Day 32: Guardians for Life 8-11 Holy Wisdom and St. John XXIII parishes 11-7


In Pat’s blog (link) last Saturday, he recalled how important was the example his dad set when Pat would watch, without his father knowing, the man kneeling down beside the bed at night to pray.  Click the following links as reminders of prayer- pop culture style!



 If there is one thing I’d like you to do especially for the children:

I Say A Little Prayer for You            The Mamas and the Papas




Wednesday morning, March 18,  I read a testimony on FB by Kimberly Henderson and her decision to choose life.  She named her baby daughter, Vaida, which means “beautiful life.”  If you have FB , please read her testimony and see how God worked through others to change Kimberly’s heart.  I had never heard the name Vaida before Wednesday morning.  Later in the day on Wednesday, I answered a call.  The woman’s name was Vaida.  How is that for a God wink!!

Kimberly Henderson- scroll to her post of March 15. Over 700,000 likes  

 Lifesite USA news story on Kimberly Henderson

Testifying to love for years has been Lillian from 40DaysforLifePittsburgh.

Picture0320151637_1Lillian, is a faith filled, long term, dedicated witness to life.  She has always been pro-life, having five daughters of her own (one of whom, sadly is deceased).  Lillian knows the joyful and sorrowful part of parenting.  Her witness therefore is life in action.  Lillian uses a cane and other augmentative devices to help her through the day.  But, even during inclement weather (like yesterday), Lillian can be seen praying in front of PP.

Lillian was about 53 when she first became actively involved.  Through PHI, PCUC, Lifeline and her local parish, The Most Holy Name of Jesus in Troy Hill,  Lillian took in what she was learning. Before Roe v Wade became a household term for death in 1973, she got involved to be a voice against the violence that was coming to America.  Lillian was energized to defend life (on the sidewalk praying and witnessing).  Lillian attended a seminar one day in which she learned that Japan had legalized abortions.  She didn’t want to see abortions legalized in America.

Lillian has not given up on the prayerful fight to defend life.  As a older woman who has short white hair, she can run circles around any of the young.  She is an energized woman of faith!   Don’t ever under-estimate the prayer of a woman who carries a red umbrella.  The power of the Holy Spirit is her source of energy!


It is people like you who witness and leave encouraging information that help turn people around!  Father Adam Verona, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, gave a homily about courage yesterday.  The Mass was televised on Christian Associates TV.  I am not able to upload the video of the Mass but I want to give a shout out to Father Adam for his reflection on the readings yesterday.  Nothing is more powerful to turn hearts than the Word of God and reflection upon it!

Readings from March 20, 2015:   (click link from USCCB)

Wisdom 2:1A, 12-22/ Psalm 34/ John 7: 1-2, 10, 25-30

The response to the Psalm was:   The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.

Our world is brokenhearted due to the effects of abortion but as Father Adam Verona reminded us:

It takes courage and we do have it with God!

Saturday:  7-9 Tim : 9-1 Barbara: 1-3 Julie : 3-5 Kathy : 5-7 Joe 

Pictures from Saturday morning!  The sidewalks were alive with the sound of prayer and witness!

The groups blended well!  We are all God’s family!  Thanks Tim for the great pictures!

Diane and Tom setting up!
photo (2)
Barbara starting a 12 hour vigil for life.
photo (1)
Smile, life is worth protecting! Getting the message out early on a Saturday morning.
photo (3)
Beautiful life!
photo (4)
Family matters!


photo (9)
Guardians of Life
photo (5)
Women make choices for life. Ladies of St. John XXIII
photo (7)
Dave and sue 7-9 am from John XXIII
photo (10)
Father Tim singing with the choir of angels on the street today!
photo (12)
Jim donates flowers for the women who come out of PP and see people who really care about their well being.
photo (13)
Witnesses named Bill x 2!
photo (14)
Gentlemen Knights of Columbus- Bellevue

More pictures/



as shift managers report

from the sidewalk.





Tim reports: (after enjoying a hot cup of coffee)

7-9 am on a Saturday in front of PP- also known as abortion day: (I think Tim actually stayed longer!!)

We were blessed with warmer weather and a strong turn out of prayer warriors. Father Tim brought The Guardians for Life and lead prayers and song. Barbara and her team from John XXIII were at the vigil before dawn and are planning to stay all day. What an inspiration.

