Day 34: St. Anne Catholic Church, Waynesburg, Corpus Christi Parish, McKeesport

“Among those around you, apostolic soul, you are the stone fallen into the lake. With your word and example produce a ripple… and it will produce another… and another then another, and another… each time wider. Now do you understand the greatness of your mission?”

Blessed J. Escriva

As we near the end of the fall campaign KNOW we are making ripples. We are making a difference! Sometimes we see the ripples, sometimes not but we make a difference!  (READ BELOW 1-3 PM SHIFT MANAGER REPORT; WE MAY HAVE MADE A BIG SPLASH WITH A SAVE!)

Thank you all for the prayers, for going to vigil and making the sacrifices.

As we enter this final week let me echo the encouraging and challenging words of 40 Days for Life national director David Bereit as he offered a three-fold plan of action:

1. Pray more fervently

2. Visit the vigil more frequently

3. Invite ten friends to come pray

I especially liked #3. So, if you haven’t been to the vigil yet come and bring a friend. If you have been down, come back if you can and bring a friend. Start a ripple.

There a two time slots this Wednesday that still don’t have any church groups praying: 7-11 and 1 till 7 PM. Stop by if you can even if for only a few minutes.

Tim B.

Here is a picture of Shift Manager Brandon today “making a ripple.”


7am-9am shift:

 I was joined this morning by 2 faithful shift managers, Marian and Dean, just answering the call for volunteers to fill the 7am-9am shift! We turned the 40 Days for Life sign so that the baby models would be facing towards planned parenthood in a manner that the models would catch the eyes of people passing by. I stood on the wall and was amazed that almost every person would glance down and to their left at the models as they passed. One man turned around as he was walking, which meant that he read the other side, stating “40 Days For Life, Peaceful Prayerful Vigil”. Hopefully the image of the babies sticks in the minds of everyone who glanced down. Usually this shift is quiet while people hurry on their way, but this morning I received a lot of “good mornings”, “hello” and “Thank yous”. One lady hesitated enough that I gave her a 40 Days for Life brochure and explained why I was standing there. She thanked me, gave me a hug and said “Someone will listen to you and get the message”. It was an encouraging morning. Chris from Sacred Heart joined us at 8am and immediately took up his sign and started praying on the other side with Marian and Dean. Bill H came by to stand witness also. Brandon arrived to take over as shift manager and we can’t believe that this is already our last scheduled manager shift! It is so good to work as a team, with everyone doing their part…it lightens the individual load! Thank you, Sue D

Pictured are: Chris, Marian and Dean



Mark managed the vigil from 11-1 and sent in these photos:

What a wonderful band of angels from St. Ann in Waynesburg!
What a wonderful band of angels from St. Ann in Waynesburg!
more prayer warriors from St. Ann
more prayer warriors from St. Ann

1-3 p.m.  (This may not be a ripple but rather a really big splash!)

There was a car parked right in front of our container and the alarm kept going off. Maybe it was a signal that something was about to happen. It did.

Beautiful day, wonderful prayer partners, evangelist Bill was working the sidewalk crowd and the Deacon from Greene County led us in the Rosary. Just when one of our ladies was recounting the miraculous things that have happened when we pray at 933 Liberty Avenue, three young women stop to check out the fetal models. When we asked if anyone needed help, T.’s two friends looked at her and said that T. was pregnant and thinking about an abortion. So the four of us went to Catholic Charities and Vicky Mosley, CC’s pregnancy resource professional, took over. Thank you Lord.

After T’s friends promised me that they would not let her go through with the abortion, and Vicky had my number in case something else was needed, I returned to Rose, Meg, Peggy, Jim, Michael, Kim, Nicole and others whose names I forgot to copy from the sign-in sheet, who were praying intensely for T. Please do pray for T. If I hear anything else from Vicky, I’ll let you know.

Thanks, beth

Here from SM Jeff 3-5:

2015-10-26_15-42-33_480Thanks to Mike and Joe from Corpus Christi for standing with me for my 2 hour shift. They were staying till 7pm. Lots of pedestrian traffic, with two thumbs-up from passersby today, and only one snide comment from another. Breaking even on a shift is good, so I am one-up. Joe was telling me that he was thinking about being a shift manager next vigil, which we always need. Please consider helping us out next vigil, either as a sub or taking a regular 2 hour shift once a week. On my shift, I pray for the 4000 plus babies who have been killed here on Liberty Avenue, and like to imagine that they will be standing at the Pearly Gates when my time comes. I picture them with 4000+ thumbs-up. I’m sure to see some of my 40 Days family there as well. Oh how I want to be in their number…. won’t you?

day 34, 5th shift Corpus Christi

Below are Bill and Kim who came between 5-7:



Extremely quiet shift 5-7, so a pic will do. Thanks, Seamus


If any more stories or photos come in they will be posted here…

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  • October 27, 2015 at 12:23 am

    Tim B, good job with the reflections of St. Josemaria Escriva and his quote about ripples. Who knows what might of happened with those young ladies and T’s baby had their been no campaign this fall. May God be praised!


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