Day 7: One person can make a difference but no man is an island


 Although the streets were icey this morning,  our 7-9 am shift managers were on the job. Rose and Pete had  ventured out  very early to witness for life and answer the cries of the babies-

“Hello, it’s me.

Hello, hello- is anybody out there?

Hello, hello-911 help!

Hello, hello- can anyone hear me?

Hello, hello- I heard a death planned.

Hello, hello- it’s mine.

My parents will be really sad when I die.  They just don’t know it yet.”

A post-abortive father, a  rapper  by trade, wrote a song called “Happy Birthday.”  He sings about his aborted child:

“Please accept my apologies, wonder what would have been
Would you’ve been a little angel or an angel of sin?
Tom-boy running around, hanging with all the guys.
Or a little tough boy with beautiful brown eyes?
I payed for the murder before they determined the sex
Choosing our life over your life meant your death
And you never got a chance to even open your eyes
Sometimes I wonder as a fetus if you fought for your life?”

Happy Birthday.



The following links have statistics about the abomination of abortion.  People like large numbers.  But large numbers take something away from the reality of abortion.  Think in terms of the number one.  One person can make a difference in one woman’s, man’s or baby’s life.  Whether people are going into the clinic, pedestrians walking by or those in cars or buses… one person can be the catalyst for someone else to think about the tragedy of abortion- someone who “had never thought of abortion before.”

Guttmacher Institute

abort73 link

Planned Parenthood warns their clients about us:

“At times there may be protesters outside of the health center. We suggest you avoid interaction with them. This health center offers escorts to walk you inside to your appointment. ”

Teresa of Avila would say this about us:

“Christ has no body now, but yours.
No hands, no feet on earth, but yours.
Yours are the eyes through which
Christ looks compassion into the world.
Yours are the feet
with which Christ walks to do good.
Yours are the hands
with which Christ blesses the world.”

Day 7- Question?  Why is it that women who respond to us want to make sure that we know that they are not going into PP for an abortion?”

No man stands alone… so we will defend… each baby as a brother or sister…each woman and man as a friend.


Click HERE to view updated blog post from this past Saturday…see the photos and read the inspiring report by the final shift manager of the day, Joe!  HERE.    :)!!!

Now for today’s reports!

Early morning and icey streets could not keep Rose, Peter and Ben away.

IMG_1173 (1)
Rose and Peter










Charlene reports from the 7 am to 9 am shift:

Dick and I were worried as we got ready for the sidewalk this morning…rain, snow, freezing temps did not sound inviting but the Lord was good and our trip in was fine. Until we hit town and actually “hit the sidewalk”. Very scary but the streets were clear and not much traffic that early. So we walked the street.
Rose, Ben, Peter, and later SA Beth joined us. This is my second shift and I am excited to see individuals standing for their beliefs…but I have had NO churches. Is the Church Alive not for Pro-Life? Is Pro- Life not evangelizing? Just a thought.
We had a Sheriff from Washington County bring a prisoner to PP…hmmm. At about 9AM there was almost a line at the door of PP. Thank you Lord for having Beth on site as a Sidewalk Advocate.
Dick wore the right clothes on a wet and rainy morning.

Sally tells it like it was for the 9 am to 11am shift:

Not too much good to say about this morning. Many people came close to falling on the slippery sidewalks.  I had prayed for everybody’s safety, and fortunately, none of them actually went all the way down.
The rain/snow/wind mix made all of us, and all of our 40 Days things dripping wet. Rose left when we arrived, and Pete C. sometime after 10 a.m. Nobody else showed up to pray on our shift. God bless Beth, Peg, and Vicky who were the Sidewalk Advocates today.
Most people passing were not in a good mood and just ignored us. However, one delivered a monologue about “these poor delusional people” to nobody in particular as she walked by; another was yelling obscenities at us, and another person  went in, came back out, and was screaming into her phone for a couple minutes before she went back inside of PP.
There were a few bright spots in the morning including a man who God blessed us, and a toddler in stroller who was waving and smiling to everyone. We needed that!


Cil was shift manager during the 11 am to 1 pm shift today.  Showing up though feeling under the weather.