We were also joined by the Bellevue Knights of Columbus who pray regularly at PP year round. Year round sidewalk counselors Virginia, David and Jeff were active as well. Regulars Bill S and Bill H and Jimmy filled out the ranks. Runner John stopped in route to join in prayer. One angry couple passed by and launched into a tirade of expletives, which lead Bill to say “Satan Is really ticked off with us today”. Obviously we are making an impact with our witness.

Jim brought dozens of daffodils to give out and bright our spirits.

Praying with dozens of the faithful was encouraging and joyful making my shift pass quickly.

I was again treated to a hot coffee at the end of my shift. What a blessing and much appreciated.

Peace and joy.    Tim B.

Barbara’s report from 9 – 1

The Lord says to his disciples:  “My soul is very sorrowful, even to death; remain here, and watch” (Mark 14: 33-34).The summons to vigilance has…been a major theme of Jesus’….Across the centuries, it is the drowsiness of the disciples that opens up possibilities for the power of the Evil One.

In its state of numbness, the soul …is easily persuaded that things cannot be so bad, so as to continue in the self satisfaction of its own comfortable existence.  Yet this deadening of souls, this lack of vigilance regarding both God’s closeness and the looming forces of darkness, is what gives the Evil One power in the world.  

Emeritus Pope Benedict.  Jesus of Nazareth, Part 2

Guardians for Life, St. John XXIII, Holy Wisdom, St. Sebastian’s with their pastor, and parishioners from Wheeling joined voices to pray on the sidewalk in front of PP today.  A St. Sebastian parishioner gave us daffodils early this morning and his wife came around noon and began handing them out.  A woman stopped by and began taking my picture from her tiny camera.  I told her how flattered I was by the attention.  She told me that our standing and threatening young women who needed an abortion made her furious.  I told her that she was so unique because most people whom we truly annoy will not talk with us.  The conversation was cordial and civilized.  I would love to meet her again for coffee with plenty of time.  I stayed the day to greet our parishioners from Holy Wisdom and St. John XXIII parishioners.  The first came around 7am.  The last came at five.  Mary Jane is a seasoned prayer in front of PP.  She remained with Joe, the shift manager when Richard and I left at 5 and said she would represent our parishes until 7.  We agreed to meet again in heaven for coffee, if not before.

All the people who interrupted their schedule to join us on the sidewalk heard Jesus’ call to vigilance.  All day we saw people going into PP for abortions or people going in to assist others in this tragic attempt to solve a problem with a killing.  People praying outside were completely clear about what is going on inside… and they felt sad.

Barbara Lewis 

Shift Manager 9-1   (see Barbara’s picture above.)  Barb stood vigil from 7 am to 5 pm today to join with her parish.  Barb is our shift managers- manager!!!

Julie reports on the 1- 3 pm shift:

I arrived to see many familiar faces.   Mary Lou, a woman from the St. Sebastian’s group who is also a member of the People of God Covenant Community with me,  friends from St. Bernard’s (Tom and Marylin)  plus Barb who had taken Maggie’s shift as well as Al and Sally.

Also -Thanks to the group of students from Aquinas for praying!   After praying for about 15 minutes, with prayer support from St. Sebastian’s group I gave information to a Hispanic woman walking in with a man. I realized that I should have asked her a question in Spanish! She took information going in, but I did not see if she came back out at all.

A woman from St. Sebastian has handed out yellow daffodils to all passersby.  I was on the opposite side of PP from her and it was great to see the smiles on people’s faces as they walked by with a flower!

I also met AJ who I found out had walked by PP last Saturday with his dad.  When they stopped last Saturday to pray with the group they promised to come back this Saturday.  However, today, AJ was alone b/c his dad is sick.  This teenager had the courage to come back as promised even without his dad!  Please pray for AJ’s dad.

A few more women came out of PP while I was there and were unwilling to accept Pregnancy Resource/Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat information.  I really pray for the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts tonight.

