Day 27: St. Bonaventure, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, New Brighton, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Butler; HUNTING LIONS

“I can’t go around hunting lions here, because in the first place there aren’t any, and in the second place, unless I stay on guard, being vigilant, and cutting myself off from everything that doesn’t unite me with God, I won’t be capable of seeing anything that he asks of me. “

St. Josemaria Escriva

“When the time is right, the need great enough or the opportunity presents itself, I’ll step up . I’ll do something big. I’ll bag a lion.”  Is this what we tell ourselves?  Are we looking for the lions where none will be found in our daily lives? Are we waiting for something big to show itself?

In my world I go about my daily life day pretty much the same day in and day out. Going to work, returning to my family, visiting my parents and walking the dog. And there is no chance of seeing a lion in any of these situations.

I wonder, Do we all put off doing “something” because there doesn’t appear to be an opportunity to do something big? Something great? Something important? Are we looking for lions?

I have come to realize I don’t need to hunt lions. Instead I look at the situation and circumstances of my life and ask what are the things, the simple things I can do instead each and every day to do God’s will. What is important to Him? Right now I pray for the end to abortion daily because I know it is the greatest evil of our time and I put my faith into works and go down to the abortion center and I pray and witness there. It is so simple, yet so important. And on occasion, like this past Wednesday we save somebody’s life. This is bigger than bagging a lion.

I’m no longer hoping to find a lion. I’m not even looking. Instead I’m giving glory to God. I’m praying, fasting and witnessing to end abortion. This brings meaning and purpose to my life. This brings me true joy and makes me happy.

You can do something important yet so simple. Join us at the vigil any day any time during the remaining days of this spring campaign. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been there or haven’t been down in awhile. Sign up or just show up at 933 Liberty Ave. (Or come any Tuesday, Friday or Saturday morning year round as a few faithful prayer warriors are almost always there.)

Tim B.

Today at the vigil we have the faithful from St. Bonaventure, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, New Brighton Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Butler

Here are the Updates and pictures from the vigil throughout the day.

7-9 AM (Charlene):

The weatherman was calling for 55 degrees…but that wasn’t at 7AM. We were still comfortable in layers. We were joined today by my parish, St. Bonaventure. We were led in prayer by Fr. JOHN, our Pastor, who likes to stand as close to the circle as possible. Once more the pleasant weather seems to bring out a more pleasant group of passer-bys.Only a few workers going into PP. A student from Pitt joined us, Callahan, along with Fr. JOHN, were Dave; Mario; Theresa, and Chuck.


Early morning prayer warriors from St. Bonaventure
Early morning prayer warriors from St. Bonaventure

Kathy managed the vigil from 9-11 and wrote:

Today I had the prayer company of St. Bonaventure for the 9-11 a.m. hours.  For most of the time, our gathering was peaceful except for a disturbance toward Fr. John from a male passerby who accepted literature and then began shouting and swearing at him while quoting Bible passages.  Fr. John and the Bonaventure group discreetly turned away from him, but the man was aggressive and continued ranting for several minutes before walking away himself.  He returned briefly to rant some more, left, returned, ranted briefly and then left–it seemed for good.

During this time, I contemplated calling the police but chose not to due to the fact that there were five of us, we are supposed to be “peaceful,” and sometimes we have to “take it” as Christians.  But in hindsight, I should have reported the incident to the police not only for Fr. John’s safety and the other 40 Days participants, but also for that man’s welfare–he is not well and needs intervention.  We prayed for him too.

Mark managed the vigil from 11am-1pm and wrote:

The folks from trinity Lutheran offered up themselves from  11-3!


It was somewhat a day of prayer with a pretty fair flow of smiles and thumbs up. Not many going through the doors of pp. One woman gave a spite filled obscenity but it appeared that hers was an existence of negatives and she was at odds with herself and was victim of lifestyle choices, I could only pray for her


Another woman said we should be praying for the end of wars where REAL live babies were being killed. Interesting  …  Real live means what is outside the womb.

Faithful witnesses from Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Brighton had a warm day to witness
Faithful witnesses from Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Brighton had a warm day to witness


Beth managed the vigil from 1-3 and wrote:

When Rose and I arrived at 1 p.m., the weather was fine and we were greeted by a wonderful group of pro-life warriors.  Margie, Tammy, and Linda from New Brighton Lutheran  Church spent four hours witnessing today at PP.  Tony and John came and prayed as did Bill. John left some posters that he ordered for Nikki in the case.

And Maddie and John, who were at the DMV saw us from across the street and came to see what we are all about.  And since they had both been at the March for Life, they were so excited to see us just doing our usual thing and to hear what 40 Days was all about. I gave them some literature and told them to get in touch or just come down, we’ll be here.  Two beautiful faces for the future of the pro-life cause.  Hooray!

Another gentleman came to pray; he just had enough time before his next appointment and decide to stop.  What a beautiful commitment from someone, just passing by.  Two hours went by quickly and Cathy was right on time to take over as shift manager.  And as Margie said, “It was a privilege to be here.”

Cathy managed 3-5 and wrote:

When I arrived John was there for a time. Shortly, Larry and Ben from Mt. Zion Baptist in Prospect joined us, taking a prayer book and signs and went to the other side. Sometime later Adam came. After some time praying he began to hand out literature and a number of people took one.

Two girls and a guy came by wondering if PP did pregnancy tests. I said they did, but that they also did abortions. I gave them the resource guide and they continued on. A lady walked by giving a smile, then came back to say that she supported what we were doing. I told her to stop and pray anytime she was going by and had a few minutes. She said “I’ll pray now with you.” So I read one of the prayers to the Holy Spirit in my prayer book from Fr. Pavone, which she really liked and wanted to know where to get the book. A man stopped and asked for prayers for his pastor and his wife who were pregnant with their first child. Larry and Ben had a pretty much “one-sided” conversation with a woman who said she would be against abortion if the government took care of all the children. She said there are too many children growing up in bad situations and because of that they would support euthanizing the old people. They (Larry and Ben) weren’t able to reply that killing their brothers and sisters is what can lead people to kill others.



From Seamus who managed 5-7 and wrote:

I had the privilege to share the sidewalk on this beautiful evening with prayer warriors Larry and Pastor Ben from Mt Zion Baptist Church in Prospect, Adam, Catherine and Aimee. We didn’t see any “clients” leaving PP, so we offered a Christ like “God bless you” to doctors and employees who obviously expended quite a bit of energy ignoring us and not responding. I like to think God’s grace rained on them as they passed by whether they liked it or not. We prayed and passed out leaflets and we actually had a number of interesting conversations with pro-abortion advocates. I believe the two twenty something young men Catherine, Aimee and I spoke with actually had to rethink their blanket statements after being challenged. The Lord is good as always and the Holy Spirit was showering his grace on us all. He is risen indeed!


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  • March 17, 2015 at 5:35 am

    Let us pray for the mothers and fathers of the unborn. God Bless

  • March 17, 2015 at 7:54 am

    Really well said, Tim. God has each of us where we are – and in the circumstances we find ourselves – for a reason: He can use us there.


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