I arrived early to find Al and Sally all bundled and wet.  They are an inspiration and seeing them gives me a boost every time I arrive for my shift.  Sidewalk Advocate, Vicky, was there for the first hour of my shift and Pat the second hour.  So glad to have their company!  Bob stopped by for his usual prayers.
Vicky talked with an “aunt” who came out of PP.  She said her niece had been raped by an older man and was there for STD and pregnancy testing.  But the aunt did not believe in abortion.  Vicky shared resources and her number with her.  Please pray for this young girl…for healing and for her to give birth to her child if she finds that she is pregnant.
The Sheriff that went in earlier in the day, came out by himself during my shift.  He brought the squad car up as the young “prisoner” girl came out escorted by another officer.  The girl was carrying the usual “mysterious” paper bag that they all seem to carry out.  What was that about?
Another interesting encounter I had was with a young woman that was heading into PP.  I asked if we could help her, she said “no’ that she was just a social worker.  She soon came back out and I asked if she knew anyone who was pregnant and needing help.  She said she did and took the pink resource sheet, looked over the front of it and commented that Woman’s Choice was a “good one”.  🙂  I hope she will be able to share the info with many in need….
Cil and Dean. Shift change!

Dean reports from the 1:00 to 3:00 shift:

Thank you, Sue R., for standing with me for the first hour of my shift. Two people asked to take a picture of our baby models. Those pictures may reach folks who’ve never heard of us! Also, Miguel, an Art Institute of Pittsburgh student, from Cuba, expressed interest in filming our activity as part of a documentary. I told him I didn’t have the authority to do that.

Dean reflected on his time alone: ” I was by myself but, you know none of us are actually alone. Our prayers and thoughts are with each other.”

Dean, shift manager, and Pat (blog writer and shift manager too) take a stand for life. Pat was on his lunch hour.
Sue is wearing the color of The Holy Spirit. “Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.”

Kathy managed the 3 pm to 5 pm shift:

Kathy is not only a shift manager during 40 Days for Life, but is the coordinator for Pittsburgh’s Sidewalk Advocates for Life as well as manages the baby items that are donated to Women’s Choice Network. We are truly blessed with strong, pro-life leadership in Pittsburgh.

Kathy says it was a quiet shift…. since she is on the sidewalk often… she knows of which she writes!

It was a quiet shift  from 3-5 . Many people were exiting PP. One girl took a pink resource sheet.  A man in the circle did not want to be bothered. John M. came to pray with me for half hour.  Two passersby brought encouragement . One man testified how he talked his wife out of getting an abortion sixteen years ago and today  his daughter is a beautiful athletic girl who plays basketball.  Penn State is recruiting her.
Catholic Daughters of America came and prayed a pro life mercy litany together with me.

The 5 pm to 7 pm shift report will be posted as soon as it comes in! Right on cue!!

Lisa reports that “she did not stand alone”!!

My first shift of this Lenten campaign Tuesdays 5 to 7. I was to be without others to witness with me. I put out a call to my fellow Catholic Daughters of the Americas and they came through for me. Pictures are: Annie Court St Rene, Monroeville: Marguerite Court Westinghouse Turtle Creek, Annie’s mother, Madonna, Court St Rene Monroeville and Johanna, Court Allegheny, Northside. We prayed specially for those leaving the clinic today.
Catholic Daughters answered another daughter’s call to action!

What are you doing tomorrow or Thursday?  

Witnesses needed during the 7 am hour and in the afternoon from  3 pm to 7 pm.  Thursday hours needing coverage are 7 am, 12 pm and 2 pm to 7 pm.  

Even just to stop for a few minutes of witnessing is important if you can make it.

When you are alone and life is making you think, you can always go “dahntahn” in Pittsburgh.

Don’t forget to scroll through the blog for reports from previous days.

Good-bye for now.

Marian Carlino

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      haha! I remember that song from when I was a kid! (i’m showing my age!) Thanks for the memories!

    • February 17, 2016 at 5:42 pm

      Thanks Diane… I love downtown Pittsburgh. 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh is in the process of making it a city of living waters!!!


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