Day 34: Presbyterians Pro Life, Memorial Park Church, St. Ann, Waynesburg, Round Hill Presbyterian: Heroic Moment

“I will come to you in the silence, I will lift you from all your fear”  Song: “You are mine.” David Haas

Every day we are faced with countless heroic moments. Everyday starts with a heroic moment, when we are faced with the decision to get out of bed or not. To face the struggles and issues that lie ahead. Or Not. To do it cheerfully. To go to work; to manage the house and the kids; to visit the sick. Or not.

And on some days we have that special supernatural nudging, calling us to go to the abortion center. To do something extraordinary. The Holy Spirit is talking to your heart, asking us to come to the abortion center, to Pray, to Witness, to make the effort to save a life, to save a soul. To make a sacrifice. To forgo the comforts of life for just a little while. To be a hero.

Well it’s not always that clear but sometimes it’s something like that. A friend once described it more like “being grabbed by the shirt collar and pulled out of bed and pushed to the car despite some reluctance”. Whichever it is. It’s a call to your heart. Will you answer it?

Don’t rationalize, don’t say, “but I’ve already been there” or “Somebody else will probably go”. “It makes me uncomfortable”. Don’t hit the snooze button. Some moments only come once.

We all have the opportunity to still be heroes. 40 Days for Life continues thru Sunday March 29. You still have the opportunity to make a difference, to have an impact, to save a life and more importantly to save souls. Come down to the vigil. Don’t miss the opportunity. Capture the moment. Be a hero.

And if you are courageous, show the world you’re a hero by taking a selfie at the vigil and posting it on Facebook, twitter and Instragram. (Here’s my recent selfie. And yes, I look sleepy.  My heroic moment is every Saturday morning with the snooze button beckoning.)

Tim B.

Tim's selfiephoto


Today at the vigil we have the heroes from Presbyterians Pro Life 7-9 – Memorial Park Church 9-12 St. Ann Catholic Church, Waynesburg 12-3 Round Hill Presbyterian 3-7

Reports and pictures from the vigil:

Susan wrote from her 7am-9am shift 

Diane had dropped off the signs and materials and was all set up when I arrived a little after 7am. Marie from Presbyterians for Life arrived shortly thereafter. Marie brought some fetal models of her own to give away and also had resource sheets. We each took a side on the circle. It seemed like a pretty quiet morning and there was not much interaction. A few 40 days fliers were handed out with a short synopsis of our purpose in being there. Most everyone going into planned parenthood were employees. Just as Marie caught a ride home from her husband, a man came out of planned parenthood to smoke. The next shift manager and I were able to engage him in conversation and he said that his girlfriend was inside for an abortion. The baby was not his, but the pregnancy was a result of a rape. He said that he does not believe in abortion, but in this case he thinks it is right because of the circumstances. They have another child together. His name is Nick and the woman was 12-14 weeks pregnant. He took a pregnancy resource card and also post-abortion information. We also offered adoption but he was not interested. He seemed to have an open heart despite seemingly set on abortion. I have attached a picture of Marie.

Marie from Presbyterians Pro Life
Marie from Presbyterians Pro Life

From Kathy L 9 -11 am:

Usually Mondays are non-abortion days. Not so for today. As I arrived, Sue R. was talking to a young man who had come out of PP to smoke a cigarette. He was there because his girlfriend had been raped and was having an abortion. Sue asked me for info on this situation. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it and attempted to talk with this young man from head knowledge. I had misunderstood and thought that she had had the abortion previously and handed him post abortive info, but when he said she was in there now to have it, I was shocked and fearful. He entered into PP again, Sue left for work, and I started to pray asking the Lord to intervene.

 Shortly thereafter, Memorial Park Church and St. Ann’s Church members came to pray as well as Bill H. Everyone began praying. The young man and his girlfriend exited PP about an hour later to smoke another cigarette and asked where a restaurant was and we were hopeful that they changed their mind, but after smoking, they reentered PP. I do not know the outcome of this couple. There were several other couples and single women who entered PP today, even with the presence of many pray-ers there.

