Day 2: Thank you to the Manordale Knights of Columbus, St. Bernard of Clairvaux parish in Indiana, and Lincoln Place Nazarene church!



Here we are on Day 2.  Many, many things are floating through my mind today as I write.  I had written what I thought was an inspired post (on Monday)- only to discover today that it didn’t make sense.  So much for inspiration. 

But the one thing that keeps coming to my mind is, “How do I convey the evil of abortion?”  I don’t know the answer to that.  But I feel that something about that theme must be conveyed today.



It’s funny.  There was a woman walking past me on the sidewalk today, wearing a shirt which said, “Super Loved.”  I tried to engage her as she walked past the other way, because I wanted to know where she got her shirt… but little did I realize that she was ignoring me.  Why?  She was walking straight into Planned Parenthood.  It made me so sad.  Here was this beautiful young woman, entering a place of death and evil– and wearing that shirt. 

The irony of that moment was not lost on me.  The place she was entering IS a place of evil, death, and darkness… but she also IS Super Loved.  How merciful is our God.  May that woman and all women who seek help and hope in the WRONG PLACE look instead to Our Lord and find the One who is merciful… the One who shows them how truly SUPER LOVED they are.  They are worth far more than Planned Parenthood will ever tell them.


For some reason, I was “inspired” to take this photo while on my shift today:

PP 9-24-15


Later, at home, as I was looking for potential blog photos, unbelievably, I found THIS:

planned infanticide


Abortion is about evil.

Abortion is about death.

Let us pray for God’s mercy.  He WILL give it. 




Reports from the Sidewalk:

Marian’s report:

It was a beautiful morning to stand vigil.  As Diane and I were setting up, a young woman walked up to us in a very cordial manner to talk about how PP does so much good.  She shared some personal information which may have an influence on her misunderstanding and naivety of what PP really does to earn its money.  That is why it is so important for our witness: people are deceived.  The young woman was willing to discuss but would not take any information when it was offered to her.   

Because we have free will, we do have the “right” to make decisions that are not good for anyone. Living with the consequences of those decisions- self imposed or imposed upon us- can make life very difficult.
Many people walk by during the early shift heading to work.  It is a good time to witness for life.
Thanks to all the people who volunteer their time, talent and treasures to make 40 Days for Life truly a wonderful experience.  



Ginny’s report:

These are pictures from Thursday’s 9 to 11 shift of Saint Bernard’s Church in Indiana, PA.  They had their own song sheets, and it was wonderful.  We sang and we prayed.  A beautiful day.


9-24-15 ginny


9-24-15 ginny 2

Marilyn’s report:

So nice to be joined in prayer with the multitude of well-organized prayers from St. Bernard of Clairvaux, all the way from Indiana, PA.  I was very grateful to be accompanied by three  parishioners from St. Richard’s: Cheryl, Jim, and Betsy and my faithful friend from St. Alexis, Beth Ann.

L-R: Cheryl, Beth Ann, Betsy, and Jim.  Thank you all!
L-R: Cheryl, Beth Ann, Betsy, and Jim. Thank you all!

A couple of people stopped to pray on their lunch hour as well.  A mostly peaceful first shift for me. One enthusiastic passerby stopped to tell us about hearing the testimony given by an abortion survivor in front of Congress.  Thank you, God, for the beautiful day and for so many people coming to pray, especially the first-timers. One prayer commented that some people never go out of their comfort zone. I am grateful to all those who did! 9-24-15 marilyn

Lisa K’s (my) report:

My shift went well.  What a beautiful, prayerful group from St. Bernard in Indiana!  It was a joy to pray and sing with them!  It was a mixed bag as far as passersby… some negative, some positive.  But those positive comments ALWAYS outweigh the negative… so to all of you who encourage us as you walk by, THANK YOU… it means a lot.  Dee came to stand with me for the next hour.  Another blessing!!  Thank you, Dee! 

Johnny and Dee at the changing of the hour!  Thank you for praying with us!!
Johnny and Dee at the changing of the hour! Thank you for praying with us!!


Rick’s report:

The 5-7 PM shift on Thursday went well.  Special thanks to Judy and Chuck from Lincoln Place Nazareth Church and their witness in standing up for the lives of unborn children, and for caring for women in need.  Judy and Chuck were very prayerful, and did a great job in providing information and talking to those passing in front of Planned Parenthood, and offered many prayers on behalf of unborn children.

Judy is the mother of Pastor Adam, who spoke so profoundly at the 40 Days for Life kickoff on Tuesday.  Pastor Adam fearlessly professed the truth about the evil of abortion and the fierce battle that we are in which will be won by the grace of God and our commitment to prayer and fasting (and has already been won through Christ’s death and resurrection).




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