Day 29…Guardians for Life, Creekside United Methodist Church and dedicated individuals fill the day!

Today was one of the few days that we didn’t have very good coverage scheduled at the vigil.  But thanks to many individuals for helping to fill the gaps today!  Usually about this time during the 40 days, we start to get weary.  We have completed four long weeks of prayer, fasting and witnessing on the public sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.  It does get exhausting.  But we are beginning to see the end in sight!  We can look forward to a joyous closing event next Sunday, November 1st!

Next week had many empty time slots…but just today a group from SS. Cyril &  Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary signed up for MANY of those empty hours!  Thanks so much to them! That makes a total of 96 churches/groups that participated in this campaign!  Thanks to everyone who is sacrificing their time and comfort to come to the vigil at Planned Parenthood! 

So as the schedule stands now, this week looks good except for the 3pm and the 6pm hour on Friday.  I hope someone will join Jeannie at 3 and Pat at 6 on Friday!  Click HERE to sign up!  Also, next week Monday still needs help during the 7am-11am times.  Please make sure Sue D. isn’t alone during her 7-9am shift and come pray with Brandon during his 9-11am shift!  Next Wednesday a prayer volunteer is needed for 7-9am to be with Sue M.  Sign up on our online vigil calendar HERE

Now for the reports from today:

Sue M. managed the vigil from 7-9am this morning.  There was no church signed up, and I thought there was one individual signed up to stand with her…but that person had signed up way back at our kick-off…I should have called to remind…and no one showed up during Sue’s shift.  She writes:

A beautiful morning, but a bit chilly!  Aside from an always-inspiring visit from Marian (on her way to work) this morning, I was alone for my shift.  I was able to get some good personal prayer time in.  And aside from one lady ostentatiously photographing me with her cell phone, there were no events.  In fact, I received and/or observed at least a dozen positive regardings this morning from passersby, and no negatives!  I was feeling very honored to have the opportunity to witness to Life on my own birthday, and I admit I was getting some warm fuzzy feelings from the positives.


And everyone’s been telling me that today is also what they are calling “Back To The Future” Day.  Apparently in one of the movies in the series, the go-forward date they arrived at from 1985 was October 21, 2015.  The attitude in the movie when they were in 1985 was that that date was just so, so far in the future, and supposedly when they did arrive at 10/21/15, things were of course really, really different.  I didn’t see that movie so I don’t really know anything more, but my thoughts turned to the pro-life movement.  Sure, I could sit here and mourn that nothing has changed since then regarding abortion in this country, that it’s still legal and still way too pervasive.  Those things are true.  But what is also true, and what we have to keep remembering, is that SO MANY POSITIVE things have happened within the movement since then! I know you know them, but here are just a few, to remind us all:  Abortions everywhere, although of course still way too common, are down since then.  Pregnancy care centers have blossomed across the US and have upgraded themselves and the services they offer in every way you can think of and more.  Certainly, awareness of life before birth and of the abominable doings of PP has increased — especially recently, considering the PP videos — and people everywhere have become more educated on the issue.  Many abortion facilities have closed permanently.   Organization, peacefulness, and love has come to efforts for witnessing for life with the conception and implementation of 40 Days for Life and Sidewalk Advocates for Life, and these outreaches are growing and growing.  And SAVING LIVES and changing hearts‼  The list goes on.  God is working‼!  Thanks be to Him‼!

For Life, Sue M.

Cathy was the shift manager during the 9-11am shift.  She wrote:

I don’t think anyone was scheduled to come down, but I was joined by several persons, Bill, Mary Ann from Risen Lord, and Sue and three of her beautiful children, at various times.  There was some people going in and out, though no one wanted any literature. There were three ladies (business types) who got out of a government tagged car and went in.  Meeting?  Two people stopped to talk.  The first was a man who had, in just the past 2-3 years, become a Christian.  He said he was pro-life, but his wife was ok with abortion for the “hard cases”.  What should he tell her?  Bill told him that the babies should be given a chance, not be punished for the wrongdoing of the parent(s), and to trust in God to help one through whatever difficulty.  A second man said that sometimes it (abortion) is the only thing to do.  Said not a human because not born.  He and his girlfriend did have an abortion because they were not capable of raising the child.  Didn’t want to put child up for adoption because s/he might be abused??  Spent a lot of time trying to justify what they did, but said he wouldn’t have the abortion again.  Pray that he/they don’t.  A woman stopped for a minute, said she would pray while walking and took some resource cards for the bus.


