Day 35: October 27-Elk County Right to Life Group; St. John (Delmont) & St. Mary (Export)

We all have memories of our first born…My best friend from grade school gave us a plaque with this saying inscribed on it when our daughter was born…and as it turned out, she loves to dance!  I bought one for my son!


God danced the day you were born….”Angels did the bump to Gabriel’s horn”….”Thankful for the gift of you…”


Even as we get older, and/or fall away, Scripture reminds us that God loves us.

Zephaniah 3:17

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.  He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Luke 15:11-32  The Prodigal

But the father said to his servants, ‘Bring quickly the best robe, and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet. 23 And bring the fattened calf and kill it, and let us eat and celebrate. 24 For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.’ And they began to celebrate.

Not all births are welcomed, though, from the human perspective.  However, there are many wonderful people who extend their time, talent and treasure to help women who are  pregnant and scared– because life is sacred.

Diane, Dorothy and Gale, who came from Johnston to witness in front of PP in Pittsburgh this past Saturday, work to support  The Gabriel Project Pro-life Ministry in their parishs’ area. Project Gabriel offers tangible assistance to young pregnant women.  Our resource guides (handed out in front of PP) list resources in the Pittsburgh area.  The links below list contact information which may be  helpful to those who travel to Pittsburgh or who  live out of the immediate area.  Elk County is represented today by witnesses for life.

resources in Cambria and Somerset counties

The Gabriel Project (national movement with local groups such as the one in the Johnstown area)

Elk County- information on FB

Many of the witnesses in 40DaysforLife help with hands on by volunteering or working to give support in all areas of need.   The immediate Pittsburgh area has: Genesis of Pittsburgh– an organization which provides a home, counseling and many other services for pregnant women. Connect on FB too! Genesis of Pittsburgh FB page



James Taylor- You’ve Got a Friend


As you listen to “You’ve got a friend”sung by James Taylor, please read the reports from the sidewalk today.  40 Days for Life- wonderful people who lend helping hands!

Sally and Bill H.
Sally and Bill H. are two marathon runners for life.

7 am:  Early morning shift:  Judy and David were already witnessing when I stopped by to pray before work.

Sidewalk Advocate for Life, Judy, offered information to the women going into PP this morning.    David, working in the Pittsburgh area, fron Indiana has become a regular on the sidewalk as well.  We appreciate his willingness to come early and witness as people make their way to  work.  Everybody sacrifices during these campaigns.  A little less sleep, meeting deadlines…. all to keep the Word out there that the babies lives are on the Cross.

Sally reports for the 7 am to 11 am shifts: (Al, her partner in life, is the  shift manager from 7 am to 9 am):

Peter C, Bob L. and Bill H. kept Al company during his shift. Beth S. & Lillian R. arrived before 9:30, followed by 9 or 10 people from St.Mary’s PA.  They began to pray immediately. We missed their priest whois usually with them. He was needed for a funeral Mass. Later in themorning sidewalk advocate, Vicky arrived.

Tuesday is an scheduled abortion day at PP:A lady who we think was an abortionist went in around 9 a.m., a few couples and single girls, & a few men and women who did not appear tobe customers or workers went in during the course of the morning. It was a cold morning, but there was no rain or wind.


St. Mary's
St. Mary’s, Pa.- with picture of Mary with baby.
St. Mary's 2
St. Mary’s times 2! Smile- God made us!

Cil reports with pictures for the 11am to 1 pm shift:

Elk right to life
Elk County Right to Life witnesses and workers for life.
Donna and Evie
Praying for the babies. Donna and Evie from Mother of Sorrows.
Pam and Patty
Pam and Patty from St. Joes’ standing across of PP. Witnessing for life takes both sides of the street.
Vicky and Beth
Vicky and Beth- ask them how to save a life! They know the grace of God’s softening of hearts. Sidewalk Advocates for LIfe!!

I was thankful to be joined by Pam and Patti on my ride to the ‘burgh to day.  They ministered to people across the street the whole vigil time.
We had a “full house” today as I was blessed to see familiar (and some new) faces from the Elk Co Right to Life!  What a great group and I am so glad to see them every campaign!  I brought down the rose that Fuzzy gave me a few campaigns back.  I am reminded of what a wonderful, prayerful group they are and they come such a long distance to stand for life!  God bless them all!  They sang songs and surrounded me with prayer the whole vigil.
Three lovely women from Most Holy Namecame and joined in with prayers as well.
I have come to appreciate the presence of Vicky, Regina and Beth, the SA, on Tuesdays!  They work so well to reach out and share their love to so many.  Vicky gave chastity material to a girl leave PP today and Regina  got into a lengthy discussion with her about purity.  The timing was perfect and very well received as this girl was contemplating the idea already.  Therefore, our lovely women were there to guide her down this better path!  I will miss you girls and hope to join you again soon!
A man who is in the Army, from WV. stopped to tell us we are all “adopted”.  I said… yes… we are all adopted sons and daughters of God.  He smiled in agreement and said that he and his wife have adopted two children and that they are a blessing.  He was so thankful for our presence and we thanked him for his service.    Cil

