Day 6: Our Lady of Victory, St Colman and Waynesburg Bible Chapel

20150928_080341“In the face of cowardliness, laziness or excuses, we have to keep in mind that many people depend on our word and example if they are to receive the grace to follow Christ more closely.”   Fr. F. Fernandez

R U guilty of laziness and love of Comfort? I am. Sometimes I just don’t want to make the effort. Or I just want to stay, nestled in my bed or on the couch with something good to read, a snack and a hot or cold drink. And I can come up with a zillion reasons why not to make the effort.

But I also want to be happy. I want to feel peace and joy. Not the superficial indulgent sense of being physically satisfied but the deep in my heart and soul sense of peace and joy.

Surprisingly I have discovered that it is not that hard to find this state of mind and soul. All is takes is a little sacrifice and effort.

Take baby steps at first in the sacrifice and effort category then slightly bigger and bigger steps if you want more. And guess what happens? You feel it. Peace and joy. It’s not magic; it’s a gift from God.

Here’s one way to find it fast. Come back to the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside Planned Parenthood during the fall campaign that just got underway. Sign up with your church, sign up individually or just show up. But come back. If you are already signed up consider just one more visit.

ALSO: tomorrow the Congress will hear from Cecile Richards as she asks for PP to continue to be funded by our tax dollars. Please pray and fast as YOU are able.

Thank you!Don’t be lazy.  Don’t make excuses. Come back. Come again. Fast. Make the effort. Sacrifice.

I wish you Peace and joy.

Tim B.

Sue was our first shift manager of the day, from 7-9am.  She reports:

Fr. Rodolph Wakim, Our Lady of Victory in Carnegie is a loyal and dedicated participant of 40 Days for Life!

Here is a picture of Fr Rudolph from Our Lady of Victory. Diane had everything set up when I arrived for my shift. Pat, another shift manager stopped by a couple of minutes later and than Fr Rudolph came and we finished the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. Fr Rudolph brought with him this sign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the other side has a picture of The Sacred Heart of Mary. One of his parishioners made it for him. It was quiet and rainy for our shift. A woman stopped by to look at the 16week fetal model, she had a saline abortion when she was a teenager at 19 weeks. She was astounded at the size and perfectly formed baby. We offered her Rachel’s Vineyard, but she refused, saying she was OK. I left when the next shift manager arrived but Fr Rudolph stayed since he had volunteered for a 4 hour shift.


Thanks, Have a good day, Susan D

St. Colman in Turtle Creek sent a group to witness for the 9-11am shift.  Here is a photo, taken by shift manager Mark:

day 6, st. colman

Beth S. managed the vigil from 1-3pm and wrote:

Even though there wasn’t a church or organization signed in for our time, my sister, Rose and I had wonderful , generous people with us praying, covering the entire time we were there. And afterwards, a sweetheart drove by just to make sure there were enough people. Dave R, Dave S, Fran, Libby and Patty S. helped us pray and keep vigil while the people from the cat circus next door in the Bricolage Theater loaded up their felines to head to the next town. We definitely were not the main attraction today. And please remind us of today’s weather next February when it will be hard to remember this September afternoon of warm breezes and sunshine. Thank you God.

Rosalina managed the vigil from 3-5 and was grateful for the dedicated individuals that answered the call to fill the empty hours!

Shift Manager Rosalina didn't have to stand alone today!
Shift Manager Rosalina didn’t have to stand alone today!


These dedicated prayer warriors answered the call today!
These dedicated prayer warriors answered the call today!

Seamus reported that it was an uneventful final two hours and took this picture of the dedicated individuals that stood with him during his shift, including members from Waynesburg Bible Chapel:

First time witnesses from Waynesburg Bible Chapel brighten the sidewalk!
First time witnesses from Waynesburg Bible Chapel brighten the sidewalk!
Sheila, Marian, Sondra and Dave from 5-7.
Sheila, Marian, Sondra and Dave from 5-7.

4 thoughts on “Day 6: Our Lady of Victory, St Colman and Waynesburg Bible Chapel

  • September 28, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Great message Tim, and so true!

  • September 29, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    Hi Nikki et al,
    They have put me in charge of the 40daysforlife Woodbridge, NJ vigil site again since I returned to NJ again earlier this year.
    Thanx for all the great news from Pgh.
    Many blessings on all of you.
    Padre Van

  • September 29, 2015 at 11:43 pm

    Hi Seamus,
    Can you post the picture of the Waynesburg Bible Chapel people who took over from 6 to 7pm. It is not important to me personally as I have been doing 40 Days for the past three years. But the people from the Bible Chapel were there for the first time and I’m sure they would like to see there faces on the web page and it is great publicity if they forward it to there friends. I would feel bad if their picture wasn’t posted.
    Kim stoll

  • September 29, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    I forgot to say that the group you have posted as Waynesburg Bible Chapel is not the correct group. That group was there when we got there and they left at 6pm.
    Thanks for being our shift manager. you did a great job.
    Kim Stoll


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