Day 18: St. Joseph (Verona) and St. Sebastian (Ross)


In an August 20, 2015, interview with the Tribune-Review, Kim Everett, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania, Inc., referred to herself as a Christian.  At the time I read this I found it to be far and away the most upsetting part of an upsetting article.  But now, I’ve come to see it as a reason for hope.

You see, I don’t think that Kim was being insincere with the reporter in her declaration. I think she honestly views herself as a disciple of Christ.  And if that’s true, then we can know that there’s something in her that’s genuinely attracted to Christ’s message – and that she likely speaks with him in prayer.  Therefore, I draw hope from this:  that one day Christ, who desires her to live an authentically Christian life more than any of us, will see fit to reveal to her the total incompatible of the murder of children with living as a true disciple.

So if you too see some reason for hope, here’s my “ask”:    Will you devote one minute – a full 60 seconds – to pray for Kim Everett today ?  Pray that God will very soon give her an unmistakable sign that what she is doing gravely offends Him.  And then pray that she, in response to this insight, will have the courage to repent of her sins and willingly receive all of the love and mercy God wants to shower upon her.


Saturday mornings are different.  There is not a lot of street traffic except for the occasional bus that unloads it’s riders nearby, some folks going to a health club, or those out for a run.  On occasion there are conventioneers.  There are those going into the clinic. Then there are the “good guys” and the “others”, the escorts (note I didn’t say bad guys).  We are the good guys.  And we truly shine with the love of God emanating out from us.  Today, bright and early, actually it was still dark, I was joined by the faithful from St Joseph Catholic Church in Verona, lead by Father Ed, who signed up for 7-11 AM.  It was also nice that several people just showed up giving us a strong presence: Pam & Greg, Mary and Steve.

Plus year round sidewalk counselor Meredith was there as usual along with regulars Bill H. & Bill S. The mobile sonogram from Choices Pregnancy Services came as well to offer their free services.

I was blessed to have so many cheerful, faithful prayer warriors around me. “Two or more…” were certainly gathered in HIS name.

Tim, 7-9

Fr Ed and team from St Joseph in Verona
Fr Ed and team from St Joseph in Verona
 Bill from St. Ferdinand's
Bill from St. Ferdinand’s
Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram
Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram
Greg and Pam from St. Teresa's
Greg and Pam from St. Teresa’s
Mary was one of those who just stopped by.
Mary was one of those who just stopped by.


Maggie managed the vigil from 11-1 and wrote:

It was very peaceful today. Had a large group of 40 days people and small group of defund pp. we spoke and prayed together. Lots of pp volunteers in their pink vests most left at noon. Young woman went in for abortion consult. Was approached and spoke with sidewalk counselor before going in. Is conflicted. Went in and came back out again. Was talking to the 2 counsellors again when I left after her appointment. Bill stopped by and was a big boost for me. He always has words of love and support when I see him.





Prayer Warriorettes from St. Sebastian, including off-duty shift manager Sue and Shift Manager Maggie (far right)


image6“Off-duty” shift manager Sue M. was there with her church (St. Sebastian), today and reported that prayer is needed for two women.  One woman, “D” spent a lot of time talking to her, and did not want the abortion.  Sue is hoping and praying that she may have changed her mind.  Also, Sue reported that an ambulance was called to PP today, and witnessed paramedics taking a very young girl out of Planned Parenthood today.  Please pray for her.

Julie managed the vigil from 1-3 and writes:

When I arrived I found out that Sue has talked to a woman who went in for a consult about abortion but professed to be pro-life and confused b/c the baby was conceived in rape.  After praying for this woman for about 20 min or so, and ambulance showed up.   The EMT’s when in with the guerney and came back out with a very young looking woman sitting up in the guerney.  They put a towel over her head (why?  to hide her from us?  to hide her identity?)

A man who was with us took a photo of the ambulance and the EMT  worker said, don’t take pictures, pray for her!  We continued to extend our hands towards the ambulance and pray for the young woman’s physical and spiritual healing.  The ambulance didn’t leave right away, it sat there for about 15 minutes, then left.

I little bit later the woman who Sue had talked to earlier came back out  of PP (accompanied by two other women).  Sue spoke to her briefly and after standing on the sidewalk for a few minutes, left.

At least one couple went into PP while the ambulance was parked outside.  It’s hard not to yell out to them- why do you want to go in there?  DON’T DO IT!

I talked to a teenager and her mother who went in, and came out very quickly, they said they are not there for the reason of abortion, but they did take information from me.   They said they missed their appointment or maybe there was too long of a wait or something, I don’t remember.

The St. Sebatian’s group was faithful in prayer.   My friend Sandy from that parish brought a home-made sign that said “1 adopted son…..   3 beautiful grandchildren”

It was a prayerful and intense afternoon.  I didn’t not experience any harassment, nor have I ever met “Robert”

Peace, Julie

 Kathy, shift manager from 3-5 wrote:

My heart is full of praise to God who provides what we need when we need it:
Prayer warriors when others leave; 
Sue and Julie to give support to a brave first timer, Joanne; 
A well stocked , organized info container to easily access when needed;
Leanne to give out info on her second time volunteering; 
John to provide a male presence on busy sidewalk. 
Praise the Lord!
Joe was the manager at the vigil from 5-7 and wrote:

Beautiful friends, beautiful prayer, beautiful day in the midst of such evil. Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.,………

John from St. Killians
John from St. Killians
Michelle and Leanne



Pat M.


One thought on “Day 18: St. Joseph (Verona) and St. Sebastian (Ross)

  • October 11, 2015 at 12:24 am

    I am interested to find out more about the ambulance
    patient that left PP on Sat. 10/10/15
    These types of things are posted on the OPERATION RESCUE website.
    Has anyone for 40 days ever been ‘stationed’ at the rear alley exit
    of PGH. PP to film such an event?


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