Day 12: “(Hard)Shipwrecked” again! — Vigil officially canceled, but hardy prayer warriors still show ….

In addition to all of the persecutions Paul endured (as if they weren’t enough!), Paul endured these hardships:

  • Shipwrecked three times and floated for 24 hours
  • Criticized by other Christians
  • Under arrest for two years without a trial
  • Bitten by a viper

And to these things, Paul said, “Endure hardships with us like a good soldier of

Christ Jesus,” 2 Timothy 2:3

(The above is from

As you probably know, due to the hazards of the snowstorm, our vigil was once again canceled today.  In thinking about everything we’ve been through with the 40 Days vigil this Lent, Paul came to mind. Just think – Paul had big PLANS!  Plans to evangelize, in lots of different places at specific times.  Despite the fact that long-distance travel was a whole lot more inconvenient and unpredictable in his time, I’m sure he and his team had as detailed a travel itinerary worked out as they possibly could back in those days.  Aside from everything else he went through, I’m thinking particularly of those times he was detained in his travels.  I’m betting that, during those times – such as when he was shipwrecked and when he was awaiting his trial for two years – he was thinking, “Lord, I gotta get out of here – look, I had big PLANS to win souls for You! I have Your work to do, in so many more places, and this situation just isn’t getting me anywhere for You! I’m no good to You all tied up here. So why are You allowing these huge delays to happen? Lord, what is up?!”

Well, in our Lent 2015 case, we know what is up – in our case it’s just this nasty winter weather messing things up.  Nonetheless, it’s been disrupting our noble PLANS!  And that’s been frustrating!  So I think we can take great heart from Paul’s example.  Despite ALL that stuff he went through, the Lord still was able to achieve so very much through him and win so many souls to His Son.  And Paul is still winning souls for Jesus, via both the inclusion of his life story in the Scriptures and his intercession in Heaven for us to Christ.  So I believe we can be sure that the Lord will still most certainly, despite the “imperfection” of the interruptions to our humble vigil this Lent, honor our prayers toward the ends of ridding our city of the scourge of abortion and of witnessing to many souls for Christ and his ultimate gift, Human Life.  We will endure these hardships like good soldiers of Christ Jesus!  And who knows – Lord willing, just as people are still reading about Paul and his role in salvation history, maybe someday people will even be reading about us and our 40 Days vigil and its role in helping to eradicate abortion in the U.S.!  St. Paul, pray for us!

Despite the fact that the vigil was canceled today due to the snowstorm, a few very hardy souls still headed down to 933 Liberty today!  Many kudos go to Rich and Roseann K., the 9:00-11:00a shift managers, for putting on their layers, lacing up their boots, and going on the job — they may BE R&R, but no R&R for them today! — and to Vince P. from St. Sebastian, who showed up unannounced to help.  Here is Rich & Roseann’s account:

We arrived early around 10:30 and arriving at the same time was Vince P. from St. Sebastian.  He came thinking that because of the weather few people would be there.  He hadn’t realized the vigil was canceled for the day.  Rich shoveled and salted the sidewalk so we wouldn’t have to stand in the snow.  Then we got down to business and prayed all 15 decades of the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Vince stayed with us until 1 p.m.

There is a need for prayer volunteers at the vigil tomorrow (Monday) between the hours of 3pm – 7pm.  Please let us know if you can help!  Between 3-5pm Cathy Z. will be alone and at 5pm Pat will be alone and at 6pm Sue will be alone!  Please don’t let our wonderful shift managers stand alone!  Come pray with them please!!!

May God bless you all!

For Life,

Sue M.

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  • March 2, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Rich, Roseann, and Vince, THANK YOU!! God bless you all!!


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