Day 6…Triumph of the Cross Catholic Church, Steubenville

“…Some (seed) fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up…”  …  “The evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. ”      Matthew 13

This parable overall has always been on of my favorites as I’ve often wondering what type of soil am I. For this part of the parable, I am reminded that evil and temptation exist for real and surround me. Sometimes it is obvious. Like abortion. Sometimes not. Sometimes temptation is disguised as laziness, tiredness and my love of the comforts of life. And when I don’t recognize these temptations I can get self-centered, discouraged and gloomy.

The devil is always there waiting to tempt us especially when we are weak. After all he tried to tempt our Lord after HIS 40 days in the desert.

But while the season of Lent reminds me of my weaknesses and the attraction of the world’s temptation, it also gives me the chance to begin again. I can pray and fast. I can do penance and with God’s grace get stronger. I can not only resist temptation I can fight evil. I can go down to the vigil at pp, I can offer up my discomfort in this cold weather. I can carry my cross. I can struggle on. I can and so can you.

If you are already signed up to pray at vigil know that you are doing something important even if it seems small. If we do something small on our part, God can do something big and great with it on His part. So join us. If you are not yet signed up, sign up or just show up. But don’t ignore HIS call. We need you. He needs you. As the expression goes “if it were easy we wouldn’t need you.” And we need your friends. Forward this to them and ask them to join you. “Be Not Afraid”.

This week we need some witness support during the followings days/times:

  • Tuesday: 10-3
  • Wednesday: 3-7
  • Thursday: 12-7
  • Friday: 7-10 and the 2pm hour

We’ll be updating this site throughout the day with stories and pictures from the vigil so stop back.

Shift Manager Report:

Today, we had some difficulty with scheduling and daily vigil participant Bill H., who participated in the 7-9 shift stayed to help with the 9-11 shift as well.  Thank you and God Bless you Bill. H.  Here is from 7-9 am:

“Lisa read on the blog that I would be standing alone today so she came to town early and witnessed before heading to work. Lisa reads the blogs and I know during other campaigns she has come when no one else was signed up. Peggy is becoming a regular on the sidewalk. She has made a committment for several days a week for witnessing at the vigil before she heads to work in Washington County.

I offered a pin to one of the students who walks by daily as she heads to school. I see her on the bus I take to town. I approached her by saying that I saw she had ashes on her forehead last week. When she turned around, I offered the pin to wear as a sign of life. I know I caught her off guard but she did take it. God catches us all off guard at times. We have to learn from the Master!
“Monday’s child is fair of face.”.

“God sent Bill H. just in time today so that he could cover (for the whole shift it appears) the 9-11 shift so that I could leave for work!

The pedestrians walking to work do notice. The eyes tell the story.”
Marian C

Bill to the rescue!
Bill to the rescue!

Here from 7-9 am are Peggy and Lisa in Lenten Purple.



Mark was the shift manager from 11a-1pm and had the wonderfully dedicated prayer warriors from Triumph of the Cross Church in Steubenville to stand with:

Cathy and Mary Joy from Triumph of the Cross held the vigil from 11-3!
Cathy and Mary Joy from Triumph of the Cross held the vigil from 11-3!
Young witnesses for life from Stuebenville Triumph of the Cross
Young witnesses for life from Stuebenville Triumph of the Cross

Lets see…a number of sly remarks several stopped by to talk. A fellow businessman and friend of marks stopped to talk awhile today and it was a mix of business small talk and a note of recognition for what mark was doing. This fellow has passed mark a number of times in the past but today must have realized that mark was serious about the vigil and it was good


Beth managed the vigil from 1-3 and wrote:

Let’s hear it for those prayer warriors from Steubenville and other assorted wonderful people.  When Rose and I arrived, Mark was there with Kathy, Mary Joy, Paul, Andrew and John Paul who prayed and witnessed through a not so warm afternoon.  Please be careful everyone:  the drain pipe to the left of PP was leaking all afternoon and deposited a layer of ice leading to the curb.  It wasn’t melting and only the foot traffic kept it manageable.  Anyway, John from St. Mary Byzantine handed out literature and two soon-to-be-newlyweds, Natalie and Luke, took time out to join us for the rosary.  We used some of the hand warmers and the pads to stand on came in handy, so all in all, it was a good day for praying at the saddest place in town, PP.

Rosalina was the manager from 3-5.  She had no one signed up to stand with her for the first hour, but a little birdie told me that heart-of-gold shift manager Beth stayed with her after her shift ended, to make sure she didn’t have to stand alone!  (This is what I’m talkin’ about!)  Her hubby Francis joined her for the final hour and wrote:

Not much went on tonight. President’s Day. One lady stopped and praised us for our work. Nice to hear a kind word.

Joe K. was our last shift manager of the day and wrote:

This was my first shift as a shift manager…

Nothing significant to report for the 5 – 7p shift this evening / it was relatively peaceful.

One negative comment from a passerby – something about making decisions for “all” women.

One positive comment from another passerby.

Bill (the Shift Manager) stopped by on his way home and indicated that the Holy

Spirit directed him to be around this morning to help out with a shift… He was

also elected as an elder at his church.

No churches were scheduled.

No pictures taken.

The shift was cut short as Diane came to pick-up the bin, signs,…

due to the weather…

Take Care & God Bless!!!

Joe K.


May you find peace and joy in God’s forgiveness and mercy and doing HIS will.

Tim B.

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