Every day participant Bill, with Mary Ann, who came to fill empty hours!
Every day participant Bill, with Mary Ann, who came to fill empty hours!


Sue and her children are faithful witnesses!
Sue and her children are faithful witnesses!

I (Nikki) was the shift manager during the 11a-1p shift.  The weather was beautiful and I had the pleasure of being with Fr. Tim and his large group of prayer warriors from Guardians for Life.  They always fill the sidewalk with prayer and song.

day 29, 3rd shift, guardians

Some of the Knights of Columbus members in their group brought a banner, which they held the entire time:

day 29, 3rd shift, guardians2

These folks are dedicated!  Many of the knelt for over half an hour while they prayed the Stations of the Cross:

day 29, 3rd shift, guardians kneeling

Chris was the shift manager after me, and he was scheduled to be alone, but Jim came to help. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture!)

One problem that occurred was that the owner of the bookstore called the police because their were so many prayer warriors lining the sidewalk, and he didn’t want them so close to his door.  He is afraid that it will deter customers from coming into his store.  He is a very kind, gentle and pleasant young man, and he is always very respectful to us.  Usually he comes out and nicely asks us to move away from his door, and we do the best we can to accommodate his request…and he accepts that.  Today, however, I wasn’t there when he came out to ask folks to move, and I guess they didn’t cooperate in the way he wanted them to, so the police showed up.  Again, they were very respectful and were only interested in both our rights and his.  We have a right to be on the sidewalk, and he has a right to not have his business/livelihood interfered with.  I think the best thing to do in this instance is to be kind and respectful to everyone.  When he asks us to move, we should move.  Even if we have a right to stand there legally….we won’t win any souls for Christ by being stubborn and unkind.  That is my two cents.

1:00pm-3:00pm- Chris Kelley


Nikki’splea worked again- I was joined by Vince for my shift and Jim stayed an extra hour until 2:00pm.  Not only that, but I was able to witness Father Tim’s wonderful group of prayer warriors finish the Rosary and end their vigil in song.  Vince and I prayed the Rosary and he added some special prayers related to the Sorrowful Mysteries before each Hail Mary while praying the 4th and 5th decades. Jim was on the other side of PP’s door and continually offered pro-life literature to passersby.  There wasn’t much traffic going in and out of Planned Parenthood and there weren’t many negative comments, although one young man praised Satan.  Looking at people’s name tags walking by, there was a meeting of geneticists at the Convention Center.  I was told by one of the previous shift’s prayer warriors that geneticists can be the specialists advising expectant parents to abort their unborn child based on real or potential genetic issues with the developing child. 

Vince and Jim answer the plea to fill empty hours!
Vince and Jim answer the plea to fill empty hours!

Barbara and Richard were the shift managers from 3-5 and were also scheduled to be alone.  She wrote:

Fragrant, breezy, sunny, warm…downtown Pittsburgh…wow!…who would believe that inches away from this dreamy setting; inside the tall, too dark building just behind us; PP employees and volunteers are planning to kill people.   Make no mistake.  For every abortion, a baby is killed…not by accident.  The killing is scheduled and the baby is stalked and killed.

People shocked and dismayed by this fact came to pray with us.  Vincent, Hank, Pastor Adam with his youth group and two gentlemen from the Orthodox Church on Perry Avenue. 

“Be still and know that I am God.”  God in His Providence is not fooled by the flowery discursive idiotic reasons purported by abortion supporters.

His patience is generosity hoping they will come to truth and repentance.

B. Lewis

Shift Manager

Vigil participant Vince comes to fill empty hours with shift manager Chris
Vigil participant Vince comes to fill empty hours with shift manager Chris
Richard, Vince and Hank
Richard, Vince and Hank


Audrey reports from the 5-7 shift:

The Wednesday 5 to 7 shift was prayerful and well attended. Pastor Adam brought his youth group who are always lively and refreshing!

Pastor Adam from Creekside United Methodist Church, with his youth group
Pastor Adam from Creekside United Methodist Church, with his youth group


Pastor Adam leading prayer
Pastor Adam leading prayer






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    Thanks for your advice about how we should handle ourselves with respect to the businesses near PP. I completely agree.


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