My thoughts about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts…

Dear 40 Day friends,

I hope you all are enjoying the summer and the time “off” from 40 Days for Life!  I sure am!  But with all the talk about the recently released video that proves that Planned Parenthood is in the business of selling baby “parts”, I thought it was a good time for me to post my thoughts.

First of all, I don’t think that we should be shocked by this news.  Saddened and discouraged, yes.  Shocked, no.  We already know that the battle against abortion is spiritual one.  It is a battle of good verses evil. Not that people who have had abortions or who have taken part in them are evil…they are NOT!  They are precious, beloved children of God!  But abortion itself is evil.  So, the fact that they would desire to increase their profits by selling body parts is not a surprise.  We need to pray for these people…and love them.  For they know not what they do.

I had already decided that our “theme” for this coming fall campaign would be “REPENTANCE”.  But after watching this chilling video, I believe that this theme is very relevant.  You see, I am not asking abortionists, abortion workers and abortion advocates to repent….I am asking myself, and all of us in the pro-life community to repent!

Why?  Well, I believe that there is a tendency for those of us who have already become aware of the evil of abortion to become self-righteous in our attitude, and to condemn those who are against us.  We are right and they are wrong….isn’t that right?  The problem with that attitude though, is that it won’t convert anyone. Besides, if I examine myself…I will see that I am also in need of repentance.  I lived my life for 45 years without giving a single thought to the millions of babies killed by abortion.  I lived a comfortable life, being entertained and not thinking of anything other than what was inside my own little world.  God called me when He knew I was ready to enter the battle…and thankfully I answered the call.  He has drowned me in His Grace and Mercy ever since…and I am so grateful!  But the point is, how can I judge others, who have not heard God speaking to them yet?

Maybe God is planning to us as an instrument of conversion to someone during these 40 days!  But who would listen to someone telling them to repent if that person was not repenting themselves?

Think of the prophets of old…they would wear sackcloth and ashes and would fast severely!  Now we can’t go around in sackcloth and ashes, or they would probably put us away.  But we can fast!  We can be humble and acknowledge our own need for repentance.  When we are confronted by angry people on the sidewalk, we can do our best to respond humbly and in love.  Maybe we can say to them,

“I am here because I am a sinner and I am sorry.  And I am sorry for you for whatever hurt you have.  But I know that there is One who could take away your hurt, and His name is Jesus…and I could tell you about Him if you want me to!”

This is a divisive time in our nation.  The two sides seem to be getting farther apart.  Maybe this is God’s doing…but if so, that is His business.  He calls us to LOVE our enemies.  Let’s leave the judging to Him.

Thanks for reading and for being part of our pro-life community in Pittsburgh!  “God” things are happening!  In case you haven’t heard, following the Jericho march around the Pittsburgh school board meeting…the grant that the school board hoped to get by bringing Planned Parenthood into our city schools FELL THROUGH and so PP will NOT be “teaching” sex Ed in our city schools!  Praise God!

Also, thanks to Kathy Laslow for doing such a great job leading the Sidewalk Advocates here in Pittsburgh…and to Sidewalk Advocate Marian, who was able to help a young woman and her family who had gone to Planned Parenthood last Friday for an abortion.  They changed their minds and chose life for their baby!  Thanks to all the Sidewalk Advocates for maintaining a presence at PP all year round!

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