Day 16: THANK YOU to St. Coleman (Turtle Creek) and Reformed Presbyterian Church of the North Hills!


Thus says the LORD:
Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings,
who seeks his strength in flesh,
whose heart turns away from the LORD.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,
whose hope is the LORD.

-Jeremiah 17:5,7




How can we put our trust in anyone or anything else but the Lord??  How CAN we??

And yet, we DO.  Time and time again.  We often trust the false and dangerous things that others tell us.  Why do we fall pray to these deceits so easily and so often?  I believe that it is because we are in a spiritual battle, and the devil and his minions fight by using deceits.  “Candy-coated lies” is how I once heard them described.  Easy to swallow at first, until that coating wears off to reveal the lie… but often by then, it has already been ingested and is too late.

2-25-16 truth-and-lies


Let us be able to tell the way to go to follow Jesus… the TRUTH.


Shift Manager Reports

From Johnny:

Travel was a breeze this morning, and I was at PP by 6:40 AM. Pat pulled in right behind me with the nominal signs and literature. Henry C. showed up at 7:00 and stayed until 8:30 and Peg was there from 8:00 until past nine. Ginny was on time at nine!  Henry and I had a 15 -20 minute discussion with a young black medical student who agreed, for the most part, with our philosophy of “Always choose Life.”  He brought up cases of rape, incest, and  a deformed fetus, but we stuck with God’s way. It was, surprisingly,  a very calm discussion and it gave him a lot to think about!
PP traffic was nil!

Yours in Christ,


From Ginny:

The shift went fine.  The only thing that got cold was our toes!  Beth S. joined me we prayed, and we talked.  I feel bad for Marilyn.  She’s going to be there by herself.  Her church was supposed to join her, but they all got sick, or something came up, and it would be nice if somebody else could be there.



(P.S. from Lisa K.: Just for the record, Marilyn DID have people join her!  Thank you to all who were able to join her!!)


2-25-16 marie
Thank you to all who came to pray today!


From Marilyn:

Many thanks to Bill and Arlene from St. Coleman’s, who came to pray at the vigil today, and to Pete and two other prayers who stopped by during their lunch. It was a privilege to pray with them. While it was also my parish’s scheduled day to pray, due to sickness and other commitments I was solo, so we are going to reschedule for next week.
Many passersby let us know that they were grateful for our presence. One young man questioned our being there and couldn’t grasp why we thought a woman should not have the right to choose.  Several of us shared our thoughts and hopefully planted something for him to mull over.  
An older Baptist gentleman stopped to praise the Lord and shared his story of single parenting, recovery from addiction, and how the Lord lifted him out of a destructive lifestyle. He is still angry with his brother for being instrumental in his niece’s abortion. It was a call for me to remember to pray for all those grieving family members.
It was beautiful to hear how the Lord is working through people. I am reminded from our recent parish mission that we need to share our faith stories, not only to spread the good news, but to also build up our brothers and sisters in Christ.  
Arlene and Bill from St. Colman, with shift manager Marilyn
Arlene and Bill from St. Colman, with shift manager Marilyn
Pete from St. Joe's in Verona with Arlene
Pete from St. Joe’s in Verona with Arlene


From Lisa K. (me):

Today made me realize something.  I am SPOILED.  For a long time, I have been used to quiet, prayerful shifts.  Not that today wasn’t quiet or prayerful, but I actually had to “work.”  And I thank and praise God for that!  Two rather “difficult” discussions occurred, one of which was also important.  I ask for your prayers for “B,” a woman who spoke to me for a long time about regretting the fact that she did NOT have an abortion….  Yes, you read that right.  It was challenging, and yet God was there.

As we talked, I realized that B had been duped by our culture. It made me sad that she had fallen prey to those lies I mentioned above.  She believed the lies of this world about women, sex, marriage, and children.  I pray for her, that she somehow see a tiny bit of God’s truth… and that she can learn how valuable her life is… and how valuable the life of her daughter is.



From Helen’s shift:

Shift Manager Helen, with Harry, Charles, and Jerry. Thank you all for your prayerful presence!
Shift Manager Helen, with Harry, Charles, and Jerry. Thank you all for your prayerful presence!


From Rick:

A special thank you to Charles, Harry, Jerry, Sam, Robert and Martin from Reformed Presbyterian Church, and Jim from St. Maurice for their faithful witness on behalf of unborn children, and pregnant women in need, on such a cold evening.  They are truly an example of what it means to be a Christian!  Thanks also to everyone who prepared the excellent information providing pro-life contact information to pregnant mothers in need.  I would like to encourage everyone to keep a couple of these brochures with you.
Yesterday I ran into a woman at 7-11 who said she had three children, was pregnant, and needed some of that emergency stuff.  I gave her one of the brochures with the pro-life contact information and she was very appreciative.  Please pray that she chooses life for her baby.  We closed a little early this evening due to a misunderstanding about picking up the pro-life materials. God Bless!

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  • February 26, 2016 at 9:34 am

    God bless you all. I broke my femor bone in an accident 4 weeks ago. have 3 three more weeks of no weight bearing to my left leg……. missing being at the 40 days. offering prayers for you all.

    • February 26, 2016 at 3:46 pm

      Margie, I kept meaning to call you to find out how you are feeling! I hope you are healing and are back up and around soon!


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