remade.”



Scroll down to read Tim’s reflection from Monday, March 7.
God never disappoints and He sends His answer in a variety of ways.  Just look!

Thank you to all who participated today.  Some had busy work schedules and family obligations but they showed up!!  That’s what friends are for!! A special thank you to the people who showed random acts of kindness as well!  

Marian Carlino

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