DAY 11: Holy Family (Steubenville), City Reformed Presbyterian Church (PGH), St. Anne (Castle Shannon), Good Samaritan & St. John (Baden)



Those passing by reviled him, shaking their heads.  Mt 27:39

Sound familiar?  It would seem that with the increased public attention given to Planned Parenthood, there’s been a commensurate increase in the various types of persecution we’ve received from those who pass by our vigil.  While we can’t control what others do, we do have control over our own response.  But what is the best way to respond? 

 I’m going to make the case here that when each of us go out to the sidewalk, our default response should be SILENCE.  What do I mean by this?  Well, when someone rolls their eyes at us, shouts “WOMEN HAVE A CHOICE!,” gives us the finger, or calls us “morons,” as they walk by, keeping silent and letting them continue on their way is simply the best and most logical response. 

Why silence?  Look at Christ.  What did he do?  Over and over again this was how he chose to respond to the persecution he received:  before Pilate, before Herod, and before the Roman soldiers who mocked him with a crown of thorns.  In each instance he remained either completely or almost completely silent.  And here’s something more to consider – the effect silence has on the persecutor. 

Then Pilate said to him, “Do you not hear how many things they are testifying against you?”  But he did not answer him one word, so that the governor was greatly amazed. Mt 27:13-14

Think now about how effective Gandhi’s non-violent resistance was in India.  He instructed his followers not to strike back at the physical blows they received.  This, in turn, made it very difficult for those administering the blows to continue to do so.  I believe that the same principal applies when we’re subjected to hostile gestures and verbal “blows.”  We should do all that we can to resist the urge to strike back in any way. 

Does this mean we should never make any kind of verbal response?  No.  Some people who disagree with us clearly want to do more than just a “drive-by.”  They want to engage in some sort of conversation or argument with us about abortion.  Fine.  We should, with all of the love and patience we can muster, enter the discussion.  But even here we need to remember to monitor ourselves to make sure that we’re not doing more harm than good.  And if we find that we are, we need to pray for the strength to walk away from it. 

Maybe St. Francis of Assisi’s advice to his brothers is the best way to sum this up:  Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.


The wet, dark weather did not dampen the spirits of the faithful from Holy Family (who arrived well before 7 AM) nor the Guardians for Life, lead by Father Tim, early Saturday morning.  Our presence was strong with over a dozen prayer warriors, our Guardian Angels and the Choices Pregnancy Center mobile sonogram. Year-round regulars Virginia, Bill S and Bill H were present in prayer as usual. Both general street traffic and those entering the clinic were sparse due to the weather and hopefully our presence and prayers.  The police were kind and allowed cars parked on Liberty Ave to be moved for the upcoming parade (no parking signs were posted).  It was inspiring to be among so many committed and enthusiastic prayer warriors.
Tim B. 7-9 AM
The 7 AM team from Holy Family
The 7 AM team from Holy Family
Fr. Tim and the Guardians for Life
Fr. Tim and the Guardians for Life
Paul with Holy Family and Choices Pregnancy Center Mobile Sonogram
Paul with Holy Family and Choices Pregnancy Center Mobile Sonogram
Year round Prayer Warriors Bill S. and Bill H.
Year round Prayer Warriors Bill S. and Bill H.

It was a dreary day today, but not so much because of the weather as there were about 8-10 women who went in for abortions in just a one hour period. Four or five had their cowardly boyfriends with them too. I’m sure many went in during the earliest shift also. But then we looked over and saw in our midst a lovely young pregnant lady named Meg standing with us prayer warriors. It was a pleasure and a privilege to see her there. Innocent young human life in the womb is precious. Abortionists, and sadly the moms, are guilty of attacking God’s image and likeness in it’s most innocent form.

May our Savior bless and protect all of us in this struggle.
Rev. John, 9-11

Meg and Paul
Meg and Paul

Minda and Brenda greeted me at 3 and immediately started praying along with Susan in her wheelchair and a lovely Italian woman.
Andre , young African American, stopped and thanked us for praying. He asked us if we knew that abortion was number one killer of Black Americans? We replied yes and asked him to help us spread the word. He gratefully accepted 40 days pamphlets and pink pregnancy resource center brochure. He understood that help was available. Susan reached out her hand from wheelchair and invited him to pray with us.

Bill from a PCA church in Valencia came and prayed. Then took several 40 Days pamphlets to ignite his church to pray. He is going to go before his council. A woman with 3 boys walked by us and yelled “I would never kill my baby.”  She accepted pink PRC brochure to help other people. Eileen joined us and was burdened to pray from opposite side of Liberty Ave,looking up at windows.

God is sooo good.

Kathy, 3-5



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  • October 3, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Keep up the good work everyone. GOD BLESS YOU!


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