Day 13: North American Martyrs Church, Monroeville


When we pray at the vigil outside the clinic we are sowing seeds. Just like the parable, the seeds land on a variety of types of soil. Sometimes they get choked out, sometimes the devil snatches them but sometime, just sometimes, they take root. Not always at the moment we would like or can see but it happens through God’s grace. We do our part. HE does HIS. Maybe the seed is planted within abortion bound couples approaching the clinic on foot or in cars that turn away and don’t go it. Or passersby’s who see our witness. Or the escorts who stare at our signs, our witness and the fetal monitors. Or even it is among ourselves.

And the seeds produce abundantly.

Thank you for being a sower. Take heart, in due time the seeds will grow.

This week we need sowers at the vigil:

Tomorrow 10am 

Thursday 9-11

To sign yourself up for one of these hours, go to our online vigil calendar at

If you haven’t been to the vigil, join us. If you have, come back. We need you. Sign or just show up. Stay awhile. Tell a friend or two and bring them. Be not afraid.

Stories and pictures from the vigil will be posted as they come in. Come back to see them.

Come find peace and joy. Be a sower.

Tim B.

Here are today’s stories:

From Marian 7-9 am:

“No one was signed up to come down for the first hour but Pat stopped by to make sure everything was ok. Thanks, Pat.
The music is a nice added touch no one else is standing with the shift manager. Peggy came to as well to witness for the 8:00 hour. Pedestrians has positive comments or smiles. I put the saying: “Monday’s child is full of grace.” with the baby models. Two women stopped again (both grandmothers with one expecting a new grandbaby soon) to get more baby feet pins (or symbol of life pins) as I like to call them. We are out of them but each took a baby model with prayer card. (We need more of those pins). Bill stopped by too and said he would be on call if needed for a shift change but Johnny arrived early today so I could head to work.
It is so nice that people in our group care enough for each other to check in!
Several of the workers went into the clinic today but no clients at that hour.
Monday’s child is fair of face.
Tuesday’s child is full of grace.”

Marian C.

From Johnny 9-11 am:

“Very quiet shift today; very few customers for PP and few pedestrian traffic. Peg stayed over to say a Rosary and Marianne got in an hour from 9:30 to 10:30. The most excitement? came at the beginning and end of the shift.  Marian was talking to a police officer when I got there @8:30 because a woman in a car almost hit her while she was walking around the yellow circle and Marian had gotten the license number and was pressing charges! Then at shift change Mark and the five people from Monroeville came!”

Yours in Christ, Johnny

***NOTE:  Marian has told us that she is not pressing charges.  She never intended to press charges, but wanted the police to make a report of the incident, just for the record.

North American Martyrs Church adopted the 11am-3pm slot today.  Mark was the shift manager from 11-1. He wrote:

So today from north american martyrs Monroeville we had Vicki and son Mark, John, Fran and Elizabeth.

First shift from North American Martyrs
First shift from North American Martyrs
Fran from North American Martyrs covers the other side.
Fran from North American Martyrs covers the other side.

It was a good 2 hours from 11 to 1.  A lot of people out today and several taking time to stop.

Interesting that most folks who stopped were African American and had children of their own. They were intrigued by our material and handouts and were happy to a more subtle presence of signage rather than the over powering graphic signs.

It was a good fellowship of sidewalk prayer warriors with good prayer

From Beth S. 1-3 pm:

Fr. Joe Luisi, shift manager Mark, Fran and Beth
Second shift arrives from North American Martyrs.  Fr. Joe Luisi, shift manager Mark, Fran and shift manager Beth

Talk about a beautiful afternoon, we had better weather and wonderful prayerful people for the 1-3 afternoon shift. Father Joe and his friends, Peter and his son Pete, from North American Martyrs church helped me keep my mind on our purpose: to pray abortion and Planned Parenthood out of existence. We had lots of “thank yous” and very little negativity. Perhaps the warmer weather made everyone a little more agreeable. And the fetal models caught the eye of quite a few people. By three o’clock, Beverly from Squirrel Hill and Rosalina, next shift manager, were there right on time to keep the vigil alive and moving the right direction. Thanks to everyone for being there and being as nice as you are.

Rosalina had the 3-5 shift, and no one was scheduled to be with her for her first hour.  But she said that a man named Bill answered the call for the empty 3pm hour and came to stand with her!  Also Beverly from Fourth Presbyterian signed up and filled the empty hours with Rosalina! Thank you 40 Days for Life family in Pittsburgh!  She took this picture:

Bev from Fourth Presbyterian answers the call, with Rosalina the 3-5 shift manager
Bev from Fourth Presbyterian answers the call, with Rosalina the 3-5 shift manager

Rosalina reported that she had a good shift and that one lady in particular encouraged her by thanking all of those who were witnessing and said, “God bless all of you for having the courage to oppose abortion!”.


Joe K. managed the 5-7 shift and wrote:

A sunny and dry start to the shift – and with PEOPLE to boot!!!   What a start / improvement over last Monday!

Was joined at the start of the shift with Shift Manager Joe W.  who was kind enough to make sure that the 3-7 Shift Managers were not alone – Thanks Joe!!!

Also joining us at the start were two sisters, Audrey and Mary, who just moved to Pittsburgh from Cincinnati for work and whom I believe are attending St. Boniface.  It’s so nice to see young people moving into the city AND participating in the 40 DFL. Welcome to Pittsburgh ladies!!!

Audrey and
Audrey and Mary showed up to pray!

Joe W. and I were approached by a young woman passing by who wanted to tell us how “awesome” PP is and how uncomfortable we made her feel by being there…

Actually, I don’t know how anybody can get “comfortable” with being there, working there, going there, even just passing by,…

Much like the words from Martin Luther King on the sign I was wearing today

“To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.”

To even remotely not ignore evil should minimally make us “uncomfortable” if not move us to fight the good fight…

Joe W.’s conversation with the young woman was an amazing witness – I could not do it justice to describe – but will just say at every turn his words turned the young woman’s defense of PP to stone.  Hopefully enough that one day she will recognize the truth from the lies, the deceit, the pain – Thank You
and God Bless you Joe W.

The remainder of the shift was quiet and spent in prayer and reflection on the incredible conversation I witnessed between Joe and the young woman and hopefully when called into a similar conversation into the future I can be also so moved by the Holy Spirit.


3 thoughts on “Day 13: North American Martyrs Church, Monroeville

  • February 23, 2016 at 7:07 am

    Dear Joe,
    How wonderful that you witnessed Joe W.’s conversation with the woman.
    Both of you are in the Spirit already…being on the sidewalk…a foreign country…in love of your brothers and sisters…in our Father’s care.
    Thank you for the beauty you share, Brother!
    With love,

  • February 23, 2016 at 9:23 am

    God is working! Praise Him! May He provide more “conversations” during the remaining 40 Days vigil. Thank you Joe W. and Joe K. for being there. God bless you both and the young woman with whom you planted seeds of truth:)

  • February 24, 2016 at 7:06 am

    Heartfelt Thanks to everyone who joined us on the sidewalk from North American Martyrs Parish! It was such a grace to stand, witness and pray with our faith family! You all lifted my spirits! Come stand with us again if the Spirit moves you. Vicky stands every Tuesday from 11-1 as a Sidewalk Advocate, and I am there every Friday from 11-1. We’d love to have you drive down with us either day for the remainder of the campaign, which has 27 days left. If you can’t make it down again, just know what a difference your presence made on Monday! The Holy Spirit was tangibly present, and each one of you had everything to do with that! God bless the remainder of your Lenten Journey!
    For Life,


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