Day 31: St. John Neumann; St. Alphonsus Wexford; St. Mary Glenshaw; West Hills Baptist

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather and came out during the snow and the rain!  You are a blessing, and we pray that you will be blessed!  Your witness for life is so needed, and it’s priceless.  Thank you.  Tomorrow’s churches are Guardians for Life; Holy Wisdom & St. John XXIII.  Let’s pray for better weather, and that God works through the vigil to save life and change life.  Read on for the stories and pictures from the sidewalk!

Rose writes from the 7-9 shift:

When I got the 6:30 a.m. bus in Lawrenceville this morning it was snowing, drizzly rain to follow.  I prayed that each snowflake or raindrop bring a washing away of plans of those intending to come to PP today.  I was at the “circle” for about 10 minutes when Diane arrived with the display and bin of resources and signs.  She waited till the 7:00 a.m. bus arrived with Al our shift manager. Fortunately I had brought a large umbrella for by that time it was a steady, wet rain and Al was grateful to share the space under it. As we talked and prayed the rosary ,I kept offering the 40 Days fliers to passerby’s. At least a dozen people took them, several saying “Thank you” for the resource.  There were a few staff who entered PP.  Around 8:15 Karen Nelson, Greg Weis, and Kim arrived , took signs to hold ,and huddled in the cover of the doorways to be out of the rain.  I continued prayer from across Liberty Ave as I waited for the 8:40 bus. I had hardly crossed the street when I saw a tall African American man join the group for a shift.

Sally Writes from the morning shift:

It was cold enough for gloves and winter clothes. Rain and/or snow
poured on us all morning. That was the bad news. The good news is that
temperature stayed high enough to prevent freezing.  The log page &
anything else that was not in plastic got very wet.  Yet we had a good
number of pray-ers present. They came from St. John Newman, St.
Alphonsus, St. John & Paul, St. Bonaventure, Three Rivers AOG, and

PP was very slow. Almost no customers up till the time I left. Al had
seen one couple go in early. He said, “Abortion murders babies”. The
man responded “Cool!”. His one word statement shows such a total
disregard for babies, born and unborn, and probably for all human
life, and is entirely too prevalent today.  God help us!

God bless her, Caroline was early enough for me to catch an earlier bus.

The folks from St. Mary Glenshaw
The folks from St. Mary Glenshaw

Nikki Writes from the 3-5 shift:

My husband Joe accompanied me for my 3-5 shift today. We were blessed to share the sidewalk with the faithful witnesses from West Hills Baptist Church. Dave, Karen and Pastor Larry. Other than two rather long winded and pointless encounters with men who really had no desire other than to hear themselves talk there really wasn’t any problems. I didn’t see anyone leaving that looked post abortive. Just workers left while we were there. So that was good!  I am so appreciative of everyone who works to keep this vigil going!  All the shift managers and Diane and all the church groups!  Thanks everyone!

Nikki and Joe with the folks from West Hills Baptist
Nikki and Joe with the folks from West Hills Baptist


Rev. John Patterson Writes from the 5-7 shift:

Two beautiful things today. A dear lady named _______ came and prayed on her knees for 20 plus minutes. She later told me of having an abortion and has since turned to Christ. I was touched deeply by this. Then a man from Youngstown, Ohio who was visiting Pittsburgh stopped to talk. He was moved by our presence of prayer and expressed his displeasure at the awful business of abortion. He then beautifully prayed for our cause and for us two ministers (and our wives) who were there.

As I was near the end of my shift, I was thinking about our Lord’s words to faithful Christians on the Great Day, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou in to the joy of thy Lord.” May our lives reflect the Savior so that we may hear these words. And may those who have truly repented of having an abortion hear them also.

In our truly good and Godly cause,

Rev. John Patterson


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