Day 7: September 29- St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Bethel Park

                         Put Me in Coach!


Enjoy the music as you read the reports from our shift managers. While you are waiting for updates think about signing up for an hour of prayer at centerfield, at PP in downtown Pittsburgh.  Click for the Calendar or watch the video below with coaching tips for those who are pregnant.  Those who are parents will agree with the video!

Praying! Witnessing! Supporting! Cheering! Helping! Educating! Fasting! Showing up!

Whoa baby, the rain did fall but these angels came to centerfield today.  No rainouts for this team!  Jeannie and Walt stayed the entire day!!

FullSizeRender (2)
John, Beth and Bill. Faithful witnesses!
FullSizeRender (1)
Bob, on the left, is one reason why I am a “street witness and advocate”.
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Smile, though your hearts are breaking for the young babies aborted each day.
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Cecilia and friends- Life matters to these players…torrential rain did not keep people away.
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The sign says it all- “We love the mothers and their babies.” Love means sacrificing for the ones you love.


Prayer and contemplation.
Dean, in the center, and friends.
Sheila and a Pirates fan! Always prepared for the game.
We are all under the same umbrella for life.

9-29-15 11-1 shift reported by Cecil:

I figured, with all the rain, there would not be many people walking the streets.  Therefore, I thought that I would be able to focus most of my shift on quiet prayer/rosary….  The Lord had other plans for my Tuesday….

When I arrived with my loyal friends, Joyce and Patti, Jeannie informed us that there was a PP rally in Market Square around noon.  That would explain some of the pro-PP comments we received…more than in the past.  It was a more “hostile” day for us.  With it being the feast day of the archangels, I was thankful to have St. Michael on our side to help fight the spiritual battles we faced.  I hope that it kept attendance low at the PP rally.

While my friends and many others kept up the prayers and prayed the rosary over and over again, I found myself interacting with several who passed by.  It was great to have the prayer support!  One young girl came out of PP to have a smoke.  I asked if she was there with a friend and if the friend was there for an abortion.  She nodded yes.  When I found out that she had not had the abortion yet, I shared with her friend the help resources that we have and explained why abortion was not the only solution to her friend’s “one-night-stand” situation.  She seemed to agree.  I told her it was not too late to get her friend out of there and get her real help and told her she was a good friend to try to do what is best for her.  She quickly put out her cigarette and went inside.  Unfortunately, I did not see her come back out with her friend.  🙁

Another girl came out, and when I asked, she said it was too late.  Therefore, I gave her the resource sheet in case she needs help afterwards.  I asked and she said we could pray for “A” and her baby.

I was able to converse with one young man who passed by and another who just transferred to Point Park.  Both seemed shocked about PP being there and it being an abortion day.  I encouraged them to rally their friends, church groups… we would love to see more “young blood” at the vigil.  What an impact these men and women would have!  The one man was so thankful he gave me a hug.  God is good!
It was such a blessing for Jeannie to be there ALL DAY on Tuesday!  It was nice that I did not have to rush to be there by 11.  In addition, she was so good at interacting with a woman who came out of PP that wanted to argue with us about how they do good things and it is not a baby in the womb, it is a fetus.  However, she could not answer Jeannie’s question of when the fetus becomes a baby.  I think she walked away thinking.  There seemed to be another similar discussion with a “business suit” man who, at first seemed hostile, but then seemed to calm some and listen.

Along with Jeannie, we were SO BLESSED to have two Sidewalk Advocates there…Vikki and then Regina showed up!  They witnessed to many on the other side of the walk.

We had some regulars there, including Sue R., and prayer warriors from several churches.  It was a great blessing to be back with my 40 Days family, to see Dean when he arrived, to put faces to names that have floated around, and to know that God and his hosts of angels are with us as we fight this battle For Life… Cil Love

For those young women and men contemplating parenthood:  The future is in utero now!

“Be prepared to love someone more than you thought you ever could”  Some coaching tips! (Watch until the end!)

Parenting Advice


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