40 Days for Life Response to the Colorado Springs Shootings

I have a confession to make.

I don’t know how to turn my television on or off.

There, I’ve said it.  Now you probably think I am a nut, but it’s true.  Two years ago, when my mother-in-law came to live with us,  we switched from cable to satellite so that she could have more channels.  That is when I stopped watching….since I can’t stomach Dr. Phil, The View, soap operas or game shows (which is mostly what she watches).  I never even learned how to use the remotes.  In fact, sometimes she accidentally hits the wrong button and the television quits working, and we have to wait until my husband or my daughter comes home to fix it.

The reason I mention this is that, since the tragic shootings in Colorado last week, I have been wanting to watch the news.  So last night, I watched about 10 minutes on MSNBC.  It made me nauseous.  Now I know why I don’t watch television. Ignorance really IS blissI mean really…how could anyone think that a deranged mountain-man walking into a Planned Parenthood clinic and killing innocent people in ANY WAY represents the  pro-life community???  And why are they more concerned about “not letting this stop women from having access to healthcare” than they are about showing concern and help for the victims of the shooting?  It makes no sense to me.  I am not going to watch any more of this nonsense.

But I watched something else today that was sent out by the national 40 Days for Life’s leader, David Bereit, that was VERY encouraging!  I want to pass along this video to you in the hopes that you will watch it (if you haven’t already).  He explains 40 Days for Life response to this tragic shooting in Colorado, and he interviews a woman who once worked for an abortion clinic but is now a pro-life advocate. Her story is AMAZING!  I highly recommend that you watch it! 


The main thing that I took away from this video is the importance of UNITY.  Right now in our nation, everything seems to be divided.  It’s so bad that one side doesn’t even seem to understand what the other side is saying. It is like two different languages are being spoken!  Watch this video for a very telling and compassionate glimpse into the mentality of “other side“.  When we begin to feel anger creeping into our hearts because of something someone says…or frustration because someone just doesn’t understand what we believe…let’s try to remember that we are all brothers and sisters from the same human family…all of us created by the God who loves us.  If we are truly pro-life, then we believe that ALL human life is sacred and loved by God.  That includes everyone who disagrees with usIf we can’t love them, we at least need to pray for them and try to speak kindly to them.  Easier said than done, I know.  (I am preaching to myself here. )

I also want to let you know that enough tickets were sold to confirm the showing of 3801 Lancaster: An American Tragedy (the documentary film about Kermit Gosnell), so it will be shown at 7:30pm next Wednesday, December 9th in the Cinemark Theater at the Pittsburgh Mills in Tarentum.  There are 43 seats available, so you can still go online to purchase them.  Go to https://www.tugg.com/events/76970 to get your ticket.  Also, Patty Marquis has 7 tickets left that she already purchased for whoever would like to go but doesn’t want to buy online.  If you want one of these, you can contact her at PMarquis@federatedinv.com.

He's on His Way

Finally, a reminder that there will be a “Celebrate His Birth” vigil in front of Planned Parenthood on Saturday, December 19th from 7-11am. 

Come anytime during these hours to pray that precious lives will be spared from abortion during this time when we await the birth of the One who came as a helpless infant, born to a humble virgin.  What better time of year to witness to the value of unborn human life?

Have a blessed Christmas, my dear 40 Days for Life family!

Your sister in Christ,


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