Day 4: Holy Wisdom and St. John XXIII – ALL DAY!



There is no way that any of us could have imagined the things that have happened since we closed the spring campaign on Palm Sunday.  As we open this fall campaign, we’re actually reading stories of about the possibility of the federal government shutting down because a majority of the members of Congress want to completely defund Planned Parenthood.  How in the world did we get here?  Well, listen to what David Daleiden, the man responsible for those undercover videos of Planned Parenthood, had to say only a few weeks ago:

“I had long thought 40 Days for Life is the spiritual engine that has driven a lot of the success of the pro-life movement over the past several years. I think that the role of that constant spiritual presence, and vigil and witness, the role that plays in our movement, in our country, and as a conduit and fountain of grace and goodness for our nation is so critical and so important.

I think he’s right.  In fact, I’d like to take his ‘spiritual engine’ analogy even a step further.  As I see it, the vigil itself is like the engine because, like an engine, the vigil something you can lay your eyes on.  However, this visible engine, like the engine of a car, needs fuel.  But the fuel we put into our cars is something we rarely see.  So what’s the fuel for our vigil?  It’s the PRAYER and FASTING we do quietly on our own and offer up to God.

Now if you’ve bothered to read this far, I’ll take it as a given that you desperately want to see our spiritual engine do its work to move hearts and minds.  Great!  Are you putting in your share of the fuel?  I believe that by God’s grace each of us – for each day of this campaign – should be able to:

1) Set aside a small period of time each day (even if that means just 60 seconds on your knees) to pray specifically for an end to abortion; and

2) Deny ourselves one small thing we desire each day and to offer that sacrifice to God so that hearts and minds will be changed.

This engine has done some amazing things.  Let’s give it some high-grade fuel.




I was blessed on the beautiful and initially dark morning to have the cheerful and enthusiastic team from Holy Wisdom & John XXIII, lead by Barbara, who have signed up to be here all day!  That’s a commitment and a sacrifice.  A team from St Alphonsus joined in prayer along with a single prayer warrior, Cheryl B.

Additionally, the Choices Pregnancy Center Mobile Sonogram with Betsy and Jill on-board, also came down to the vigil site, allowing us to offer an alternative to the abortion bound.  Year around Saturday regulars Meredith, Virginia, David and Bill were standing vigil as usual. My sincere thanks to those who brightened my day and got up early to be here before the sun rose. I know we made a difference today as traffic entering the clinic was very slow and the clinic had extra escorts (with nothing to do).

For HIS glory,

Tim B. (7-9 AM)

Parishioners from Holy wisdom, St. alphonsus, along with regulars Virginia and David
Parishioners from Holy wisdom, St. Alphonsus, along with regulars Virginia and David

compress Barbara pic

Team from St. Alphonsus

Team from St. Alphonsus

 mobile sonogram

mobile sonogram

Holy Wisdom and Saint John XXIII parishes covered our Saturday Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life vigil with prayer. As we arrived to set up at 7am, the streets were breezy and cool.  Soon, the sun began to shine and parishioners crowded and warmed the sidewalk.  Our day continued full and surprising all the way to 7, as the evening remained balmy and the sun began to set.

The little quadrangles surrounding the forbidden half circle in front of PP swelled with hope as we prayed with Tim, Richard, Cherie, Valerie, Alfred, Maggie, Mimi, Jean, Tony, Pat, Sister Jolenta, Nick, Avery, Reverend Jake, Reverend Aaran, Kathy, Lisa, Bob, Marion, Rose, Ken, Margaret, Tim, John, Bob, Marian, Liz and Julie.  The Calvino family came early and returned again to close the evening with prayer until 7 on the dot. 

Our prayers were for life for the babies and for our brothers and sisters who are vulnerable to the lies painting abortion as a solution.   “The sky is falling!” bleat so many news sources.  Sooner or later, we know.  But our hearts are hopeful.

“I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” John 16:33

 Barbara L., Parishioner & Shift Manager











Pat M.






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