Day 14: October 6- First Evangelical Free Church, McKeesport & St. Catherine of Siena

         Life is like a box of chocolates….

Chocolate knows no boundaries; speaks all languages; comes in all sizes; is woven through many cultures and disciplines … it impacts mood, health, and economics, and it is a part of our lives from early childhood through the elderly years.”

HERMAN A. BERLINER, forward, Chocolate: Food of the God

Her mom packed two pieces of chocolate…..

 Chocolate in the time of Holocaust


Bergen-Belsen was a camp the Nazi authorities established as  women’s camp in 1944. 

Even under the most horrendous circumstances, women wanted life for their unborn babies.

These are the voices who will help set the babies and their parents free from abortion.


Sally reports for the shifts which she and Al cover:  7am to 11am:

We had beautiful weather, and many people from the First Evangelical Free Church.  They came by car in three different groups as they do for each 40 Days. Their minister told me that this morning’s group was larger than usual as he encouraged his congregation to attend.

A few semi-regulars, Walt, Pete & Bill also spent quite a bit of time at PP this morning.  A man named David S., from Indiana, showed up early in the morning. He spent some time praying with the group.  David is currently working in Pittsburgh.  He was wearing his 40DaysforLife t-shirt and helped Diane with the set up.

A young man, standing in the part of the circle that goes into the street tried to equate what PP does with people helping someone in need.  “If someone was having a problem right here on the street, would you help them? If so, how is that different from a woman having a problem pregnancy, because the condom broke, and PP helping her with her problem?”   The young man was really not interested in a real answer.

Abortion “wise”-  it was a strange morning. B. & another woman went in at 9 a.m. and 3 or 4 couples had gone in before her. However, between 9 & 11 only a few single girls went in, and some of them looked like workers.  Two single girls & a couple, who all had gone in
before B., came out before 10 a.m.  Many people go into PP for birth control.

When I left, the group from St. Catherine in Beechview had begun to arrive, overlapping with the FEF Church which was still there.
Altogether, a very good morning.

Pastor Kirk and a prayer volunteer from FEFC
Pastor Kirk and a prayer volunteer from FEFC
Shift manager Al along with prayer warriors from FEFC
Shift manager Al along with prayer warriors from FEFC



Cil  reports for the 11:00 am to  1:00 pm shift:

Members of St. Catherine’s distributed flyers.  A couple returned for a second  visit to witness on sidewwalk!!

Traffic in and out of PP.  Some came for birth control.  Some left after an abortion.  Some going in for one.  Some are workers.  You can usually tell…
We got flyers into the hands of many there including some leaving PP.  I just received some updated Rachel’s Vineyard flyers.  We were able to hand out some of those.
I remember one encounter with a young girl passing by who accepted material from me.  She has a sister who just turned 18 and is pregnant and is keeping the child.  But her Dad is not too supportive and so she is looking to move out of the house.  She has a job but may need assistance.  I told her that Catholic Charities may be able to direct her.  And perhaps her Dad will warm up to the baby when he sees that she can get help.
A mom pulled up with two young girls in the car who had two little babies.  The girls went in together.  The mom said that her daughter took her sister in for BC so that she wouldn’t get pregnant.  I tried to give her the BC flyer but she didn’t want to take it.  I mentioned about the health issues with BC and that they won’t prevent them from getting an STD and I suggested that chastity would be the best for the girls.  She seemed to agree but….
So thankful for the beautiful weather!  It seemed to bring out more pleasant people on the sidewalks today.
MaryAnn and I talked about what Pat said about remaining quiet when others say nasty things to us.  I struggled to do that today.  I try to “correct” them.  But I took it as a sign from God that that is what I should be doing.  On the way home, I was listening to WAOB and they spoke specifically about that…about being “silent”, just as the Lord was, and how powerful silence can be.  So, Yes Lord, I’m listening…just need to obey…
God bless all who could make it today and for all who pray for us and an end to abortion!

For Life,


Dean reports on the 1pm to 3pm shift:

Before my afternoon shift I had an opportunity to stand with my church (First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport). During the first hour a young man with a skateboard tried to draw whomever he could into a pro-abortion argument. When he couldn’t find any takers, he moved on. Later in the afternoon, I was able to hand out some of the Rachael’s Vineyard tracts to women as they left PP.  



Sheila reports on the 3pm to 5pm shift:

It was a wonderfully dry and sunny shift this week!

There was a lot of traffic on the sidewalk.  Many young women accepted the resource sheet. There was a very vocal woman passing by, as she did last week, yelling while I was offering the resource sheet, “You ladies don’t have to take that, ““I’ll tell you where to put that stuff,” and “I eat babies for breakfast!”

The black gentleman who harps on us about displaying the black baby pics rather than “European” baby pics gave me a piece of his mind!

Then this beautiful young black man took a good look at my sign, looked over at Planned Parenthood, raised his arm toward it and prayed aloud, “no more children killed in this place.” Then he looked at me and said, “It’s been done.”  He shook my hand and walked away. It gave me chills!

Robert was by to take pictures.  Even people in the bus line reminded him of the courtesy which should be involved when taking someone’s picture.  We hope that the many pictures he takes will tell an accurate story.



Leanne, Betty, Donna and Lisa

Lisa reports on the 5pm to 7pm shift:

It was a beautiful, warm evening tonight.  No group or church had signed up to join me for the 5 – 7 pm shift – but I was not alone.  Fellow members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas joined me.  My beautiful mother, Betty and Donna from my Court, Court Westinghouse from Turtle Creek and Johanna a member of Ct. Allegheny from the North Side.

day 14, 5th shift day 14, 6th shift

Also joining us was a beautiful family, members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the North Hills.  It is nice for people to know, like this family, it may be hard to commit to a time slot, but know that you can just show up and join in the witnessing for Life!  Thank you Charles and Phoebe for sharing your beautiful family, 18 month old Miriam and 2 month old baby Micaiah.

day 14, 6th shift, young family
The doors of Planned Parenthood were busy this evening.  Many executive types leaving.  They appeared to have had a board meeting tonight.  Without a doubt, they felt our prayers for them as they left this evening.  Praying to change their hearts to embrace life!



We are about babies and their parents: click here for beautiful reminders!!




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  • October 6, 2015 at 11:05 pm

    I TRULY appreciated the Video of the Lady from the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.
    That was the same place where Anne Frank died. I also remember a quote from her diary:
    “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are good at heart.”


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