Why do we keep doing this?

At the bottom of this blog post are many important updates about the 40 Days for Life campaign, which kicks off next Tuesday at 7pm at St. Paul Cathedral’s Synod Hall, with the vigil beginning the following day at 7am.  But first, I would like to quickly reflect on something that has been on my heart lately:

This volunteer position of mine (coordinating the 40 Days for Life campaign in  Pittsburgh), basically consists of trying to convince people to come downtown in the middle of winter, pay for parking, walk the noisy, dirty, city sidewalks and stand in the cold for hours, to witness and pray for an end to abortion, in front of a clinic that routinely kills 50 unborn children per week.  There are 480 hours that need to be filled during each 40 day campaign, so that means I need to convince a LOT of people!  Why do I keep doing it?  I have been asking myself that question lately.  The closest thing to an answer that I can find is the following:

There is really nothing worse than abortion.  The blood of 58 million innocent lives is crying out from the ground for justice, and God will not be mocked!  He WILL bring an end to abortion, in HIS time, and in HIS way.  This simply cannot continue indefinitely.

But, as bad as abortion is…I believe there is something much worse, and that is the APATHY of most Christians in America.   Think about it for a minute.  3,000 human beings are killed each day by abortion in America.  That amounts to a September 11th terrorist attack every single day!  How did we live in the days following 9/11?  Did we just go about our normal routines and not worry about it?  No, we prayed…we acted…we discussed…we did what we could.  Our lives, our speech and our actions reflected our distress over the terrible tragedy that had happened.

So the question I would like to pose is this: How are we reflecting in our lives each day the terrible tragedy of 3,000 innocent lives being snuffed out by abortion in America?  Would anyone know that we care by the way we live, act and speak each day?

I think the reason that we need to continue holding these 40 Days for Life campaigns, (as hard as they are)is so that for forty days, we are LIVING-AS-IF-IT-MATTERS.  By FASTING…by PRAYING…by suffering in the cold…and occasionally by suffering humiliations and mild persecutions on the sidewalk…for 40 days, we are not going about our lives as if we didn’t care.  It’s true that we can’t do this forever.  But God isn’t asking us to.  He is only asking us to do it for 40 days at a time.  One campaign at a time.  Please join us!  If you haven’t signed up yet, here is how:

  • Click HERE to view the schedule as it stands now, to see which time slots still need to be filled.  Email me at nbruni@40daysforlifepgh.com if your church can adopt some of the empty slots.  Right now we only have 54 churches signed up, and the vigil is just a little more than halfway filled!
  • Click HERE to add yourself as an individual to our online vigil calendar to help fill in empty hours.  Know that you will never be alone at the vigil.  One of our 40 Days for Life vigil shift managers is always “on-duty”, but we try not to let them stand alone!
  • LAST CHANCE TO ORDER FLYERS FOR YOUR CHURCH!  We still have 10,000 flyers and bulletin inserts left!  I hate for them to be wasted!  It is not too late!  You can include them in your church bulletin this coming weekend!  Email me at nbruni@40daysforlifepgh.com to order them (just $4 per hundred).
  • SPREAD THE WORD ON FACEBOOK!  Click HERE to go to the event page on our 40 Days for Life Facebook page, and then SHARE it on your page, so that more people will hear about our kick off event!
  • Click HERE to join our 40 day fast from food!

Finally, an update on Carita’s baby, who was saved from abortion at Pittsburgh’s Planned Parenthood last August!  Adriel Ania is now home, safe and sound with her mom!  Thanks to all who were praying.  She had a form of meningitis, but is now fine!  Carita messaged me a few days ago with this photo, and the words, “I am enjoying her!
adriel home at last
This is why we do this!!!

Your sister in Christ,



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