Day 16: Thank you to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene and Christ Church Ministries!


Thus says the LORD:

Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings,

who makes flesh his strength,

whose heart turns away from the LORD.

Blessed are those who trust in the LORD;

the LORD will be their trust.

More tortuous than anything is the human heart,

beyond remedy; who can understand it?

I, the LORD, explore the mind

and test the heart,

Giving to all according to their ways,

according to the fruit of their deeds.

-Jeremiah 17: 5,7,9-10


I went to the funeral of a friend yesterday.  She died of cancer at age 77.  One thing that often surprises me when I attend events surrounding someone’s death, is that I tend- every time- to expect to see the deceased person at the events.  I even look forward to seeing the person.  Then I recall with sudden reality that I will NOT see him or her.  Their time on earth is over.  But as I had these thoughts about my friend yesterday, my heart ached a bit as I recalled WHY I would miss her.  As anyone who knew her can attest, she had a tremendously loving and generous heart.  I will miss her smile, her gentle voice, her sense of humor, and her “motherly” ways.

Interestingly, at the end of the funeral Mass, her husband got up to say a few words about her, and his words REALLY made an impression on me.  He said that he had gotten to know his wife’s HEART.  And he got choked up as he said, “Her heart was the best thing about her.”  It made tears come to my eyes as well.

The above Scripture passage says that the human heart is hard to understand.  But Our Lord understands it.  He knows why we pro-lifers come to the vigil; He knows why some women and men want to abort their children; He knows why others change their minds; He knows why some people choose to take jobs in abortion facilities; and He knows why others leave and become pro-life.  HE alone “explores the mind and tests the heart,” as the passage says.

I, for one, am thankful that the Lord knows my heart.  Our hearts are mysteries, even to ourselves.  But the Lord sees and knows.  He is working on each of us individually.  And in His own time, with our hearts being made open to Him, He will eternally lead us to Himself, and His own Heart.

3-5-15 #1

Shift Manager Reports

Shift Manager Ginny took this photo and shared the story behind it:
This is Dante.  He stopped by and wanted to know if he could keep the sign and wear it.  I noticed a lot of African-Americans looking at him, and coming up and talking to him as he went down the street.  What an inspiration.
Thank you, Dante!
Thank you, Dante!

Shift Manager Marilyn’s report:
A great big thank you to Pat for taking the second hour of my shift today.  School was canceled and my son was home alone recovering from being sick this week.  I was grateful to not have to leave him for so long today.  It seemed very cold today and at one point I was “marching” in place. I forced myself to stop when I observed a gentleman in a wheelchair across the street waiting by himself for what seemed to me to be a long time.  He did not seem adequately dressed for this winter day.  All I could think of was him not being able to move to warm up.  A sobering moment for me.  A lively, older gentleman sporting a sparkly green St. Patty’s Day hat stopped, gave me a blessing and thanked me profusely for being there.   Another passerby noticed my sign had flipped in the wind and pointed it out to me.  I was grateful that she cared to tell me as I don’t know when I would have noticed it. Our presence does matter. God is good sending little signs to let us know we are right where he wants us.  It was so nice that Pastor Bryan came early for his church’s time.  Thanks to all you wonderful shift managers who take so many shifts.  God bless everyone.
-God bless you,

Shift Manager Pat filled in as a sub today.  Thank you, Pat!  Here is his report:
The only thing of significance that I experienced was that a young woman who had a nice smile asked me what I was handing out.  It was a 40 Days for Life brochure and I gave her my best brief explanation of who we are and why we were there.  She was going in to PP for birth control and said she would never want to abort a child.  However, she actually didn’t realize that PP did abortions there.  I explained to her that they do about 50 a week.  I then handed her a brochure on birth control and explained to her that any form of hormonal birth control can sometimes be an abortifacient.  Since she didn’t understand what I meant, I explained this to her and how this takes place.  She appeared to be listening with an open mind (this stuff about how birth control actually works was new to her as well) and seemed to walk away (and into PP, unfortunately) at least thinking about these things.
-Pat M.  

Shift Manager Lisa’s (my) report:
What an interesting shift.  First, I thank God for the company of Pastor Bryan, without whom I most certainly would have cried my way through a cold and lonely shift.  So again, Pastor, I thank you!!
If I look a bit dazed and confused in this one, it's probably because I WAS.  (From the cold.)
If I look a bit dazed and confused in this one, it’s probably because I WAS. (From the cold.)
Thank you, Pastor Bryan, for your example of selflessness!
Thank you, Pastor Bryan for your example of selflessness!
Speaking of Pastor Bryan, I have really liked it whenever he has prayed over the semi-circle in front of PP, that infamous “bubble” where we pro-lifers may not enter while at the vigil.  He has prayed that the Lord’s presence dwell powerfully within that space, so that anyone who walks through it will be touched by His presence.  I really took that to heart today as I watched person after person walk through that space.  As often as I could remember, I prayed for those people… that the Lord would touch and open their hearts, and that they would “be pro-life” today (meaning, in whatever way the Lord led them to be, even by simply helping another, etc.)  It was a beautiful way to spend my time in prayer.
And once again, as I mentioned above, the LORD ALONE knows our hearts, so only HE knows PRECISELY what tweaks and adjustments to make to us as we enter into His presence.  He alone can do that.  And I believe that He DOES do it.

Shift Manager Jeff filled in as a sub today.  Thank you, Jeff!  Here are some photos from his shift:
Jeff with his "Lenten" scarf!  Thank you for being there, Jeff!
Jeff with his “Lenten” scarf! Thank you for being there, Jeff!
Mike and Matt from City Reformed Presbyterian
Thank you to Mike and Matt from City Reformed Presbyterian Church!



Shift Manager Rick’s report:
Everything went well during the 57 PM shift today (3/5/15).  Mike prayed for his first time at Planned Parenthood for one hour.  He is in the RCIA program and will be joining St. Paul’s Cathedral this Easter.  Rosalee, who was there for her second time, is very enthusiastic and said she tried to start a 40 Days for Life campaign while living in Altoona.  Tim prayed while waiting for the bus.  My wife, Mary, also stopped and prayed before we headed home at 6:25 PM.  It was quite cold, but spring is just around the corner.  God Bless!


The Lord loves with a FIERY love… may the love from His Heart set YOUR heart on fire with the same love.

No matter who you are, or what path you’re on.

3-5-15 #2



One thought on “Day 16: Thank you to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene and Christ Church Ministries!

  • March 5, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    Thank all of you for your beautiful and powerful sacrificial witness this cold Thursday in Snowy Pittsburgh! Lisa thank you for your lovely reflection full of truth and hope! YOU have a beautiful heart! God bless each and everyone who has partaken in any way in our vigil for life! You all inspire me.
    In the faith, hope and love of Jesus,


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