Day 27: St. Peter Catholic Church, Steubenville, Memorial Park Church, Allison Park and Weirton Catholic Churches

“If I will not stand for the unborn in America when there is virtually no cost for doing so, then I can know with absolute certainty I would not have stood for my Jewish friends and neighbors in Nazi Germany in 1943.”

Mike Spencer

This is the quote inside the 40 Days for Life folder that we give out on the street. Did you ever wonder what you would have done in Nazi Germany while they were gathering and murdering millions of our Jewish brothers and sisters? Would you have said, “I just didn’t know” when in your heart you knew something evil was happening. Would you have said “but what could I do?”  Would you bury you head in the sand?

We will never know what we would have done then. But we do know now what is going on inside Planned Parenthood and … YOU STAND UP. You do not remain silent. We must continue to stand up by our prayerful witness outside their building and say by our presence “This is wrong and it is evil and I am praying it will end.” With God’s help it will end.

I look forward to seeing you over these last two weeks of the vigil. Remember, also there are the faithful who go to clinic every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, the abortion days, all year long. This past Saturday, one of the year round regulars said “wouldn’t it be wonderful if on the abortion days (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday) we had the strong 40 Days for Life presence all year long not just during the two campaigns?”. So if the ears of your heart hear the call to return to the clinic, know you will not be alone and go stand in prayer to end this evil in our land. I’m there Saturday mornings. Join me if and when you can. Stay as long as you want. Sleep well at night knowing you are doing something important and meaningful.

Thank you for encouraging me.  I’m proud to stand with you. Peace and joy.

Tim B.

If you are moved to come to the vigil sight sooner rather than later, know that this Wednesday from 7-11 there are no churches signed up and the shift manager will be alone from 9-11. Also, the shift manager from 1-3 on Wednesday (Chris) will be alone if no one comes!  Shift manager husband-wife duo (Barbara and Richard) would appreciate company during their 3-5 shift also! Join them if you can for as long as you want even if it is only for a few minutes.

Stories and pictures from today’s vigil will be posted throughout the day so come back to this site.

Here is from Sue 7-9 am today:

I was joined this morning to pray in front of Planned Parenthood by four faithful pro-lifers from St. Peter’s in Steubenville OH. They were up and on the road at 6am to make it here for the 7am shift! It was pretty cold but starting to get sunny…it’s going to be a beautiful day. After a coffee/hot chocolate run, we got down to praying with Ron and I on one side and the ladies on the other. After the Joyful Mysteries and a Divine Mercy, Ron was able to give out some of the 40 Days fliers. The shift was uneventful with most people on their way to school or work. Marianne stopped by on her way to work and Bill H arrived before 9am. Beth and Tracy from St Peters signed up for a four hour shift and stayed on as the torch was passed to the next shift manager. Pictured in the attachment is Tracey, Beth, Kathy and Ron from St Peter’s in Steubenville.
Thanks, Sue D

2015-10-19 09.38.34

From Mark 11-1:

I thought the shift went well today for me it seemed more business types responded to my greeting or caught my eye and more than usual said thanks for our vigil

Once again i thought that we do not stand firm for our own ego but for God. For the folks going in and going out and for the babes who we will never see here but hopefully we will see them in heaven

Nice of the gals from st peters in Steubenville to be here. St peters was one of my churches growing up.

day 27, 3rd shift, brandon with mpc
9-11am shift manager Brandon, with a great group of prayer warriors from Memorial Park Church
Memorial Park Church is a faithful witness for Life
Faithful witnesses from St. Peter in Steubenville

day 27, 3rd shift, mpc



From Beth: 1-3

Sorry, still no pictures. I have a dumb phone instead of a smart phone. But a picture would not have captured the grace-filled afternoon of prayer and song with the folks from Memorial Park Church in Allison Park. Kathy led prayer and song worship as Rose and Terri, true choir members, carried the tunes for Jaime and myself. It was amazing. If anyone would have told me that we would end up singing on Liberty Avenue in the middle of the afternoon, I won’t have believed them. But God got a serenade and we hope He liked it and that He inspires PP employees to quit, even if it is just not to have to listen to us anymore. Evangelist Bill handed out lost of literature and the two hours passed quickly and without incident. Mary from the Weirton Catholic Churches arrived as we prepared to leave.Very few people going in or out of PP, hooray. My apologies to anyone whose name I didn’t list.

From 3-5:

Here is Weirton Catholic Churches along with Tom (in the back) from Allegheny Center Alliance Church.

W Catholic SC 10-19-15

From Seamus 5-7:

Ahren from St Sebastian answered the call for open slots and joined Shift Manager Seamus. What’s a beautiful experience with a young lady witnessing for Life and for Christ. We were also joined by Marian who is always so gracious to give of her time and selflessly share the load. Though taunted a number of times, we humbly and steadfastly prayed and did the Lord’s work. A true honor to serve. Jesus Christ is truly risen!



Bill and Kim from St Ann’s Waynesburg in prayer with me from from 5-7. Apparently a meeting in PP with about twelve entering this evening after regular hours, giving the late day prayer warriors an unusual and important focal point. Lord, please harden not our hearts and grant us all grace to carry on, in Jesus name.


2 thoughts on “Day 27: St. Peter Catholic Church, Steubenville, Memorial Park Church, Allison Park and Weirton Catholic Churches

  • October 19, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    If you’re still looking for a place for the 16 year old homeless girl from last week who is pregnant, did you try Genesis in the North Hills? Their phone # 412-766-2693.

    • October 20, 2015 at 10:33 pm

      Hi Sue! Praise God! She is there! Thanks!


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