Day 21: St. Peter Church , Steubenville 7-11; Holy Angels Catholic Church,Hays 11-3; Calvary Chapel South Pittsburgh 3-7

      “Save me, O Lord, in your kindness.”    click link: Psalm 31

                      Link:  Scripture passages on Kindness 


      Top Video:  Watch the teacher on the right.  We stand for babies like the child she wraps in her arms..then watch this video below!   The abortion industry targets particular parts of the world’s population… and we are accused of judging?

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Click: The Guttmacher “take” on targeting specific groups 

But we know a better way!   

                        Random Acts of Kindness on the Sidewalk 

                              “Blasts from the recent past!” 

Day 14:  We had a good example of how Jesus takes care of us. A lady went into one of the new restaurants up the street to buy coffee. The clerk told her that, since it was the 7th cup that she had purchased over the last week or so, she would get a free breakfast sandwich. She was not hungry and refused the sandwich, but had to take it. The clerk insisted. So she gave the sandwich to Beth to “give to someone who looks needy”. It didn’t take long to find that person. A homeless lady in a wheelchair came by and was only too glad to receive what  was for her a still warm “breakfast”. We just know that God had that all arranged.     Sally
 Day 12:  
I wanted to let you about our experience today.  Pat and Gianni were looking in the bookstore window periodically while we were at the vigil this morning.  A little later, the manager came out, asked Pat’s permission then gave Gianni a sweet little book about a mouse celebrating his birthday.  I just wanted to pass it along because I know there aren’t always good relations between the bookstore and the vigil participants and I was really touched by such a random act of kindness.  Thanks to God for this beautiful day!      Sue R.

Another from Day 12: Fortunately for you, dear reader, my reverie was interrupted by a fellow shift manager – Lisa – who stopped for a drive-by-decade-of-the-rosary on her way out to dinner with her family.  Jeff

Day 1:

Diane also mentioned that she has been collecting coats, hats, scarves and gloves to keep in the bin on the sidewalk, so that we have something to give to those who stop by our vigil that are in need.  She reported that at 7pm tonight, she was able to help a young man by giving him a coat, hat and gloves.  She also said that someone stopped by the vigil today and generously donated bus cards.  Thanks to the generosity of those who have donated items for our little mission on the sidewalk!   Nikki

Another from Day 1: Father Rudolph arrived and donated a bag of more than 100 “Baby Feet.”  These are lapel pins the size of the feet of a 10 week unborn baby.  They are always a hit.  They were a hit today with the passers by.  Barbara

Fall campaign:  October 2015

Amy, from St. Fisher in Fox Chapel, drove by and saw us.  She made a stop at the Dunkin Donuts in Market Square to bring us donuts and coffee in thanksgiving for the witness to life.  Amy made this stop and then had to get her daughter to dance.  Amy “danced for us” today with joy.  We are very grateful.  And we all know that God will never be outdone in generosity.  Many blessing for your kind act!  So much joy from the random act of kindness shown to us.   Marian

paying it forward



Today’s reports from the sidewalk, where babies in the womb are not seen, but their hearts beat.  The women who go into the clinic are often hurting…the baby  will be destroyed because of this hurt.  
                        Kindness shows a better way:  
“Intimacy with God is that I can come in with the honesty of my heart, tell Him how much I’m hurting.”  Beth Moore
 Char reports from the 7 am to 9 am shift:

We heard this on the street this morning. “Don’t you people have anything better to do.”  Actually, No. We think praying and trying to save babies is about as important as it gets. Another passer by gave many hugs and stated “the blood of the babies is calling to God...and who knows the plans God had for these babies.  We will pay the price for God’s unfulfilled plan for each of them.” Maybe the warmer weather made people more willing to talk And we had a large group! Margaret, Tracy, Katheryn, Bob, Valerie from St. Peter’s Church in Steubenville; Dave from St. Mary Byzantine in Weirton; and our regulars: Dick, Walt, Rose and Ben. Bill and Beth joined us toward the end of the shift. We prayed and conversed and discussed why we can’t be in the circle and Rose, once again won the award for most literature handed out. In that early hour I only saw one person entering PP…one too many.  Charlene

David- long time witness for life! St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church Weirton, WV
young man and Rose
Ben and Rose “Would you like a flyer?”
Steubenville group
St. Peter Byzantine Church Steubenville, Ohio… early shift!
Sally’s report from the 9 am to 11 am shift:
We were 5 minutes late for our shift due to traffic, but Bill H. filled in for us nicely. God bless Bill. Always around when we need him.

St. Peter Byzantine Church in Steubenville had a good turnout from 7 to 11 with 2 people staying for the entire 4 hours. Also, we had a lady from Mother of Sorrows in Murrysville and a man named, Paul, from Assembly of God Church in Bentleyville.  Beth and Vicki were the side-walk advocates.  PP was busy.

A bus driver pulled over in front of PP, opened the front door, and asked for literature that she could give to people. We were all happy about that.

I was told that, before our shift began, a lady was taking a sign from the bag, which was hanging very near the curb, and a man coming from Smithfield Street came very close to her before straightening out his car and driving down Liberty. People taking or returning signs need to stand away from the curb to avoid being hit by careless drivers.

