“It was a fantastic day for the pro-life community”

Aug 22 2015

“It was a fantastic day for the Pro-Life community in Pittsburgh. Young, old, conservative, liberal, we were all there to say “NO” to funding Planned Parenthood. Pretty awesome.  Thanks to all for your support.”

Jeannie F. August 22, 2015

“Hi all,  there was a prayerful presence at Planned Parenthood today from 10-11am, part of a nationwide protest in 300 cities, calling attention to the now 8 Center for Medical Progress videos which show how some Planned Parenthood clinics harvest and sell aborted baby organs, harvested at times from babies whose hearts are still beating, and worse atrocities — in frank detail.  As you know these videos and any significant mention of them have been censored by the media.

Well the news is that 240 pro-life people were there today in Pittsburgh alone, peacefully (as always) marching and praying in defense of the unborn and of their parents who likewise are victimized by abortion.

The love of those who love God cannot be defeated.”

Diane D.


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