Day 21: October 13- St. Robert Bellarmine, East McKeesport; St. Joseph Catholic Church, Cabot; St. Paul Cathedral Oakland

What people watch and listen to about abortion influences the choices people make:  Do not let the pro-abortion voices be the only ones having an influence.  Share pro-life movies and information.  Get to know the pro-abortion propaganda.  Learn about the resources which are available to help women.  Share pro-life messages even if the messages are not direct.  Look around.  You may be surprised where you find them.

What we say, and what we do, for life-   does matter!   “Juno” is a movie with a pro-life message.



Click this link for information on the numbers of abortions:  Tick tock

In the late 60’s, I had a neighbor who was 13 when she became pregnant.  She started  dating very young and had an older boyfriend.  We all know the term used to describe pregnant teens back then was “she is not a good girl”.  I do not know the particular issues related to the pregnancy but the girl had the baby.   She was a good girl and her parents were good parents who supported her through it all.

In 1970, I was  in high school.  My parents were practicing Catholics who started raising their 7 children in 1934 (until 1975).  My parents welcomed each pregnancy through difficult financial times and in their older  child bearing years.  My mom was 42 when I was born and 44 when my youngest sister was born.  I can remember my mom saying that God provided each time one of us was born.  But, do teenagers always listen to their parents?

In 1970, if a girl became pregnant she “went away to have a baby” or still came to school ( at least in my high school years).  If abortion was chosen, it was not talked about and of course was illegal.  1970 was the first year I heard the term “zero population growth” at the first Earth Day celebration.  A close male friend of mine and I disagreed about his involvement with “zero population growth”.  Anyone  who is not familiar with the term should research its history.

My parents were not sending mixed messages.. but how many teenagers listen to the messages (subliminal or direct) that parents teach…especially when the culture is screaming so many alternatives.  Even when teenagers listen, they may only listen with “half an ear” like I did.

In 1972, a televsion show took on the abortion issue head on….( one year before Roe v Wade). Altering the mindset of the general public does not happen “overnight”.  The planning takes years.  Click on the link below for an interesting article about how television addressed the issue in 1972.  The article was written in 1992.. 20 years after Roe v Wade.

click link for article: And then there was   click link for video on abortion episode: Maude

click link: New York said yes  -excerpt from article:

“Then chairman of what was called the National Association for Repeal of Abortion Laws.  We had just formed Naral, in February 1969 at a meeting in Chicago. We decided at that first meeting to concentrate on New York State as our breakthrough state. We felt that New York represented our best opportunity, and we knew that other states often looked to New York as setting an example. So we set up tables and gathered petitions in key districts in New York.    Barbara Shack”

Pro abortion groups get the messages out to the young and old-  it is called “tabling”.  Advertised as helping, these groups make their presence known.  Learn about them…. know their message so you can counter argue the  errors of the pro-choice (aka abortion) industry. Click: Tabling lies

Click this link: 16 shows which discuss abortion as a positive alternative to choosing life (you need to know that these shows exist…your children may be watching).

Click this  link to a YouTube clip of  BLUE VALENTINE,  a 2010 movie… watch the clip and read the description.  The abortionist in the movie was played by a real abortion doctor.  The scene is provacative, the end is of the scene is hopeful.   The movie is about life… which isn’t easy. Reality seldom is.  This movie is rated R and is not for children to view.

China faces the abortion nightmare of forced abortions: YouTube clip from 2012.

Reports from the sidewalk:

Sally:  9 am to 11 am:

It was a very decent fall morning.  Fr. Brennan and about six women from St. Robert Bellarmine were with us most of this shift. Many others, including David S. from the state of Indiana, who is still in Pittsburgh on business, were at PP at some point in the morning. The witnesses included Walt, Bill, Lillian, and Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Beth, Vicky and Elsie.

The woman abortionist, who we have not seen before, arrived
around 9 am.  Al observed that, as usual, she does not look happy.  She also walks in with a two students.

PP’s business was slow, but steady. Several men went into the clinic alone, as well as several women. A group of three women went in and out several times,
but refused to talk with us or receive literature.

