Day 12…St. Monica (Beaver), St. Mary (Herman), Living Hope Church (Whitney, PA) & Holy Child (Bridgeville)

Today (Sunday) began with a small but faithful group who came all the way from St. Monica in Beaver.  Jen was our shift manager from 7-9am.    She wrote:

A big thanks to Mary and Dan from St. Monica, Mary Elizabeth from St. Maria Goretti, and Vince from St. Sebastian for praying and witnessing early on this Sunday morning.  We were blessed to have two passersby join us briefly, as well.  One was a sweet woman who, despite having difficulty in getting around, made it a point to stand and pray for awhile before going on her way.  Another was a dear man who blessed the building and all of us with holy water before he had to go.  Mary Elizabeth explained that he has come to the vigil a number of times and shared his inspiring story.  Conceived in rape, his courageous mother chose life for him and allowed him to be adopted into a wonderful, loving family.  

Individuals also came from St. Maria Goretti in Bloomfield and St. Sebastian in the north hills.  This was the lovely group that met me (Nikki), when I arrived for my 9-11 shift:

It was a treat for me to have my dear husband, Joe accompany me this morning.  Joe loves to meet and talk to new people, so he busied himself handing out flyers to passersby:

After our faithful friends from St. Monica, St. Sebastian and St. Maria Goretti left, Joe and I were joined by LaToya and Bryan…who made the trip all the way from Johnstown!

LaToya has a powerful testimony, which she shared at one of our 40 Days for Life kick-off events a few years ago.  It was a blessing to stand and pray with her and Bryan.  Pat also joined us (I forgot to take a picture of her…but thanks Pat!)  We prayed and sang while we stood witness this morning.  It was a very peaceful morning.
One rather unusual thing happened…something you don’t see every day.  At one point, there were a group of folks headed towards us with signs.  I thought they were going to be joining us.  But as they passed by, I saw that their signs said, “Save the elephants“!  No, I am not making this up.  They had a march with about 20 people.  They were very nice, and we got a thumbs-up from at least one person in their group.  I am in agreement with them.  I don’t want to see elephants killed either.  But I don’t think we are facing God’s judgment for the killing of His elephants.  I do think we are facing His judgment for the killing of His children in the womb!  Ahh…just when you thought you had seen it all…

At 10:40, my replacement shift managers Rosanne and Rich arrived (11-1 shift), and were kind enough to let Joe and I go early to get to mass on time. As we were leaving, a man walking by with his dog stopped to tell us that we were making a mistake to “protest” Planned Parenthood because, according to him, “Only 3% of their services are abortion.”  He thought we should be contacting our politicians if we want things to change.  When we explained that we are not “protesting”, but PRAYING…and that we are petitioning GOD to end abortion, he said that he is an atheist.  Although he said he is pro-life.  Let’s pray that some seeds were planted through our conversation.

Our shift managers for Sunday’s 11-1 shift were Roseann and Rich.  They wrote:

Peaceful shift.  We had a couple getting into one of the cars parked on the street and the man turned to us and said “Thank you for having the courage to stand there.”  We thanked him.  Margie and Larry from Assumption came to pray and witness with us. Margie gave us a few rosary pamphlets that her prolife group at church had printed.  Bill H. stopped by.  All in all a good day.

Thanks to Jeff for filling in as shift manager from 1-3, and to Living Hope Church in Whitney PA for coming all the way to Pittsburgh to pray and witness!  If we receive any stories or photos, they will be added here.

Jim and Cathy managed the vigil from 3-5  and their sidekick, Trish, sent in these photos of the faithful members  from Holy Child parish in Bridgeville, and other prayer volunteers:

That’s it for the updates for today!
The hours that need prayer witnesses this week are as follows:
Tuesday:  2pm, 3pm, 5pm and 6pm Wednesday: 5pm and 6pm Thursday 7am and 4pm Friday: 3pm and 6pm
The website that includes our online vigil calendar is still up and running.  You can sign yourself up to pray at the vigil at
Thanks for joining me in this wonderful movement of God…this 40 Days for Life!
Your sister in Christ,

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