Day 5: Shortened vigil due to C O L D ! ! !

Happy St. Valentine’s Day! 


It struck me that it might be worth a little research to see how this saint and his life might relate to our 40 Days for Life vigil.  So I went to the website Catholic Online.  From the information on the site, I was able to pull out these four points:

*    Through St. Valentine’s intercession, the eyes of a blind person were opened.
*    He continually tried to help convert people to Christianity and assisted those being persecuted for the Faith.
*    St. Valentine was martyred for the Faith, for marrying couples in the Church without the emperor’s consent.
*    He is the patron saint of romantic and married love – one of God’s manifestations of His Love.

St. Valentine, pray that the eyes of so many who are blinded by the ways and “wisdom” of this world will be opened to the Lord’s Truths and that they will come to believe in Him.  Pray for strength and endurance for us in our “mini-martyrdom” for Life as we stand and pray in the bitter cold and as we pray and fast this Lent for Life.  And pray that we may be models and givers of the Lord’s agape love — that “over all these we may put on love, that is, the bond of perfection” (Colossians 3:12).  St. Valentine, pray for us!
Before I get into the account of today’s vigil, THE GOOD NEWS:  it’s supposed to warm up a bit this week!  THE URGENT NEWS:  we need prayer warriors this week!!! 
Monday 2/15:         7-8a         9-11a        3-5p     5-7p      (If no one comes, poor Marian, Johnny, Rosalina, and Joe, respectively, will be ALL ALONE at these times!   If you can help, please either e-mail Nikki or sign up online on the vigil calendar (

Tuesday 2/16:       10a-3p      4p
Wednesday 2/17:   7-8a         3-7p
Thursday 2/18:      7-8a         12-7p


Our snowy sidewalk setup.   Doesn’t Diane do an AMAZING job of keeping us equipped?!

photo (3)


Jennifer M. covered the 10-11a shift this morning.  Here’s her picture, with Nikki:

Nikki and Jen
Nikki and Jen

Jen writes:

I’m ashamed to admit just how happy I was when Nikki suggested that we shorten today’s vigil due to the brutal cold.  Thank you all for your recent blog posts about the power of fasting and sacrifice…I really need an extra push this Lent!

I’m also ashamed to admit that I forgot to take photos.  Much to my surprise, I was not “alone in the Arctic” this morning despite the fact that no one had signed up to be there.  Lovely Pat arrived and started praying even before I had gotten out of my car.  She had a busy day planned with her wonderful family, but she passionately understands the importance of what is going on at that vigil and wasn’t about to miss it.  Then the amazing Rocco family stopped by with five children who braved the cold to pray for mothers and babies.  They also offered a hug and a Valentine (see the pic below) which warmed me more than any pair of mittens ever could!
God loves you! (1)
Nikki served as the shift manager after Jen, subbing in for me today (thanks so much, Nikki!).  She said Marian came to stand with her the entire shift:
Marian and Nikki
          Marian and Nikki
And here are our faithful Valentines — husband-and-wife Sunday shift managers, Rich and Roseann:
Roseann and Rich
          Roseann and Rich
If Rich and Roseann send a report, it will be posted here.
Trish was the shift manager from 1-2.  She stood her hour in the cold by herself.  God bless you Trish!  She wrote:

Nobody talked to me even though town was very busy. I was surprised because in the cold I thought people would be staying home.  The car show attracted a lot of people and maybe valentines day attracted the rest.  I got through my entire our lady of Guadalupe prayer book since I had no interruptions.

Jim and Cathy had the 3pm hour.  If they send a report it will be posted here:
Jeff had the final, 4pm hour.  He reports that Philene from St. Bernard came and stood with him for his hour.  Thanks to all the dedicated people who are sacrificing during these 40 days!  Jeff’s wrote:

I got downtown at 3 only to find  a lot of traffic and very little parking. A show at the convention center brought a lot of foot traffic to the sidewalk.  Filene from St Bernards joined me for the hour. We had a couple negative comments during that time, just the usual. As an added bonus, the downspout off the building was broken and dumping water onto the sidewalk right by circle. Just another “witness enhancement condition” I had not seen before.  I can’t wait to see what next Sunday’s witness brings.


May God bless all of you in your Lenten journeys and may He grant our prayers for Life!

For Life,
Sue M.