DAY 4…Church of the Assumption; Holy Child (Bridgeville)

***REMINDER:  Sunday’s hours will be shortened from 10am – 4pm***

FASTING STINKS!…but it’s effective


As for me, when the voice of the spirit suggests that I fast from something, my body and mind unite to fight off such “horrid” inspirations.  And even when the spirit does win out, the fasting I decide upon is typically pretty measly.  Nevertheless, I find that what usually tips the scales is when I can remember that fasting’s effectiveness as a spiritual weapon comes about precisely because I find it so revolting.  And just recently another image was given to me to help me see this weapon’s effect in a much more concrete way.  

Take a look a good look at that picture above.  We know that it wasn’t David alone who slew Goliath.  David picked-out the stones, and then sent one of them in the direction of Goliath’s head, but who among us doesn’t think that it was God who directed that stone to the perfect spot to render the giant unconscious?  Sure, God could have done this alone, but He willed to work this small “salvation miracle” through a man.  If we didn’t believe that God works in that same way today, would any of us be wasting our time participating in 40 Days for Life?

Now take a moment to focus on just the stone itself.  I think that stone is one heck of a good image for what happens in the spiritual realm when we offer up even the smallest of bodily sacrifices to our Father.  Our fast becomes a weapon in our hands – a stone which we can be picked-up and thrown at the hearts and minds of those darkened by sin.  One key difference between us and David, however, is that our goal is not the death of the sinner, but his conversion.  And while we may have a particular target in mind for the stone our fast produces, we must sacrifice even its final destination to the Wisdom of our God.

My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.   James 5:19-20


“Today was actually a beautiful and joyful morning.  The sky was blue with puffy white clouds. And those at the vigil were truly joyful.  Sure it was cold but all seemed dressed for the elements and slipping into Bruegger’s for a quick warm up made the vigil almost enjoyable. I must admit I’ve been much colder when the weather has been much warmer. There was a constant handful of warriors all morning including regular sidewalk counselors and advocates Meredith, Virginia, David, Beth, Marion, Vikki, Nick, Judy and Joe. And of course Bill. Several woman took literature. Today seemed like a good opportunity to actually make a sacrifice and deal with some discomfort in doing God’s will.  I hope that our presence in the adverse weather made a powerful witness that will someday bare fruit.”

Tim B., 9-11 (the first shift of the day due to shortened hours)

Vicki, Marion , Bill, Joe, and Beth
Vicki, Marion , Bill, Joe, and Beth
SM Lindsay and Judy
SM Lindsay and Judy
“A special thank you to Joe, Mary, and Mike from Assumption Church in Bellevue, and to Peggy from St. Louise De Marillac in Upper St. Clair for their faithful prayer and witness outside of Planned Parenthood on such a cold day.  Thanks for praying the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet and for standing up for unborn children and pregnant mothers in need.  God Bless you!  We pray that those who entered Planned Parenthood today choose Life for their babies!”
Rick, 12-1

Dean took these photos:

Frozen Shift Manager, Rick braves the bitter cold
Frozen Shift Manager, Rick braves the bitter cold
Two selfless prayer warriors, Peg and Mary Ann signed up to pray at the vigil during unfilled hours
Two selfless prayer warriors, Peg and Mary Ann signed up to pray at the vigil during unfilled hours

“The most encouraging thing to happen today was that two couples who were about to enter P.P. slowed down and turned around and left after they noticed us praying.  Thank God for this opportunity.  Also, many thanks to Peggy, Kelly, and Mary Jane for being true prayer warriors.”

Dean, 1-2


“After a warm greeting from Dean and 3 lovely ladies, I spent an hour praying and contemplating.  Judy, sidewalk advocate, surprised me with cup of chai tea.  I am deeply grateful for her visit.  Many Hispanic people passed by and stopped at babies.  Some appeared to pray.  It was one very cold hour and I was delighted to see Joe, our next shift manager.”

Kathy, 2-3

Joe was the final shift manager during the shortened vigil today, from 3-5pm.  He wrote this inspiring report:

I arrived at my shift and was immediately inspired by a beautiful
faithful women(Kathy) standing alone humbly serving our Lord. Gosh I
so admire her.

I was prepared  to spend some much needed quality personal time with
Jesus and Mary, figuring I wouldn’t need to watch over anyone on a day
like today. I got my beads out and began to pray when a young man came
by and stuck his shoulder and elbow into me. ( poor angry guy). Thank
you Lord I so want to be like you, I thought, please help me a sinner.
Soon after Deacon Brian from Holy Child parish showed up we prayed and
he ministered to the passerbys.

Then Kim(mother) from Butler and Merissa(daughter) from Jeanette
showed up, and we prayed some more.(pictured)

Shift manager Joe, with dedicated vigil participants Kim and Merissa
Deacon Bryan, from Holy Child, with dedicated vigil participants Kim and Merissa

Then Mark(father) and Ben(son) from Greensburg showed up, and we
prayed some more.(pictured)

Father and son, Mark and Ben join the sidewalk prayer vigil on this bitter cold day!
Father and son, Mark and Ben join the sidewalk prayer vigil on this bitter cold day!

Then Mark said lets sing some songs and we did, and Deacon Brian
pulled up some songs on his phone and we sang some more.(pictured)

Prayer, song and Christian unity!
Prayer, song and Christian unity!

The Lord had other plans for me today, Mother/ Daughter, Father/ Son,
Religious, singing, there was no time to be cold just fellowship and

They sacrificed, I received

God works the way he wants to,I’m just constantly being blown away by
his generosity to this nobody.

Lord please end this atrocity.

Your friend in Christ
Joe W.


Pat M.

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  • February 13, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    God bless each of you for bearing witness for life in such cold temps.


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