Day 9: Thank you St. Mary’s in Glenshaw, St. Alexis in Wexford, and Fourth Presbyterian Church! You are all a blessing!


Today, October 1, many of our Catholic brothers and sisters celebrate the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux.  One of the things she is known for is her “Little Way.”  To read a general explanation of the Little Way of St. Therese, see the following link:

One of my favorite photographs of St. Therese.
One of my favorite photographs of St. Therese.


But one of the things that I learned about the Little Way was this, that I heard on a podcast this morning.  I felt that these words were highly appropriate for what we do at 40 Days for Life:

from The Theology of Littleness: a reflection by

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

The Theology of Littleness is a basic category of Christianity.  After all, the tenor of our faith is that God’s distinctive greatness is revealed precisely in powerlessness….  So in order to show who He is, God consciously revealed Himself in the powerlessness of Nazareth and Golgotha.

Thus, it is not the one who can destroy the most who is the most powerful.  In the world, of course, destructive capacity is still the real proof of power; but on the contrary, the least power of love is already greater than the greatest power of destruction.


So… in those moments when we might feel like a tiny little “David” with not much to do in the face of a powerful Goliath like Planned Parenthood (as Nikki so eloquently analogized in an earlier email)… we must KNOW and BE ASSURED that our smallest measures of love we can offer to passersby are the very “stones” we need to utilize.  Planned Parenthood will not be destroyed by violence.  After all, it is a factory of violence itself.  Instead, perhaps it is one of those “demons” that can only be driven out by PRAYER and FASTING (cf. Mt. 17:21).  And what are prayer and fasting, but little acts of love?

st therese #2



Shift Manager Reports:

Today was my first shift of this campaign and I was immediately joyful to not be in layers and layers of clothes. It was chilly…but chilly I can do!  The street at 7AM is so peaceful you can lose sight of the reason we are there.  One of the deceptions of the devil. Traffic was lighter than I remember and relatively friendly, except for the usual head shakes and a few situations…one person approached Dick and said, “The Bible lists ten ways to kill babies,” and kept walking.  A second person hit the bottom of the attendance sheet holder while Rose was signing in…not a child, but a grown man, nicely dressed. I was joined by calm, prayerful people who kept the Mission in the forefront… Dick, Michelle, Sue, Miriam, Bill, and Rose and Joan who were early for the next shift.  No churches but lots of Warriors.


Michelle, Sue and Dick in the early morning!  Thank you for your dedication.
Michelle, Sue and Dick in the early morning! Thank you for your dedication.


A young lady stopped by and looked at the fetal models, and she told us that her mother had forced her to have an abortion when she was a teenager.  She said that she would like some information.  I gave her some Rachel’s Vineyard brochures and 40 Days for Life brochures.  She said she was going to come by tomorrow and pray with the group that is there; let’s pray that she does.



Thank you to the prayers who came from St. Alexis today!  I was also blessed to have a mom, Phoebe, with her new baby and toddler.  It is such a witness to have a baby at the vigil.  Thank you for bringing your beautiful children!   


Pictured L-R:  Julia, Kate, Beth Ann (a regular), and Alice from St. Alexis.  Beautiful, Godly women!
Pictured L-R: Julia, Kate, Beth Ann (a regular), and Alice from St. Alexis. Beautiful, Godly women!


My shift was interesting- which isn’t always the case on a Thursday afternoon.  (Not sure if that’s good or not!)

Sadly, we had some folks who were a bit antagonistic.  The usual comments and facial expressions, but also some spitting today- three times- one time where the spit landed on a dear woman’s shoe who was praying with us.  She, however, was unfazed.  What awesome people we are honored to stand and pray with!

On the positive side, we had two people who were VERY excited to see the fetal models.  I gave little 10-12 week models to them to keep.  They were fascinated.  One of them, a man, said that many of his family members were in the medical field, and he was going to show the model to them.  He was even getting choked up just looking at the display.  It touched my heart.

I am particularly thankful to Thomas, a young college student who joined me at 2 to pray.  He was a blessing, and had such a peaceful and prayerful presence.  Thank you, Thomas!

Finally, I met Robert, the photographer, who I had not realized was our official “interesting person” this campaign- as I told him.  🙂  Apparently, he enjoys taking candid photographs without permission.  He has been following our campaign each day and reads our blog. (Hi, Robert.)  Although I do not desire MY photo to be taken, I do understand where he’s coming from as an artist.  But the point is, we needn’t be afraid to introduce ourselves to him.  He is not interested in threatening or arguing with us.  He is willing to engage in discussion if we want to.

All in all, an interesting shift.



3 to 5 shift was busy and sunny today.  I was blessed to have two lovely ladies helping out, and they came in handy as we had an assortment of folks with different angles on the abortion issue.  Our friend who is concerned about us having African-American babies on the signs was again there, and we had a pleasant conversation with him.  In all, I was so grateful to have my sisters in Christ.



Thank you, Beverly and Marianne!
Thank you, Beverly and Marianne!

Everything went well at the 5-7 PM shift Thursday (10/1/15).  Liberty Avenue was busy because of the Steeler game.  I would like to especially thank Kraig from SS. John & Paul Church and Bill for their faithful witness and prayers on behalf of the unborn and mothers in need.  Thanks, Kraig, for praying and witnessing for 2 hours.  I would also like to thank Jeannie for her faithful witness and enthusiasm when I was beginning my shift.  God continues to bless 40 Days for Life and its participants.  May the love and grace of God bless all those in need who feel they have lost hope.  God Bless!

And… some Umbert the Unborn… just for fun:

umbert ben and jerry

One thought on “Day 9: Thank you St. Mary’s in Glenshaw, St. Alexis in Wexford, and Fourth Presbyterian Church! You are all a blessing!

  • October 1, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    For those of you who endured the “comments”, disapproving looks, head shakes, spitting and other physical attacks, “Rejoice and be glad, for great is your reward in Heaven. For in the same way they persecuted the prophets who came before you.” Matthew 5:12. Continue to be “the light of the world”! Evil cannot stand the light, so don’t take it personally:
    John 3:19 “This is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light; for their works were evil.
    20 For everyone who does evil hates the light, and doesn’t come to the light, lest his works would be exposed.


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