Day 5: St. Maria Goretti, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Joan of Arc, and St. Therese Catholic Churches

The “Blood Moon” and the Blood of the Slaughtered

Tonight’s the night.  (And ….. it’s cloudy.)  We’ve all been hearing about tonight’s “blood moon” and the prophecies associated with it.  Whatever ends up happening or not happening in association with this phenomenon aside, in my mind when I hear the term “blood (anything)” I immediately think of the blood of the slaughtered unborn.  I had a lot more to say regarding this, and there are so many good analogies, but I admit I’m not feeling so well this evening so I’ll shorten it.   It all ends up that we are so privileged to be able to gather at our vigil to beg the Lord for the reduction and eventual cessation of this horrendous, bloody holocaust that is such a scourge on our nation.   We thank You, Lord, for this privilege and opportunity, and we implore You to heal our land!

Jen M. covered the 7-9a shift, and she writes:

The first Sunday of our campaign arrived with pleasant weather and plenty of people to whom we could witness, as bus after bus full of runners shuttled from the registration point to the starting line of the Great Race.  I (Jen) was blessed to join Mary Elizabeth and Dan from St. Maria Goretti Parish.  We prayed the Bishop’ Rosary for Life, which has a Scripture passage for each mystery and a life-affirming intention for each Hail Mary.  Look for it on the large laminated cards inside the big black “treasure chest” at the vigil or find it here:  Mary Elizabeth and Dan were joined by Sandy as Mary Ellen and Johnny arrived to manage the second shift.  Thank you all for a beautiful morning at the vigil!

Johnny and Mary Ellen covered the 9-11a shift and provided this photo of them and Sandy:

Johnny & Mary Ellen and Helen C


Rich and Roseann covered the 11a-1p shift and reported that it was very peaceful and prayerful.  They sent this photo of Beth S. and Carol D.:

Beth and xxx


Trish covered 3-5p and took these photos:

Nina, Robbie, and Mary
Ian, Mary, Erin, Levi, and Avery


Jeff, who covered the 5-7p shift, writes:

Today was the first shift of my seventh vigil, and I was a little out of sorts at the beginning.  Bricolage was having a show and I was immediately immersed in the sideways glances and expressions of disgust at my vigil.  Apparently not everyone was watching the Pope this weekend.  I relieved Cathy, Jim and Trish, and two ladies from St Joan of Arc from the South Hills. Marion, another shift manager, stood with me from 6-7.  Diane stopped at 6:45 to pick up the vigil materials, and Kathy L. stopped at 7 to say a prayer on her way home.  So begins another vigil.  So begins our witness to the babies.  So continues the decrease in me so that He may increase.  I have a long way to go, but I am blessed with great companions for the journey.

This week, we are in need of prayer warriors for the following dates and times:

MONDAY 9/28:  3-4 and 4-5
THURSDAY 10/1:  5-6 and 6-7

If you can help for either of these times, please go to log in (or create a username and password if you haven’t already), and sign yourself up!

May God bless you all!

For Life,
Sue M.

One thought on “Day 5: St. Maria Goretti, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Joan of Arc, and St. Therese Catholic Churches

  • September 28, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    I met Dorothy at the bus stop on Sunday. I was heading to Mass and she to the vigil. We had never really spoken before but each of us realized we recognized each other from someplace. Our common ground is in front of the abortion clinic. God is good…All the time. Her presence motivated me to make the effort to witness on Sunday early evening… which allowed me to talk to a person who does not believe in abortion but thinks we are judging. He was open to discussion and took information. Hope!


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