Day 20: Christian Assembly of God, Bentleyville and Word of God/Madonna del Castello – Swissvale/Braddock

“The only thing necessary for evil to win is for good people to do nothing”

Are you a Good person….Good soil?

We have all heard this quote before. Did you ever wonder if you are a good person? Well if you are reading this chances are, you are. Or how about the parable about the sower and the seed falling on rocky soil, or among thorns and weeds and being choked out or on fertile soil and producing an abundant harvest. Did you ever wonder what kind of soil you are? I’m right at the crossroad. Sometimes the things of the world distract me a little too much. The weeds get into my life. Sometimes the evil one comes down and snatches the seed from me. But sometimes I get the message, put aside what I want and the comforts around me and I do HIS will. I stand up for the unborn. Could I do more?  Could I do a little more weed-whacking in my life? Yes. Of course. And so can you. Listen with the ears of your heart. We are only half way though the 40 DFL campaign. We are having a big impact on the hearts and minds of those passing by, those who work at the clinic and most importantly those clients going into the clinic. We can’t often see the impact we are having but rest assured we are having an impact. We are sowing the seeds. God will miraculously nurture them and in HIS time make them grow.

So come or come back to vigil and sow seeds. Come anytime. Sign up or just show up. Stay as long as you want. You’ll have an impact.

Tim B.

There are a only few slots open where we need some people to keep the shift manager company.  This Wednesday from 7-9 am and 1-3 PM.(That means that both Sue and Chris will be alone for their entire shifts!) To sign up go to, and join in one of these hours.

Return to this site a little later to read today’s stories from the vigil.  Or keep scrolling down to read the recent stories from previous days.

Here is from shift manager Bob 7 am:

We were blessed this morning. There are few ways that could ever be described as better for beginning your day than by being greeted with a smiling face surrounded by material for Life! When I arrived at the sidewalk this morning, shortly before 7, everything was already in place and waiting for me. Most glorious of all, however, was the uplifting spirit of joy and promise in the indomitable smile of Diane! She fuels your spirit. I felt I could last all day from her encouragement.

The first shift today was carried by a father-son team. Daniel was invited by his son, Paul, last night to come with him and pray on the sidewalk. They are both pastors, and their pastoral presence was a true blessing as we spoke with and prayed for the many passers-by. I personally felt highly encouraged when a PP employee couldn’t get the door to open for her. She ran to the sidewalk and to the back of the building when I suggested to her that I would help her look for better employment.

We were also joined by Bill, who blessed the building with Holy Water and we prayed with and for those going by. God’s presence was with us this morning. We didn’t observe anyone entering the building other than employees.

Keep Praying!!
With Love and Prayers,


day 20, 3rd shift, madonna and st. joseph


day 20, 3rd shift, sue and her children, st. bernard


Above picture is Sue and her family from St. Bernard’s in Mt. Lebanon.

We are a chorus of faith today!
We are a chorus of faith today!

From Beth 1-3 PM:

What a honor and privilege we had to be with the wonderful group from Madonna del Castillo and Word of God parishes. Deacon Ron brought books for singing and praying and that we did. Rose and I joined Deacon Ron, George M., Mary., John Z., Bill P., Bernie S., Sue R., Marian I., Jeff M., and Lisa H., for an afternoon full of blessings. Once again, we enjoyed perfect weather and even more, we enjoyed talking and receiving a blessing from Fr. R., visiting from Chicago who withstood the good-natured ribbing about the Cubs.
He was here for the Canon Law Convention and was so complimentary that everyone smiled as he prayed over us. And, a 35 year military veteran stopped and blessed us with prayer and encouragement to keep going and be brave. And, as we were praying, Kim Everett, PP’s local leader, walked in the front door. We’re praying for you, Kim and for your crew. God has plans, plans for the good, for all of us.



One thought on “Day 20: Christian Assembly of God, Bentleyville and Word of God/Madonna del Castello – Swissvale/Braddock

  • October 12, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    Yay! I finally went to the vigil before the Holy Spirit had to send Tim to tell me to go to the vigil! Yay! ;0)

    There was a woman who passed by us during our short time there today. She made a comment about my kids then, when she passed again on the other side of the street, she was much more angry and animated. Please pray for her…there is something about children praying that gave her great agitation.

    God bless you all – enjoy this beautiful day!


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