So, Who’s With Me???

Dear 40 Days for Life family,

It’s that time…time for the “pep talk“!  In this email I am going to try to motivate and inspire you to endure and persevere for 40 long days of prayer, fasting and vigil in front of Planned Parenthood…beginning THIS WEDNESDAY!

Yes, it is February in Pittsburgh.  Yes, the forecast is calling for bitter cold and snow.  Yes, the recent “baby-body parts” scandal has Planned Parenthood  nervous and touchy and looking for any excuse to persecute the pro life movement.  Also, it’s an election year.  Passions are high on both “sides”.  Our country is divided more and more over conservative and liberal “issues“.   Sounds like we’re going to have a great time on the sidewalk these forty days, doesn’t it?

How’s my “pep talk” working for you?  Okay…maybe this is why I don’t work as a motivational speaker.

The truth is, these forty days are going to be difficult and challenging.  Our vigil is currently only about two-thirds filled (mostly the second half).  There are still 160 hours that are not filled, where a lonely shift manager will be standing vigil alone.  I love and appreciate the dedication of our 40 Days for Life team members, and I hope they don’t lose faith and get discouraged while they are standing all alone in the freezing cold.  But, one of the blessings of 40 Days for Life is that through it, God has called some of the most faithful, selfless, humble and in-love-with-God men and women in the whole greater Pittsburgh area!  This wonderful group of about fifty people have persevered through many 40 Days for Life campaigns…and each time when I ask them to re-commit for the next one…they unhesitatingly say “YES!”.  I am inspired, grateful and SO unworthy to be leading such an amazing group of people…and I know that they know I always try my best to make sure that the vigil gets filled so they don’t have to stand alone.

But, it didn’t happen this time…and it’s totally understandable why it didn’t!  For all the reasons listed above!  I don’t blame people for not wanting to do this!  Heck…I don’t want to do it either…and I am the leader!  But, as I said in my last email…it is important that we do this.  For forty days, we need to actually LIVE AS IF IT MATTERS TO US!  It is important NOT to simply go about our lives as usual, while the terrible tragedy of abortion continues.  We cannot do this forever…but we can do it for forty days!  I don’t know about you…but I am ready!!!  So…who is with me???

If you can make it out to St. Paul Cathedral’s Synod Hall tomorrow evening at 7pm, please join us for our Kick-Off Event, featuring inspiring messages and music from Rev. Dr. John Guest, Fr. Edwin Wichman and Aaron Greer!

And if you can help us to fill some of the empty vigil hours, go to to sign yourself up on our online vigil calendar.  Or, if you want to sign up as a group, and be listed as officially “sponsoring” a block of time, contact me to do so.  When choosing your time, check out the schedule of participating churches at, then let me know where you can help.

When you show up on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood to pray…please keep the following points in mind:

  • We are there to represent Jesus Christ!  Our words and actions should be in line with what Jesus would do or say.  If someone tries to lure you into an argument over “liberal” vs. “conservative” issues…remember why you are there.  We are not there to debate about gay marriage, gun control, immigration or the environment.  Abortion is NOT a political issue.  It is a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE…plain and simple!  We are there to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.  If a passerby want to argue, change the subject and ask the person if they want to pray with you.  Or, ask them to pray for you…and resolve privately to pray for them.
  • Remember JOY!  Yes…JOY!  Even in the cold, in the midst of frozen and painful toes and noses…in the midst of insults and humiliations…we have JOY as children of God!  We are holding a priceless treasure in our earthen vessels….and the rest of the world would want what we have if they could see the joy that Christ gives us through a relationship with Him!  Be ready to share it with anyone you meet!
  • Pray and FAST for conversion of the staff at Planned Parenthood, and love them in your heart.  I have been especially praying for the conversion of the director, Kim Everett.  I keep thinking of the autobiography of former abortion clinic manager, Carol Everett, entitled “Blood Money”.  Someone was praying for her conversion, and one day, as she was putting the pieces of a baby back together in the tray, to make sure all the parts were accounted for…she considered the intestines. You see, Carol Everett was a Christian.  She attended church every Sunday.  She had rationalized to herself that the babies that were aborted were never intended by God to live.  It was His will that they should die.  I know, it sounds twisted…but that was her logic which enabled her to bridge the gap between her faith and her job.  But one day, while putting the pieces of the baby together, she noticed the intestines. And it suddenly occurred to her, “Why did God give this baby intestines if he was never intended to live?”  He would never need intestines if he was never going to be fed…so why did he have intestines?  That was the ray of light that the Holy Spirit used to break through her darkened conscience…and it was all because of people praying for her conversion.  So, please join me in praying for conversion for Kim…who is also a Christian.  Who knows what sign God will use to convert her through our prayers and fasting?

Thanks for joining me on this 40-day journey!  If I have to walk it…I am glad to walk it with you!

Three final things I want to pass along:

Rev. Dr. John Guest was interviewed on WORD FM last Wednesday about 40 Days for Life and he did a wonderful job of explaining what 40 Days for Life is all about!  Listen to the podcast at and click on the link for Wednesday, Feb. 3rd’s John & Kathy show.

St. Catherine of Sweden parish is erecting a Memorial to the Unborn. This is actually an Eagle Scout project that Women Choice Network’s Medical Director’s son is working to complete. This could have a huge impact and could be a vehicle for help and healing as well. To find out more about how you can help, CLICK HERE.

An amusing article about the pro-abortion outrage over the Dorito’s commercial during yesterday’s Super Bowl.   Click HERE to read.

Here we go 40 Days for Life family!  See you on the sidewalk!!!

Your sister in Christ,


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