Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men

The Christmas vigil Saturday December 19 was well attended from predawn on thru the end despite the low temperature and windchill.  Neither the young nor old seemed to be bothered.  There was as sense of Peace and Joy amongst us. Most prayed but some sang Christmas carols.  The Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram was present and available to offer assistance. Father Jason and Deacon Myron provided a powerful witness as they prayed in their full length cassocks.



Pam and Greg from St Teresa were vigilant holding signs and many from St Ferdinand’s  were present.  Nearly a dozen 40 DFL shift managers were present and being kept warm in their 40 DFL scarves.

photo 2


A passing out-of-town couple stopped to offer encouragement and share her testimony of life, the 9th Child of mother with tuberculosis who was not expected to live past her 18th birthday.  The author’s last name as I recall is Carpenter and the book is (might be) Family of Love.

photo 1

Remember the next monthly vigil “Stand for Life” will be Saturday 7-11 AM January 23, 2016 (the day after the March For Life in Wash, D.C.).  Join us if you can.  There is no sign up required.  Just show up and stay awhile.

Merry Christmas and may you find Peace and Joy in the New Year,

Tim B.

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