Day 24…Weirton Catholic Churches, Christ Church Ministries, St Mary’s (Glenshaw) and SS Peter and Paul (Beaver)

The Monthly Publication, Magnificat, has a special article in it for the 24 Hours for the Lord…which is a vigil starting Friday at 4pm to pray for all those who need consolation. How appropriate for our 40 Days for Life Vigil. The article “A Mother’s Love Can Assuage Tears” is written by Barbara Ann La Porte who lost her son in the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007. She says: “Jesus himself could have arrived on earth, appearing out of the desert and into Nazareth to begin his ministry…but he did not do so, He wanted a MOTHER-someone to love him as only a mother can. This love was unconditional, encouraging, and comforting as a refuge from the challenges and sorrows of his life.” Barbara used to say to her son Matthew, “I am the best mom you ever had” and He would smile and imply that he was the best son she ever had! -The bond of love between a mother and child can never be broken!

Barbara also says, “If only we become people with hearts, with kindness, patience, mercy and love-people willing to be companions on each other’s journeys-can we not only push back the tears, but also push back Satan’s advances and bind our will with God’s will to effect a positive change.”

We hope that the women coming to PP seeking an abortion, understand that they are already mothers. We hope that by standing vigil, we can help them choose LIFE to effect a positive change!

UPDATES From our Shift Managers:

Al and Sally 7am-9am

A very quiet morning, wet snow & cold, but no wind. Only one man, who has been at PP before, showed up to pray after 8 a.m. So it was just Al & Sally, and sidewalk advocates Marian, Jackie & Kim. Bill H. waswith us for a short time after 8:30.

Hardly any activity at PP until about 7:45 when a couple showed up foran abortion & found the door still locked. They waited, refusing
offers of literature or help. Two more women arrived who also could not open the door. Two more women arrived, making six, and finally an employee with an access card. She swiped the card on the call box and all entered PP. After that more customers began to show up. It looked as if their day was going to be busy.

Two women walk down Liberty every morning with their service dogs. I noticed that the one dog was wearing a little boot on each paw,
probably very comfy since the sidewalks were cold and wet.

Usually when a person is in favor of our mission they will say, “God bless you. Keep up the good work” or make a similar comment. One lady said, “God bless you. But a woman has a right to choose.” So is she in favor of what we are doing….or of “choice”? Perhaps she has
never realized that we are in favor of “choice” also, as long as that choice does not kill an innocent little person.


Sheila 9am-11am

“Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. “Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
9-11am was a busy shift.  At least 5 couples entered, one of which was a mother/daughter or older sister/younger sister duo.  The younger one finished smoking a cigarette before she entered the clinic and politely listened to everything I had to say, and then the older one firmly said, “It’s already been decided.”  Ugh!  They refused a resource sheet, as did all the others.
There was more negativity from passers-by than I’d seen in a while, mostly from women.  But the clincher was when a white couple somewhere in their mid-sixties walked by.  The woman appeared incensed at sight of the fetal models (I was standing right next to them) and loudly yelled, “Jesus Christ,” in a very derogatory voice.  She and her husband stormed off and I said, “Yes, Praise Jesus Christ, Praise HIS Name.” The husband turned around with wide eyes and yelled, “That’s not how she meant it!”  The woman then yelled something about women’s health from the other side of the circle until her husband directed down the sidewalk.  Let’s pray for this woman, who could very well be post-abortive.
Please pray for Edie.  She stopped and asked if we could pray with her – she has been out of work for some time and has been feeling down.  Mary led us in such beautiful prayer, and Edie walked away smiling.
Thanks to Sidewalk Advocates Kathy and Peg for being there and reaching out to so many people, and to Mary, Cindy and Paulette from Weirton Catholic Churches for their prayerful presence.

2016-03-04 10.15.22_resized

Sidewalk Advocates Peggy and Kathy with Mary, Cindy and Paulette from Weirton Catholic Churches stood Vigil from 9am-11am

Regina 11am-1pm

A big shout out to Pastor Bryan, Peg, and Kathy who stood, witnessed, advocated and prayed for life today in front of PP (a.k.a The Gates of Hell) for the 11-1 shift. I am most grateful for our Pro life Community in Pittsburgh, and feel so very blessed to know such beautiful souls. Case in point, Lovely Shift Manager Shiela, whom I have the pleasure of greeting for the ‘changing of the badge’ upon arrival, and caring, generous Marie, who always arrives early for shift change out of loving concern for me!

Many resource sheets were distributed, several referrals were made and a great number of positive greetings and exchanges occured between the three advocates, myself and those passing by.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of possible abortion victims entering and leaving the clinic. My rosary intention was that the Demons surrounding PP, encouraging this blood sacrifice to The Enemy, be thrust into the pit of Hell, and that the Souls of the infants be caught up immediately into the arms of our Most High God and Heavenly Father!

Heartfelt thanks for your Holy Sacrifice on behalf of life dear ones!


Marie 1pm-3pm

A group for St. Mary’s was there including Roz  and Rachel Burke from Saint Raymond ,Ree and the Stiger’s. Gloria and Vince came as well.


IMG_0762 (1)


Another group of ladies also came from Lebanon and prayed with us. A young man Thomas from Carnegie Melon University stopped to pray for an hour with us he is  from Colorado and is on spring break, but going home and wanted to pray with us.
Ginny also came to pray with us.



Prayers from St Mary’s Glenshaw


Shift Manager Marie…Love that scarf!

Nikki 3pm-5pm

My first hour was fairly quiet and peaceful, except of course for the extremely loud and busy downtown traffic and the noisy buses. Ginny and Thomas prayed a rosary with me. Afterwards a very inebriated young man stopped to talk. His name was Joe. He wanted to know why we were there. I prayed with and for him. Then a second drunk man stopped and also wanted to talk. He was more angry. But I prayed with and for him too. His name was Tim and he was a vet and a former POW.

The second hour was much busier with many people coming to pray. I think we had about 12 people, with Lisa and 4 of her kids, a couple from St. Gregory in Zelionople, Greg who works downtown, Beth from St. Mary, Ginny from St. Bernard and also Katie came and was faithfully passing out literature. Another woman also came, but I forget her name. We all prayed the stations of the cross and did the best we could to be a presence of goodness in the middle of a lot of badness.


4pm pray-ers!


Katie and Beth


Cahill Family

Thanks to everyone who witnesses, prayed and fasted today! Nikki

Pat 5pm-7pm

I was both glad and privileged to spend another Friday evening with Lisa C. and much of her family.  They are a prayerful and inspirational family and it was great catching up with them.  The evening was mostly calm, quiet, and peaceful.  We didn’t have one negative comment.  As we were about to begin a scriptural rosary I saw Kim Everett leaving for the evening so we dedicated it to her conversion.

IMG_20160304_175220 (640x480)

Lisa C. and her family from Saints Peter and Paul in Beaver


Shift Manager Pat

Pat, 5-7pm

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  • March 4, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    Yay Lisa and Pat! You are all Amazing!!!!!

    The Cahill Family are beautiful
    Miss you Lisa, and the whole Beaver Community! Send my love!
    For Life,


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