Nicer weather seemed to bring out more families with children & most of them were very friendly.  Children are always drawn to the baby models, and today was no exception.   Sally

Beth, Bill, Walt
Beth, Bill and Walt. Beth is a Sidewalk Advocate; Bill is our go to guy in time of coverage; and Walt- regular, faithful prayer warrior.

Cil reports about the great folks who witnessed from the 11 am to 1pm shift.

Pat and Dean
Pat and Dean….smiling faces. Courageous men stand for life!
ginny singing
Ginny singing with the Holy Angels from Hays.
Mary from Incarnation with my friend Patti from St Joes.
I was thankful to have Patti join me for the ride to Pittsburgh today.  We barely got there on time due to construction on 28.  Along with Al and Sally, we were greeted by Donna, Walt and SA Vicky who stayed a while into my shift.  SA Pat arrived halfway through to replace Vicky.  It is so nice to have them covering the “other side” of the walk and I very much enjoy our conversations.  The Holy Angels from Hays (Dan, Deana, Gerard, Jack and Patricia) arrived when I did and also covered the “other side” with songs and prayers including Stations and the Rosary.  Heavenly sounds and prayers filled the air today.  On “our side” we were SO BLESSED to have Rev Paul from Assembly of God Bentleyville with us (well into the next shifts too) playing his guitar, singing and lifting up prayers.  Several of us joined in when we could.  A couple “regulars” also stopped by including Mary and Ginny.  The weather brought many out to the streets today. Despite just a few “grumpies” (one man, coming out of PP with his girl, swatted the resource sheet out of my hand); we were otherwise greeted with many signs of support and prayers.  Many took our flyers and other handouts to share with others.  The bus driver who stopped for resource sheets earlier drove by a few times honking and waving.  An older man who parked in front of us (waiting for someone in a different building), took material from me and then asked if he could come out and pray with us when he saw why we were there.  So we gathered in prayer.  Later, a young girl who was walking by to catch the bus stopped, spoke with Patti and Dean some, took material and then SHE led US in a beautiful prayer before she had to catch her bus.  Sadly, several couples went in and came out of PP during my shift.
One lady tried to go in but couldn’t open the door… thank you Lord!  When she walked my direction, on her phone trying to figure out what to do, I offered to help her.  She, sadly, said we had NO IDEA what she was going through… it sounded like her husband cheated on her and they have other children…  She did still go in but I told her that this was not an answer to her problems and could make it worse.  Thankfully, she came back out soon enough and passed us by a few times.  I extended sympathies and offered her help.  She finally stopped and accepted the “feet pin” from Dean.  She still didn’t want to talk but was willing to accept a hug from me before she left.  So sad…  Please keep her in prayer along with others like her who are suffering and think that PP can help.    Cil
Dean reports from the 1 pm to 3 pm shift:

A young woman who was on her way to Greyhound stopped to pray for our group. Encouraging. The music that Paul ministered us with was most welcome. The “footprint” pins I’ve been handing out are really effective in reaching folks who refuse our brochures.   Dean

2 peg and muscian
Peggy ready to start the 3pm shift, along with Paul, who provided some beautiful music for a beautiful afternoon.
 Peggy states it was a beautiful day today from 3 pm to 5 pm:
Such a beautiful day to be out witnessing.  When I got there 4 people were leaving because their time was over.  Paul was still there playing his guitar with beautiful music.  Mary Virginia was on her own from St. Bernard’s and she stayed most of my shift.  Paul and I talked to one woman who had gone into Planned Parenthood saying she would talk with us when she came out.  We encouraged her for Women’s Choice Network as well as for Bethany Christian offering baby help but also free counseling and adoption services.  In addition to our flyer we gave her the booklet “This is NOT your only choice.”   
Later a student from CAPA engaged me in conversation about when life begins saying he was atheist and believed life began for a child after the womb.  He was respectful and we had a good conversation.
Meanwhile Katie came from Calvary Chapel in South Hills and began praying all the while.  She was thrilled when two more friends from Calvary Chapel showed up a little later.  In the picture are Colleen, her husband John, Katie and Mary Virginia.  
Pro-life people are joyful!
Nikki writes about need for witness:  Our real need now is for Thursday!  The 7am hour is empty (shift manager Johnny will be alone) and from 4-5pm (Helen will be alone from 4-5)  Please sign yourself up  if you can help during any of these hours! We also need someone for the 7-9am hours on Friday and from 9-11am on Sunday!   Click Calendar

Thank you to all who witness, contribute to the blog and offer support through prayer and fasting!


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  • March 2, 2016 at 6:22 am

    The term raham for a mothers love was in the email linking this blog is רחום, rechum, Hebrew for compassion. Hebrew, however, varies a word forming other words using the same base letters but also related in meaning or intent. In this case, sounding almost the same is the Hebrew word for womb. Thus God’s compassion is a womb of protection, provision, and love, and yes, includes a mother’s love for a child in her womb.

  • March 2, 2016 at 9:52 am

    Just to let you know (Marian, no big deal) but St. Peter in Roman rite and not Byzantine. It is my home church. Thanks for your blog! Marshall Myers

    • March 2, 2016 at 1:11 pm

      I do apologize and have corrected it in title and the morning report.


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