One girl requested information about the morning after pill, and promised to take it on
her way out. An African American man questioned Walt about the 40 Days for Life campaign and happily took a 40 Days for Life flyer. 



Members of St. Robert Bellarmine witness for life.

Cil: 11 am to 1 pm

Julia, a member of St. Gregory’s, came to the sidewalk for the first time today.
Bob stops by PP to pray- (everyday, year round) to end abortion.
Cil, shift manager, Karen, Joyce and Buck from St. Joe’s.
Walt and Father defend life.


Dean: 1 pm to 3 pm

My shift went quietly today. It was nice to have fellow shift manager. Cecilia, standing with me for the whole shift.

An uplifting moment happened toward the end of my shift. A mom was walking with two
children when her son paused to look at our baby models. He asked if they were dead and it was an excellent teaching opportunity to explain to him the different stages of a growing baby. Cecilia presented him a model baby and I told him that was how all babies look like when they are starting out in life. His mom told us that she had five children
and we told her “Congratulations”.

Sheila: 3 pm to 5 pm

Many people stopped to look at the models of the gestational stages of babies in utero.

Diane, Father Mark and Francesca represented St. Paul Cathedral this afternoon.  A man by the name of Lucky stopped by to witness as well.

20151013_154001_resized (1)
Diane and Lucky. Diane is our materials management and delivery “saint”!
Diane, Lucky, Father Mark of St. Paul Cathedral, and Francesca. Life is worth living.


Lisa: 5 pm to 7 pm and wrote:

I was joined tonight by a wonderful group of prayer partners.  Representing St. Paul Cathedral this evening I was blessed by Fr. Mark, Angela (not pictured) and our own Diane and Marian (not pictured).  Shannon, Michael, Amy, Luke and Matthew joined us from Oakland Young Adult Ministry based out of St. Paul Cathedral.  David, a member of St. Pio parish was with us for the whole shift and Alice stopped and prayed with us.  Both of them are also pictured. Johanna, member of t. Peter Parish, North Side and a fellow member of the Catholic Daughters of the America joined in again tonight. 

Our powerful prayer presence was sure to have made an impact on the several women leaving the clinic who sadly fit the profile of post abortive women.


Great group from St. Paul Cathedral, including Oakland Young Adult Ministry
Great group from St. Paul Cathedral, including Oakland Young Adult Ministry

Lisa, the 5pm- 7 pm shift manager poses with Diane, Father Mark and Marian (blog writer).

20151013_154001_resized (1)During the 5 pm to 7 pm shift, many people are using the buses along Liberty Avenue so they see the presence of the sidewalk witnesses.  Also, it is the time when the PP workers exit the building. We witness for all with the intent to change the hearts and minds of abortion minded women and the general public.  Good people walk by PP everyday.

20151013_154001_resized (1)

In “Juno” and “Blue Valentine” the women choose life… that is our goal for the women who visit PP.    Click link: Review of pro-life movies.  Please watch the video clip from “Children of Men“. Again, this is an R movie and not for children to view.


“Your baby could be the miracle the whole world has been waiting for.”  from Children of Men…  Each child is a miracle….

The angel Gabriel said that to Mary… and She said Yes!!  Babies are miracles.  My oldest “baby” got married this past weekend!

Click the Calendar for vigil signups

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3 thoughts on “Day 21: October 13- St. Robert Bellarmine, East McKeesport; St. Joseph Catholic Church, Cabot; St. Paul Cathedral Oakland

  • October 14, 2015 at 9:00 am

    The Children of Men looks interesting.

  • October 14, 2015 at 9:52 am

    Thank you to all you beautiful, patient people/shift managers who stand for life everyday at PP. May God continue to shower you with his protection, love, grace, wisdom and patience to do what some of us can’t do everyday.

  • October 15, 2015 at 8:03 am

    Such a great posting! It’s good to be reminded of the messages (good and bad) that are sent via television and film. It’s become too easy for us to ignore what is sometimes right in front of us!


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