 I am realizing that this 1-3pm shift needs alot of prayer support. We have been seeing so many people entering and leaving. I am noticing that if a woman walks out with a little brown paper bag in her hand maybe she received contraceptives– or the morning after pill? These women do not seem so sad or somber.    However, some women walk out with a demeanor that is very somber- I think they are probably post abortive.  They are not carrying anything- no pamphlets, or paper bag or anything.  Could it be that they are not given any information on follow up?  It is so hard for me to believe this, and it is hard to really know.  Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit is at work because I have learned from others who come to pray to be very observant and is very real to me that you can sense the spirit of oppression with the post abortive women leaving PP.  Come Holy Spirit to help us to pray for and reach out to these women effectively to plant a seed of God’s love.


 You, yes you, O LORD, my God, have done many wondrous deeds! Moreover, in your plans for us there is none to equal you. Should I wish to declare or tell them, too many are they to recount.  Psalm 40:6


Kathy reports an Amazing afternoon:   (Grace filled)  How sweet though art!

Amazing two hours: 3 to 5 shift
Special thanks for daffodils provided by Bloomin Gartens. They brought smiles to many faces which we would not been able to touch, except with this simple gesture of God”s love!
Prayer warriors from 1 to 3 shift remained, diligently praying and witnessing.  Barb had been there since 7 am and still had sparkle in her eyes.
I went to other side of circle to maintain an outreach from opposite direction. A man and his adult daughter stopped: his Dad’s funeral was today, his Dad loved babies and our work. He handed me $50 in honor of his Dad. He knows his dad is in heaven and would b very happy    I thanked him.
A woman approached  Barbara: she had 2 abortions forty years ago, feels no guilt but thinks it is terrible that we stand here intimidating girls choosing abortion. Much discussion went back and forth: Holy Spirit prompting 3 of us at different times. Agreeing to disagree ended discussion. She did take our picture with a camera, which was strange.
Next Bill, a Knight of Columbus, with his son, Tucker , joined us. Tucker is first year med student.  A young man approached us, wanting to pray for us.  He is father of an autistic six year old, he proudly showed us a medal she won.  Much discussion then he knelt on ground and prayed like his grandma did, blessing us.
Two people coming out of PP accepted info. Amazing 2 hours!


(Today happens to be World Down Syndrome Day  2015, too! Down syndrome children are often aborted.)

More morning and afternoon prayer warriors pictures:


day 31, st. john XXIII
Parishioners from St. John XXIII


wife of man who brought daffodils
Flower power! Thanks to Jim and his lovely wife who contributed the flowers! Hats and gloves weather still, but daffodils give up hope for spring.
day 31, parishioners from wheeling
Parishioners from Wheeling, WVA. Traveling to spread the message!

day 31, st. sylvester 

day 31, grove city college
Grove City College students praying for their generation!


beth, kathy liz
Beth, Kathy and Liz! Women do deserve better.
aquinas academy
Aquinas Academy! Young women, advocating for women!
day 31, Kathy, Mary Jane and Joe, two shift managers and a prayer warrior
Kathy, Mary Jane and Joe. Shift managers and prayer warrior
Tucker, Mary Jane and Bill! Many of the participants in 40 Days for Life are parents who have adopted their children. The signs are not empty promises.

Joe reports from the 5 pm – 7 pm shift:

I was met by MaryJane when I arrived at PP and Tucker and Bill joined

us a little later on. They are lovers of Christ. What a blessing it

was for me to spend some time with them.

God is Great!!! (All the time….God is great….All the time!)



A special thank you to the parishioners of St. Sebastian parish who also came out today.

day 31 st sebastian

Barb pictured below witnessed from 7 am to 5 pm today.


Smiling faces, Tucker, Bill, Barbara and hubby!



A heartbeat
Thank you to all who witnessed, prayed and showed up today! We will turn the beat around with love!

Marian Carlino on behalf of Pat M. and the 40 Days for Life team!


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  • March 21, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    Thanks Marian for your up”beat” blog post to encourage us all to never give up this fight for love! I love reading the variety of writing styles from all the blog writers and shift reports from the shift managers! God has blessed us with amazing, loving, courageous and talented people in our 40 days family!

    • March 21, 2015 at 8:58 pm

      Amen to that. Thanks, Marian! 🙂

  • March 22, 2015 at 8:22 am

    Let us pray for a conversion of the PP employees worldwide. God Bless


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