Day 3: St. Ferdinand, Cranberry; St. Mary Glenshaw; SS. Peter and Paul; Ascension Holy Name Society

Today was a beautiful day with lovely fall weather.  We thank God for His provision thus far, and we look forward in faith believing that He will continue to bless us with strength, perseverance, and lives saved!  Thank you to our shift managers and those faithful prayer warriors who came to lift up their voices in supplication to the Lord of Life!  Here are the reports from the morning:

Sally writes:

A beautiful morning, and for the most part very quiet. St. Ferdinand
church was at PP from 9 to 11. John from St. Killian brought 4 rather large signs,
professionally produced and framed, showing the milestones of life
from months 2 to 5. The signs were a beautiful witness for life the
entire morning.

We also had quite a few sidewalk advocates passing out literature the
entire morning. Kathy was on the job when I arrived a little after 9
a.m. and was later joined by Pastor Bryan, Peggy, and Madeline. Bill
H. was also with us.

A couple small, noteworthy events: A young African America girl
screamed, “I love abortion”.  Al responded that her words would have
made Margaret Sanger very happy. She shouted an expletive and kept on
walking.  Amazing how those whom Margaret Sanger wished to eliminate
are often her staunch supporters.

A man came by and announced twice in a loud voice that “It’s illegal
to hang signs on trees”, referring to the wonderful sign showing
quotes from women who regret their abortions.  He did not say if
Christmas lights, wrapped around a tree for 10 months, are illegal.


St. Alphonsus church with John's signs
St. Ferdinand church with John’s signs

Kay, from St. Ferdinand made this observation from her time at the vigil:

As the 4 of us were holding the photos showing the various stages of development of the baby in the womb (2 mos., 3 mos., 4 mos., 5 mos.), a group of very small children – looked to be about 2 years old – passed by with 2 adults. The ten or so of the children were huddled together and holding hands as they walked down the sidewalk. Their eyes were wide open as they passed us and looked at the photos. One of the children walked right up to the photo I was holding, pointed to it, and said “BABY!!!”. We just smiled and commented to each other how even a 2-year old knows it’s a baby.


Regina writes from her 11a-1p shift:

As I arrived on the sidewalk today for my first shift of the fall campaign, I was greeted with the loving, warm smiles of two gentle warriors for Christ, Pastor Bryan and Bill Harrison. The presence and love of The Holy Spirit was immediately tangible as Side Walk Advocate, Peggy Evans and I embraced, mutually happy to be sharing a shift again, though both lamenting the continued need for our prayerful presence at the gates of death. Peggy was joined by SWA partner, Madelyn and I by Rose who so generously came out to avoid my being alone on the sidewalk for the second hr. as the schedule implied I would. Well, as it turned out we had the pleasure of much company as we were joined in prayer by Rose’s son Bob, Bill Harrison ( a kind man taking time out from work to join us in prayer),

 and Lisa Fenesy with Lisa Mears, both from St. Bernadette’s Parish in Monroeville. What a grace! Thanks be to God! We are off to a Faith filled start indeed, with all of these prayer warriors for life ready to stand in the gap for Jesus, for woman and men, for life!!

With love and hope,


Regina 5 Regina 4 Regina 3 Regina 2 Regina 1

Pat writes about his 5-7pm shift:

When I arrived and saw the 3-foot plastic cat wearing a top hat and perched on a car roof, this should have tipped me off.  Then, when two police officers pulled-up and said that they had had a complaint about us, this should have erased all doubt.  [Don’t worry, Nikki, we weren’t at fault and everything was eventually cleared-up.]

I was actually looking forward to my 5-7 shift tonight, but Pittsburgh decided that tonight would be a great night for their “Fall Gallery Crawl.”  This meant about 3-4 times the normal number of people on the streets – and many of them with a hostile attitude towards us.  We even had one woman who I’ve seen before put her cell phone less than a foot from our faces as we prayed.  And she continued to do this for nearly 10 minutes.  Another who mocked us wore a T-shirt which said:  “Planned Parenthood:  Saving lives since 1973.”  Could all of this negative attention mean that some people are, all of a sudden, starting to feel a little bit threatened by us? 

But it was so good to be there with David from Weirton, and Ed and his family and former pastor from Ascension Holy Name Society in Jeanette.  We prayed and we endured it.  And God was with us. 

A cat in a hat
A cat in a hat

Pat 2 Pat 3

4 thoughts on “Day 3: St. Ferdinand, Cranberry; St. Mary Glenshaw; SS. Peter and Paul; Ascension Holy Name Society

  • September 25, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    Thank you Pat and all who patiently endured the mocking and hostility from the gallery crawl crowd. You did this out of love for our Lord and for your little neighbors in the womb. Thank you and may God bless you! I am having an amazing time in Philadelphia. It is evident that God is moving in a powerful way. It is so good to be connected to my 40 days family in Pittsburgh through the blog. I just heard and got to speak to David Bereit at an event here in Philly. What an inspiration he is! Praise God!

  • September 26, 2015 at 5:32 am

    I also had a woman hold a cell phone close to my face for a while presumably filming, and she refused to talk and would move the phone around aimed at me, including when I would hold up our literature in front of it. When she was finished she suddenly walked a way telling me back over her shoulder what an awful person I was. I suspect this may have the same person who came later in the day. If she or whomever comes back doing the same, I suggest we take pictures of her and post one so we won’t startled if she returns (I was standing alone and trying to get her to diaglog, and didn’t think to try to get a picture then). I have no idea if she’s a lone ranger or with some anti-life group.

  • September 26, 2015 at 7:28 am

    A further thought on this woman with the phone camera – while she is doing what she does she is blocking off our being able to reach out to people on the street, some of whom may be headed into PP. I suspect that is not her sole purpose, but is a result of her actions. Also we become distracted as we try afterwards to figure out what she was up to. We need to pray against Satan’s use of this ( or these?) women and their disruptive actions and any further nefarious purpose they may have, and pray that our Lord will penetrate the fog in their minds with His Word.

  • September 26, 2015 at 8:22 am

    OK, a final thought. I she/ they show up again, just preach to her camera that we’re here to try to prevent the killing of children and the damage to the mothers. That child sacrifice has been a hallmark of the downfall of civilizations in the past. That not respecting the sanctity of life and making your own decision (be your own god) in deciding who it’s OK to massacre, manifests itself in people like Hitler. You apparently are of that mindset or you wouldn’t be doing what you are, so we will pray that your mind will be opened to truth an turned to loving those who can’t defend themselves, as we do. etc. etc.


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