Day 22, Guardians for Life…and many individuals fill the gaps today!

Today was an almost completely empty day…we had no one signed up, with the exception of Guardians for Life from 11am-1pm…but our wonderful 40 Days for Life family has risen to the challenge….and the vigil was filled by many dedicated individuals who braved the frigid temperatures and bitter winds today.  Thank you dear pro-life prayer warriors!

NOTE:  Tomorrow’s vigil is in need of a prayer volunteer for the 4pm hour!  Helen will be all alone at 4 if no one shows up!  Please sign up at

Here are the stories from today:

Sue D. was the shift manager from 7-9am and had no one to stand with her, so “off-duty” shift manager, Sue M. signed up to be with her for her whole shift!  What an awesome pro-life family we have!  Sue wrote:

Sue and The Other Sue stood vigil today! I hate to complain…but I was freezing, for some reason, colder than usual. Maybe it was the wind because there certainly were some warm Hearts! 💖 Pat stopped by before work to make sure I wasn’t alone and Marian also stopped on her way to work. An older gentleman stopped to tell us his story…his ex-girlfriend became pregnant by another man and she was not even sure who the father was. She and another man in her life were going to choose abortion because they just didn’t want to bother raising a baby. This gentleman stepped in and is raising this child and housing the child’s mother. The child is now 4years old!! He said “get it?”…and we said YES… You chose life for this baby!! THANK YOU!! What a MAN!! He walked away with a smile! 😊 Unfortunately there were about 4 or 5 couples that had entered pp during our shift. Beth, a SA came a full 20minutes early to take over (thank you!) ~Sue and The Other Sue

Cathy managed the vigil from 9-11, and she also was scheduled to be alone…but once again, “off-duty” shift manager, Beth signed up to be there.  Thanks so much Beth!  Cathy wrote:

It was a busy morning at the clinic with many people going in and out.  It was hard to engage anyone in conversation.  Beth and Elsie both tried.  There was one good outcome – two had gone in at one point, not stopping to talk, but later just as I was getting ready to leave they came out with good news – I’ll let the next shift finish this story…

I believe our prayers,presence and our signs do a lot, even when we are unable to speak to someone.  Again, we may not always know, but babies and their parents are being saved.

I (Nikki) arrived for my 11-1 shift to find a very frozen Beth and Cathy, and a very large group of Guardians for Life assembling on the sidewalk.  After saying goodbye to Beth and Cathy, I had the joy of watching new sidewalk-advocate Terri as she reached out to couples entering and exiting PP.  She really has a gift to reach out in love…the Holy Spirit is strong in her!  I saw her speaking to two women who had come out of Planned Parenthood…and they were hugging and crying.  After the women (one younger and one older) had left, Terri came over to me, and with tears in her eyes told me the good news.  The young woman had gone into Planned Parenthood earlier today for an abortion, accompanied by her mother…BUT SHE CHANGED HER MIND!!!  I had the joy of watching as a life was saved this morning!  Thank you Lord!!!  I believe that someone had given the woman some literature as she went into Planned Parenthood, and this may have helped in her decision.  Also, our prayers, fasting and constant witness are very likely to have aided in this life saved!  Thank you to everyone who is praying, fasting and witnessing at the vigil!

new sidewalk advocates Terri and Cecily were blessings on the sidewalk today!
new sidewalk advocates Terri and Cecily were blessings on the sidewalk today!

The remainder of my shift went smoothly…for which I was very grateful.  We had such a large group, I was a little worried that the police would be called, but everything was fine.  The worst part of today was the bitter cold wind.  It was really horrible.  But we offered our suffering for the end of abortion, in reparation for this terrible sin.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful 40 Days for Life!

I received a second blessing at the end of my shift, as a young woman named Jenifer showed up to greet me.  Jenifer had contacted me a couple weeks ago to ask forgiveness for her involvement in a group that was counter-protesting our 40 Days for Life back in the fall of 2010.  At that time, they were coming to the vigil (and even to my home once!) in black robes and hoods…with their faces covered, trying to discourage us from continuing our pro-life witness.  Thanks be to God, Jenifer has converted…is now pro-life and a CHRISTIAN!!!  I invited her to meet me today, and so we walked over to Bruegger’s and shared our stories over hot drinks and bagels.  I am so thankful for all the blessings I receive through 40 Days for Life!  Praise God for His GOODNESS!!!

Fr. Tim's Guardians for Life lined the frigid sidewalk today!
Fr. Tim’s Guardians for Life lined the frigid sidewalk today!
Knights of Columbus held their banner on the opposite side
Knights of Columbus held their banner on the opposite side

Sheila managed the vigil from 1-3, and had no one signed up to be with her…so once again…that’s right… “off-duty” shift manager Jeff came to save the day and stood with her for her entire shift!  Thanks to our wonderful 40 Days for Life team!

