Day 10…Christ Church Ministries; SS Peter & Paul (Beaver); St Regis (Trafford) and Individuals filling the sidewalk!

Friday is the day of mercy…the day of the week that Jesus died on the cross for us and showed his great Mercy! The 3 o’clock hour is especially a time of mercy…the hour that Jesus died.


This is the Moment to change our lives! This is the Time to allow our hearts to be touched! 

When faced with evil deeds, it is the time to listen to the cry of innocent people who are deprived of their property, their dignity, their feelings, and even their very Lives. 

To stick to the way of evil will only leave one deluded and sad. True LIFE is something entirely different!

God never tires of reaching out to us. He is always ready to listen…All we need to do is accept the invitation to conversion and submit to justice during this special time of Mercy. 

Mercy is God’s way of reaching out to the sinner, offering a new chance to look at himself, convert and believe….

God’s justice is his Mercy given to everyone, that flows from the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ!


7am-9am from Sally

I was sick this morning, so Al went to PP alone.  Because the weather
has been so bad he is not yet into his shift manager job and he forgot
to have people sign the sheet! There were 3 people there,
Terri, the sidewalk advocate, Bill Depner, and an unknown man who
prayed the rosary alone for quite a while!
Al said he saw 3 couples enter PP on this shift.


A very grace filled and inspiring day on the Sidewalk today. God knew I needed a little wind under my sails. Being greeted by Sylvia and Sue in matching 40 Days scarves  brought an immediate smile to my face upon arrival. My spirits were further lifted by meeting new Side Walk Advocate, Terry. How blessed we are in Pittsburgh with such an extensive and Spirit filled Pro- Life Family!

The grace of the united prayers of the Wider 40 Days Family going up throughout the country and the world at large resonated tangibly with me as I greeted passersby and handed out resource sheets.


The refusal of my offer of help and alternatives to those entering and exiting PP was offset by two lovely exchanges. The first was 3 month old baby Zion and his lovely mom, Rastazja. Rastazia stopped to introduce her beautiful son, whom she had shared with 40 Days participants via tummy pats and echoed greetings while he grew in her womb. The babies smile along with mom sharing her joy in taking him to church every Sunday brightened my shift!


My shift was made, however when Rob and Diana stopped to inquire about services and parenting classes, as they had just found out they were pregnant, and were choosing life for their baby! They went on to explain that in their search for services they were very saddened to hear abortion listed as a ‘service’ on the phone recordings encountered and were adamant about not supporting such facilities. I was very happy to offer and go over the alternative resources available with them God is so good.


I am so very grateful to participate in this wonderful campaign for life!    God bless, Regina💜


Greetings! Sheila here with my report.
There was a fair amount of traffic into PP today. 🙁
I was blessed to have several wonderful prayer warriors standing vigil with me. Sidewalk Advocate Terri and I were able to get resource sheets into the hands of a lot of passersby and one couple that headed inside. As always, the fetal models turned a lot of heads and hopefully hearts too.

Sue and Mary
Terri, Gaetano,Mary, Sandy and Terry
Terri, Gaetano,Mary, Sandy and Terry

Also, I wanted to share something that I just read in Matthew Kelly’s book, REDISCOVER JESUS. Mr. Kelly says that Jesus’ whole attitude toward children was radical (“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”), considering that all children were not considered equal in that period of time. He continues, “Women were generally shut off from education and public life, and many grew up to be slaves. The empire had an insatiable need for labor, and women and children were often the slaves who filled this need. Even more horrifying was the practice of “EXPOSURE,” which involved abandoning a newborn child in a secluded area, often a dump or dung hill, and allowing her to die from lack of food and care, ravaged by animals or the elements. Sometimes abandoned children were rescued, but usually by opportunists who were looking to raise them to sell them as slaves. During those times the head of the household had the legal right to decide the life or death of a child, especially during the first eight days of life. The reasons children were EXPOSED included poverty or inability to provide for the child, disability or deformity, the desire of a wealthy family to avoid dividing the estate, wrong gender (males were valued more than females) and illegitimacy. The earliest followers of Jesus became known for their radical love because they rescued these abandoned children, took them into their homes, and cared for them.”

So here we are, over 2,000 years later, and the human condition hasn’t changed. ABORTION is the new ‘exposure’ for unwanted children. Yet all of us, the ‘latest’ followers of Jesus, continue to defend these children with our own radical love for them.


Marie and Jenny prayed the Rosary during their stime
Marie and Jenny prayed the Rosary


During this shift, the police visited us because the man at the bar next-door wanted us to move everything to the other side of the circle. We called the police and just kept praying the rosary. When the police came they were very polite and accommodating, they saw we were not blocking the doors or the sidewalk so everything turned out OK!

IMG_0745The Calhill Family and father Chris from Saint Theresa’s Church


I was blessed to have my friend Daria, who lives only a few blocks away from PP, come and join me – and stay for the whole 2 hours. She did a great job of talking to a young man, “D” about what we do and belief in God. While he comes from a believing family, he does not believe. Pray for him.

Daria and Ginny of St Bernard's Parish in Mt Lebanon
Daria and Ginny of St Bernard’s Parish in Mt Lebanon

We also had a young woman who came and tried to educate us on how silly our beliefs are. We did our best to try to show her what we were doing and why, but it’s hard to see if it went anywhere. Pray for her as well. When she left us she said that she wished that she had been aborted.


Guy, Gene and Louise from St Regis
Guy, Gene and Louise from St Regis

I want to thank my faithful brother Knights from St. Regis parish in Trafford for joining me: Guy, Mike, and Gene, who came with his wife, Louise. God bless you all.

Pat, 5-7



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  • February 20, 2016 at 1:12 am

    Please pardon my typos, mispellings and poor punctuation. I was suffering a migraine when writing my report. Thanks for understanding dear old friends and new friend and fellow Side Walk Advocate, Terri with an I not a y!

    • February 20, 2016 at 5:54 am

      I think you did a wonderful job of writing Regina! Don’t be so hard on yourself! Thanks for your obedience and your sacrifice!


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