Next 40 Days for Life begins February 10th!

Dear 40 Days for Life family,

Are we ready to do it again?  Are we ready to bring the Body of Christ to the sidewalk in front of Pittsburgh’s Planned Parenthood…a place that silences more than 2,000 beating hearts each year?

I have to be honest.  With all the craziness in the world these days…the mass shootings and terrorist attacks….I was a little worried about how all this will affect 40 Days for Life.  Will people be more fearful and anxious than usual about standing on a public sidewalk? Will our vigil participants experience more negative responses from passersby than usual?  Does the idea of praying on a sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic seem too “trivial” of a matter for such extreme times as we are now facing?

Actually, I have come to believe that the opposite is true!  In fact, it is precisely in times like this that people NEED to see that there are those who are willing to stand up for the incredible value of all human life!   It is now more important than ever to continue our witness for an end to abortion!  When people are beginning to lose faith in the goodness of their fellow man, what could be more encouraging to them than seeing a humble little band of dedicated individuals who love God SO MUCH that they are willing to put themselves out there in the public square and make their faith known to all who see them?  In the rain, snow, sleet and freezing temperatures….for forty days…our presence will speak volumes.  Our little lights will shine all the brighter because of the darkness!  I hope you can join us.

Here is how YOU can be involved:

  • The Lenten 40 Days for Life will kick off with an event on Tuesday, February 9th at 7pm in St. Paul Cathedral’s Synod Hall in Oakland!  Join us for inspiring messages from Dr. Rev. John Guest of Christ Church Grove Farm in Sewickley and Rev. Fr. Edwin Wichman, pastor of St. Joseph parish and school in Verona.  The very talented Aaron Greer will lead us in praise and worship!  So come listen, sing and be motivated to begin this 40 day journey of prayer, fasting and witnessing to end abortion!  Mark your calendars now!  Go to for more information.


  • The 40-day peaceful prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood will begin at 7am on Wednesday, February 10th and will be held every day from 7am – 7pm through Sunday, March 20.  As usual, our goal is to unite the Body of Christ from churches all around Pittsburgh to fill our prayer vigil on the sidewalk.  During last fall’s campaign we ended up with more than 90 churches that participated!  Even though the weather will be a challenge in February, I have faith that our hardy, Christian community in Pittsburgh will rise to the challenge!  Already there are quite a few churches that have selected their time at the vigil.  To view the schedule, click HERE .  Send an email to me at to schedule YOUR church or group for a time slot during these 40 days! 
  1. We have very attractive flyers and bulletin inserts available for you to use in your church for just $4 per hundred (our cost).    View the one-side, full page flyer HERE.  View the half-page, two-side flyer HERE (front) and HERE (for the back side).  Reply to this email to order yours now!

Thank you dear pro-life brothers and sisters!  I hope to see you at the Kick-off event! God bless you!


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