Dean reports from the sidewalk during his 1 pm to 3 pm shift:

I was tempted to say that nothing really happened during my shift but, that’s not true. 5 people, Gatano, Mary, Virginia, Arlene and Sue all responded to a request to fill the vigil. They provided a prayerful witness against abortion. All of those, who passed by, saw us. A seed was planted. How God grows that seed is up to God. It’s up to us to do the planting and act on faith and prayer.   


Dean’s reflection reminded me of the baby that is growing in utero.  Man and woman help plant the seed… God performs the miracle!!  And there are days when it seems that nothing is happening.


dean 1
Gatano and Mary from St. Sebastian.
dean 2
Arlene from St. Maurice and Virginia from St. Bernard.
dean 3
Due from St. Paul. Thanks to those who  responded to the request to stand with me during the 2-3 hour. Thanks so much to all of you!!  Movie crew in the background.

Barb reports for the 3 pm to 5 pm shift  (shift switch!):  Barb and her husband “wear many hats” for the campaign)!

john st john paul xxiii 2
John, St. John XXIII parish (John prays year round in front of PP), Virginia, St. Bernard parish and Annamarie and Bob from St. Mary’s, Export and St. John’s, Delmont. Eclectic parish groupings! One Body in Christ.
We have been completely spoiled by the balmy weather.  It is the noise factor that is eerie…giant walls of noise .   ( A movie is being filmed in downtown Pittsburgh)
Today, the 3-5 shift hosted an eclectic parish grouping.  Virginia arrived from St. Bernard parish.  Virginia has had a stroke and used Access to come .  She walked carefully and slowly with her walker.  She said that her sister always came but is disabled now.  She comes in her place.
Annamarie and Bob came from St. Mary’s, Export and St. John’s, Delmont. John represented St. John XXIII parish.
John led us in a Scriptural Rosary, the Luminous Mysteries.  As we prayed, workers talked and laughed loudly as they unloaded their almost a block long truck on the street just beside us,  A few feet away, young women were leaving PP having just suffered through an abortion.
For some reason, my imagination went to the site of the Crucifixion where Jesus was dying, hanging on the cross, and the soldiers talked and laughed, dividing the spoils, looking forward to their job being almost completed. 
It is an odd human anomaly the way we can happily play just inches from a person whose heart is breaking. How can the signs not be visible?
Barbara L.


God weeps on the sidewalk in front of PP each and every day whether there are people praying or people just walking by pretending they do not see.

Finding pro-life messages in unlikely places.   Michael Jackson wrote this song in the 80’s.   Abortion Papers


A friend, who lost a child at birth, still grieves- 17 years later.  Her story is like many others… but with one catch.  She did not know that her doctor was also the abortionist at the clinic near the town in which she lived.  After the clinic was shut down, the public learned the identity of the doctor.  My friend’s son died due to negligence of the doctor (court case won).  Some information in this link may be helpful for others.  The magazine is called Still Standing Magazine- Surviving child loss and infertility.

My friend and her husband and surviving three children fostered and then adopted two boys (same family) after the death of their baby.  She is an advocate for life.  After the unthinkable, she gathered her strength to help others.

For grieving the death of a child


Thanks to all the hands who participated in this Fall 2015 40 Days for Life campaign.

Join us at the closing rally this Sunday, November 1. Get involved- link

Witnesses are needed for the 8am hour on Wednesday, Oct 28; Friday, Oct 30 9am, 10am and 6pm hours;  Oct. 31- 7 am. Please join the shift managers to keep watch.


Scroll down to leave a comment or to read other wonderful reports from the sidewalk. If you have followed the reports, you will see that there is always hope that one day people will see that saving a baby’s life also saves the mother, father, family and us.

One thought on “Day 35: October 27-Elk County Right to Life Group; St. John (Delmont) & St. Mary (Export)

  • October 29, 2015 at 10:35 pm

    It was great to meet Cecilia & Dean on Tues. Oct. 27th. mid – day shift.
    We were happy to hear the testamony of the young woman from Steubenville, Ohio.
    She told us her story of how a few yrs. ago she was Pregnant & DID NOT know what to do.
    Then she told us that I GIVE THIS UP TO GOD!! And now she is very happy to have a young
    daughter. She & others THANKED US ALL for being there!! Thank You Lord!! Praise God!!

    We 3 came from 11 am to 1:30 pm … from Our Lady of Grace Parish in Greensburg, PA.
    Linda Haun / Patti Stangl / & Suzan Firment


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