Jeff and Sheila held the vigil from 1-3
Jeff and Sheila held the vigil from 1-3

Sheila wrote:

There was a lot of sidewalk traffic from 1 – 3 pm.  Over half of the passers-by took a resource sheet; two young black women asked me for a bunch of them so they could pass them out at their church!  Several people stopped to thank us for being there, while one very petite woman spit at my boots!!

That’s it!  Just 18 days to go!  Hang in there!

Richard and Barbara were the shift managers from 3-5…and no one was scheduled to stand with them…but thanks to Carda and Hank, they had prayerful partners on the sidewalk during their shift!

Richard, Carda, Hank...warm smiles on a freezing sidewalk!
Richard, Carda, Hank…warm smiles on a freezing sidewalk!

Barbara wrote:

A young couple came out of PP late this afternoon.  The woman looked pale and shaken.

Perhaps this is one of the couples who went into PP earlier today to solve a problem.  Perhaps they chose abortion as a solution to a crisis pregnancy.

If so, they left their baby behind in the trash.  They went back home without it.

As a Catholic person, I know the rest of the story.

I know that God outfits people to live for eternity.

The mother, the father and their baby will meet again.

Happily, I know that many wise, loving people work hard to make their reunion a happy reunion.

Begin with the heavenly Father who knows each, the man and the woman, from all eternity.

Include the prolife people praying on the sidewalk as the unhappy couple walked past.  The young mother accepted accepted the literature from Carda.  Listed there are contact numbers for many post abortion places where informed people are ready to listen, to love and to help these victims of the abortion lie to do the right thing.  Repent and confess your sin.

Our Father is waiting and ready to forgive.

“He calls us forth into freedom.  He saves us because he loves us.”

Barbara Lewis

Shift Manager

Audrey and  Jim had the 5-7 shift…from Audrey’s report, it sounds like there may have been another miracle today!  She writes:

As always it was a very eventful vigil today!  Hank our regular was there and we welcome new friends Michele and Leanne from Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Mary’s of Cecil.

Hank, Michelle, Audrey
Hank, Michelle Leanne and Audrey
Selfie time!  Hank, Michelle, Leanne, Jim and Audrey made up the "night crew" tonight!
Selfie time! Hank, Michelle, Leanne, Jim and Audrey made up the “night crew” tonight!

Rose joined us as well as the seminarian Ming and we began to say the rosary.  A young couple was observing us and seemed like they were troubled.   The man asked if he can join us in prayer along with his wife and we welcomed them.  She appeared to be five or six months pregnant.  As we finished the rosary they went off by themselves and they were very tearful.  I approach them and they wanted to be left alone.  Please keep them in your prayers!  I have a feeling some kind of miracle happened tonight even though we don’t know what it was or maybe a miracle will happen in the future only God knows.  I left the vigil very joyous because even though it was cold, the sky was clear and the lights of the city were sparkling and we know the Lord is with us blessing us!

Praying as the sidewalk darkens was a light to a young couple in need!
Praying as the sidewalk darkens was a light to a young couple in need!

So in closing, I would like to share some encouragement to those of you who may get discouraged during your time at the vigil….thinking your presence doesn’t make a difference.  

  • The first is this article about how our presence at the abortion clinic may not save the lives of the children who are being brought in to be aborted while we are there…but it may well save the lives of future children…when those same women get pregnant again.  It really encouraged me, it is very short…so CLICK HERE to read it.
  • The second thing that I want to pass along is to let you know that Sue McGrath, of Pittsburgh Sidewalk Advocates for Life, will be offering a Sidewalk Advocate Training Seminar in April!  Here are the details:


Date/Time:  Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. through approximately 1:45 p.m.

Location:  Haber Hall of St. Sebastian Parish, 311 Siebert Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 (Ross Township, just off McKnight Road, near Ross Park Mall)

Cost:  $20/person, payable by check or cash – includes training booklet.  Monies will be given to Kathy L. to remit to People Concerned for the Unborn Child.  (PCUC pays the national Sidewalk Advocates for Life organization for the training materials and also pays quarterly per year for our Pittsburgh “chapter” to be active members of SAfL.)

Description of training:  DVD training course prepared by the national Sidewalk Advocates for Life organization, supplemented by a training booklet for each participant.  Resource information (pamphlets and flyers) will be available to help new Sidewalk Advocates get started.  Light refreshments will be served.

RSVP: by April 8, 2016 to Sue – 412-657-0845 (voice or text), or

This training session is designed specifically for those interested in becoming and serving as Sidewalk Advocates. If any currently active Sidewalk Advocates, or those who have taken the training already and have not been active, should wish to “audit” this course, you are welcome to – just let Sue know and bring along your training booklet.

Also, please note that at the course, we will be requesting a commitment to become an active Sidewalk Advocate on a regular basis, whether it be via actual presence on the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood, or via prayer only (on the sidewalk or from home), or a combination of both.


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