Faithful witnesses from Memorial Park Church in Allison Park and St. Ann in Waynesburg
Faithful witnesses from Memorial Park Church in Allison Park and St. Ann in Waynesburg
St. Ann's dedicated prayer warriors
St. Ann’s dedicated prayer warriors


Mark managed the vigil from 11-1 and wrote:

I have been feeling the weight of misery crying out from the helpless and hearing the groan of the heavens as life is ripped from the womb.


I now know the consolation that our presence has on our precious children and know our prayers and our compassion and love caresses and comforts them as they make the premature journey to heaven.


This was a day that I witnessed cold hard abortion. This was the day that exposed me as a sinner and this was the day that brought me to my knees.


In all of this I am brought closer to God and am blessed to be in the company of holy people, humble people with hearts for the Divine. Judgement is absent, only love prevails.

Faithful members from St. Ann in Waynesburg pray for the tragedy happening within Planned Parenthood this morning
Faithful members from St. Ann in Waynesburg pray for the tragedy happening within Planned Parenthood this morning
Many prayer warriors covered the sidewalk on this sad day
Many prayer warriors covered the sidewalk on this sad day


Beth wrote from her 1-3 p.m. shift:

Good news, a great bunch of people from St. Anne’s in Waynesburg keep Rose and I in prayerful company today. Lots of positive remarks from those passing by and sunshine by 2 p.m. Boy, it was colder than the usual cold coming from PP today.

Bad news, the St. Anne’s group had been there from 11 a.m. and they said that it looked like abortions were being done today and there did seem to be quite a few couples leaving, getting into cars and quickly driving off. So let’s see what tomorrow will bring.

Ugly news, tears sneaking down a young woman’s face when the door to PP seemed to be locked and then she tried again. One of the pray-ers from St. Anne’s asked her if she needed help, we could help her and then she told the woman at the door that we would pray for her. The woman replied that she would like us to pray, she needed prayers, and then quickly ran away from the door still crying. Thank you St. Anne’s witnesses and helpers. Some people just know what to say; you were meant to be there.

See everyone on Sunday,

It seems that there may have been a life saved today!  As Beth referred to, in her report above…Kim, from St. Ann in Waynesburg writes…

I am so proud of everyone who prayed nonstop the  first two hours as they were very cold and it went slow, but the second two were much warmer, the sun came out and it seemed to go quickly.  The day turned out to be an abortion day, which is unusual for a Monday.  I believe I saw God perform a miracle in that he would not allow a door to open for a young girl….that same door that had opened fine for everyone else?!  After the girl tried three times to open the door, I was able to speak with her and we prayed for her.  She looked so much like my 23yr old daughter and I told her so.  She was clearly upset,teary eyed, and asked that we pray for her.  A PP worker ended up opening the door from the inside and told her to come in, the door was not locked and they were open.  While she was in there we prayed for her and she came out two minutes later and left without speaking to us.  I continue to recall her face and pray that God supports and blesses her. I’m so glad that we were there for her and were able to pray for her during her time of need.

God bless everyone for there commitment to 40 Days for Life,


Thank you God for using our presence on the sidewalk today!!!

Cathy writes from her 3-5 PM shift:

I was joined today by five lovely people: Paul from Madonna del Castello, Linda, Pam, Matt and Mayim (father & daughter) from Round Hill Presbyterian in Elizabeth. It was a fairly quiet afternoon with a number of positive remarks, and a couple negative ones from two angry people. Pray for the angry ones that they will comes to terms with their anger.



Paul, Linda, Pam, Matt, Mayim

From Seamus 5-7 PM:

40 Days was lucky to have the very dedicated prayer warriors from Round Hill Presbyterian Church continue to pray and witness until 7:00pm. We were fortunate to hand out a number of flyers and the closing hours were , relatively speaking, unusually supportive. Thanks to Matt and his lovely daughter Mayim who braved the cold to the end.
Seamus M.



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