What’s in a Name?

Did you see the 8th video that was released last week by David Daleiden’s CMP, exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting baby body parts?  If so, your mind is seared (as mine is), with the visual image of a poor little baby boy, heart beating inside his little chest…as a medical organ procurement specialist cuts into his face in order to procure his brain.  Thankfully there is no video image of this being done, but the description by the person who did it was detailed enough that we all now have this image burned into our minds.  As pro-lifers, we are horrified…but not surprised.  The majority of Americans ARE surprised however, because until these videos, Planned Parenthood had done a great job of hiding the ugly monster of abortion behind the pretty façade of “choice“.  Now the truth is being shown and millions of people are seeing it.    Even many pro-choice people are horrified by the callousness and inhumane way these tiny human beings are being treated.  I guess on some level, EVERYONE knows that even a “clump of cells“…if it has a head, brain, liver and thymus…deserves more dignity than this!

HUMAN DIGNITY…where does it come from, and how does everyone instinctively know that we all deserve it?  Well, as Christians, we know that it comes from God.  Because He made us in HIS IMAGE and LIKENESS.  We do not own ourselves or anyone else.  We all belong to God, and therefore we do not have a right to destroy ourselves or anyone else.

The little baby boy with the beating heart and the harvested brain has now been given a name…Emmett.  He has been named after Emmett Till, a black boy who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in 1941 in Mississippi, for daring to speak to a white woman. Emmett Till’s brutal death galvanized the civil rights movement.  His death helped to humanize a people that another people had tried to de-humanize.






What is it about a face and a name that is so powerful?  Numbers and statistics can leave us cold….but when a face and a name are set before us, our hearts are moved.  We can read the “statistics” of abortion…60 MILLION…and our mind goes numb.  But when faced with the story of one little baby boy, our heart breaks.  It is with this knowledge that I was led to create another memorial painting to “humanize” the 2,366 babies killed at Pittsburgh’s Planned Parenthood in 2013.  innocents with nikki compressed

innocents with nikki

The intention of this painting (named “The Innocents“), is two-fold…to give all 2,366 babies the dignity of a human name…and to break hearts.  I will bring this painting to any church that will host it…no cost.  The painting is made up of 2,366 small squares, each with the face of a baby. 

innocents, mary compressed

It will travel with a book to write names for these little ones.  To download a flyer that includes close-up images and a description of this work, go to https://40daysforlifepittsburgh.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/The-Innocents-flyer.pdf


Let me know if you want me to bring this artwork to your church.


Whether or not Planned Parenthood is defunded remains to be seen…(PLEASE BE PRAYING AND FASTING FOR THIS INTENTION!)

NOW…it you’re still with me…let’s move on to our 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign update!

Our kick-off event is just 4 weeks away!  Mark your calendar to join us on Tuesday, September 22nd at 7pm at St. Paul Cathedral’s Synod Hall for an inspiring evening of speaker and music to kick off our 40 day vigil at Planned Parenthood!  Download and print a flyer for this event to post at your church at: https://40daysforlifepittsburgh.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/FALL-2015-INFO-EVENT-.pdf Fr. Joe Freedy and Pastor Adam Stump will inspire us and Aaron Greer will bless us with his music.  I hope to see you there!

The 40 day vigil at Planned Parenthood (Sept. 23 – Nov. 1) is almost half-filled!  We still have many time slots that need to be adopted by church groups!  If you haven’t chosen your time yet to come and pray on the sidewalk, please go to https://40daysforlifepittsburgh.com/church-vigil-schedule/ and click on the “List of Scheduled Churches” to see which times are still empty.  Then reply to this email to let me know what you can do.  If you want to sign up to witness as an individual at the vigil, you can sign yourself up on the online vigil calendar at https://40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/pittsburgh/  If you have not created a user name and password yet, you will need to create one to sign yourself up for hours.

If you have not ordered our full color flyers or bulletin inserts to spread the word at your church, you still have time.  These will need to go in during the weekend of September 19th.  You can order these from us for just $4 per hundred (our cost), by replying to this email.  They can be viewed at https://40daysforlifepittsburgh.com/get-involved/ (Scroll down).

Sign up on our fasting calendar to help us to maintain a 40 day fast by going to http://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/876935260027

It is good to see the Body of Christ in and around Pittsburgh uniting for such a cause as this!  Thank you for joining us!

Your sister in Christ,


Nikki Bruni Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh

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