Day 18: Holy Family Parish (Steubenville), St. Joseph Church, (Verona), St. John (Baden), & Good Samaritan (Ambridge)


We’re all different in personality and style.  For instance, there are those who put bumper stickers on their car and those who don’t.  But what we have in common is our deep and passionate belief that God wants to use our gifts and talents to end abortion. 

If you’ve been blessed by God with a vehicle (or two or three), and don’t put bumper stickers on our cars – or at least not pro-life bumper stickers – allow me to make a case for doing so. First of all, if you consider your vehicle(s) to be a gift from God, perhaps it’s worth at least asking the Lord whether or not He wants you to dedicate a small portion of that vehicle to doing a little “advertising” on His behalf.  And maybe I shouldn’t say “a little advertising” because it’s likely much more powerful than you realize.

As SM and long-time pro-life advocate Al B. tells us:  “If you put a pro-life bumper sticker on the back of your car, 10,000 people will see it during the course of a year.  And if you put one on the front and the back of your car, 15,000 people will see one or the other over the course of a year.”  How’s that for POWER?

And if you do decide to be a little  more public in your defense of human life and put a pro-life bumper sticker on your car, that’s when the fun can start.  I say that because there are so many really creative ones to choose from.  Here’s a small sampling:

BS 1



bs 5



New Picture (1)Now, on to our reports:

 Saturday morning was beautiful. Brilliant blue skies with even some radiant sunshine for a short time shining on the vigil.  Despite the chilly temp in the low teens to start there was a joyful sense of camaraderie among the faithful.  It was almost like someone said a “celebration” that we have persevered thru this harsh late winter weather and prevailed.  We were also celebrating that this harsh weather was about to change and end, hopefully as early as this afternoon. Paraphrasing Father Tim, it has been a wonderful manifestation of God’s greatness in the variability of the weather. (Fr., I hope I got this somewhat close to what you meant.)  As to me, I can’ wait to see the next season get underway.

We had a large group of prayer warriors from the beginning. The faithful from Holy Family in Steubenville arrived on time at 7 AM despite a detour along the way.  A few dedicated folks from Blessed John 23rd who were prevented from coming earlier came today.  Father Tim brought his full extra large van of faithful who filled the air with song and prayer.
We were blessed to have the year round sidewalk counselors Meredith, Virginia and David for the early hours, and later, Jeff.  They are all a gift.
Peace, Joy and Hope for Spring.
Tim B.
Tim's selfie
Tim’s selfie

Holy Family - Steubenville

Holy Family – Steubenville

Blessed John the 23rd parish

Blessed John the 23rd parish

Fr. Tim leads the Stations of the Cross

Fr. Tim leads the Stations of the Cross

George of Holy Trinity Ukranian

George of Holy Trinity Ukrainian parish

It was a cold morning but not anywhere near as bad as the ones the hardy 40 DAYS volunteers had to endure for the past two weeks. From my 9-11 am shift perspective it seemed as though about 6 to 9 people entered PP, hopefully not all for abortions. I prayed my Anglican prayer book Litany and looked to heaven once as I said the Lord’s Prayer. As I asked for God’s kingdom to come to earth, implicit in that prayer was that He end PPs abortion business.
Towards the end of my shift, a young lady came out of the building and stood near me before crossing Liberty Ave. I asked her if she worked at PP or went in for an abortion. She sheepishly smiled and looked the other way, refusing to talk to me. I simply commented that I hoped it was neither.
I am troubled by calloused hearts in our nation. The prophets spoke to Israel about having hearts of flesh and not of stone. May God grant hearts of flesh and not of stone to the staff at PP and those who consider abortions. May we have hearts of flesh also and not be callous as we do the Lord’s work.
Rev. John P.
St. James Fellowship
Bill H. and Rev. John P.
Bill H. and Rev. John P.
Sidewalk Counselor Meredith
Sidewalk Counselor Meredith

We bundled up and showed up on Liberty Avenue in front of PP.  Cold, windy and noisy set the scene….

Father Tim and Tom Vendetti  and their splendid group completed their prayers and then their white van whisked them away.

Raising the roof and ignoring nature’s chilly resistance, all the rest of us staked out the sidewalk for the glory of God:  a father and daughter from Saint John XXIII parish; Father Ed and parishioners from St. Joseph, Verona; Reverend Tom and Rosemary Wesdock, Holy Virgin Orthodox Church, Carnegie; and Bob.

Bob came over and asked to pray with us.  He said that he does not have a church at this time.  “I think that God is angry with me,” he said.  He was so open to talking and praying, surely it will not be long before his pew at church is no longer empty.

Young couples came out of PP, looked down or away, and quickly left, declining conversation. We looked at their backs, sadly. Passersby smiled and thanked us for our witness for life.

“God desires that we come with hunger and longing, ready to be filled.  Mary shared her son’s conviction: ‘My food is to do the will of the one who sent me.’ John 4: 34”  Splendors of the Magnificat, Father Daniel Barron.

Life is good.

Barbara L.,  Shift Manager

from barbs shift
Rosemary, Rev. Wesdock and Bob
barbs shift 3
from barbs shift 2
Tim, Gerry, Joyce and Fr. Ed from St. Joseph in Verona
Marie managed the vigil from 3-5pm and wrote:

3-5 shift was shared with Brenda and Minda from St Johns in Baden. Prayer was offered up for babies, mothers, fathers and workers.

One man refused my pamphlet Men hurt , too. He had come out of planned parenthood. When he was returning, he stopped and said, I wasnt being mean, I am prolife and you dont know how much I am hurting.

Another man who came out of pp doors , took Men hurt too, i accidentally dropped it along with Healing the Hurt and post abortion info. He picked up both and put in his back pocket. He made it clear that he didnt want to talk.

The sun poked in and out, giving us hope and causing us to smile.


Shift Manager Kathy with Brenda and Minda from St. John the Baptist in Baden
Shift Manager Kathy with Brenda and Minda from St. John the Baptist in Baden
Joe managed the vigil from 5-7pm and wrote:

I was blessed with 2  wonderful prayer warriors( Beverly , Jan ) from St. John the Babtist in Ambridge, who soulfully prayed with me my entire shift. The shift could not have gone better.

All Glory and Praise be to God!!!


Bev and Jan, St. John the Baptist, Baden
Bev and Jan, St. John the Baptist, Baden


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