Day 9: Thank you to St.Teresa of Avila parish, St. Alexis parish, and Christ Church Ministries!

The reality of abortion is that women are in need of help.  Women are in need of solutions.  Women are in need of forgiveness.  Do they know that all they need do is ask?

sad woman

Jesus said to his disciples:
“Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds;
and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

-Matthew 7: 7-8

Do the words of Jesus matter?  If they do, then let us trust in His words to us in the above passage.  Let the women who need help and healing TRUST in HIM.  We are there for THEM.  We come as representatives of HIM.

Marian’s Report:

Thanks to Sue and Sue for praying (Luminous Mysteries) and witnessing this morning!  The weather is invigorating- like when building snowmen and snow forts as children!  Thank you, Diane and company, for the hand warmers.  They helped warm the fingers!
The song “Silver Bells” came to mind as I looked around today- “city sidewalks, busy sidewalks”- but there will be no Christmas Day for the children aborted at the PP building on this sidewalk.  The PP directors and workers were entering the clinic this morning, no clients.
Pedestrians did greet us today and a few people took information to share.  One man was hesitant to take any because he said he “knew all about it, is Catholic and has four children.”  All the more reason to witness- he took brochures to pass on.  We did receive several “thumbs up”, “thank you for what you are doing” and  a few said “God Bless you.”  One cheerful man took information and then proceeded to tear up the brochures as he walked a few paces away.  Not long after that little dramatization did a man who must have seen the immature action give me a “God Bless you” with a sincere acknowledgement of caring.
Since I work downtown, several coworkers walked by.  You never know how that will play out in the long run but, if they didn’t know before, they now know where I stand on abortion.  I stand on the city sidewalk witnessing and praying that each child will get to know “Christmas Day”….
….Let us pray for a world full of children laughing…..and a world in which there will no more passing by abortion clinics- and pretending that it’s a holiday in there…..


Ginny’s Report:

Today’s shift was very interesting.  We had a nice group from St. Teresa of Avila over on Perry Highway.  There were 11 people even though it was very cold.  We prayed four sets of mysteries for the rosary.  Right after they left, a young woman showed up named “S,” and she said her mother had been going to abort her, but she ran into a group of people witnessing, and she changed her mind.  “S” found Jesus and had a baby of her own.  She also said that she was once a lesbian, but she said when she found Jesus she knew it was all wrong.  Now she’s totally against abortion.  It was a very nice day.

Thank you,


Thank you, Kate and Beth Ann!
Thank you, Kate and Beth Ann!


Thank you to Mark, Megan, Beth Ann, Claudia, and               Pastor Bryan.!
Thank you to Mark, Megan, Beth Ann, Claudia, and Pastor Bryan!


Lisa’s Report:

I suppose there are two main things to share today.

A young man and an older man stood nearby, possibly working nearby… when the young man made eye contact with me and nodded in approval of my 40 Days sign.  He then shared that his grandmother was very pro-life, and prayed outside of abortion clinics all over the place.  She has since passed away, but this man said of her, “She was the greatest person I ever knew.”  What a beautiful tribute to a Godly witness to life.  This man has obviously not forgotten that.

Secondly, two teenage girls were walking  by, when Tom (there to pray at the vigil) began talking to them, telling them that abortions were done in this facility, and that God creates our souls at conception.  The girls listened attentively to all he was saying.  I was wondering if they were just waiting until they could get out of there– but no.  One of the girls, Mary Grace, told us that she had a project to do for school, where she was to show that adoption is better than abortion.  She was to give a presentation on it, but she needed some information from an adoption agency.  The places she went were not helpful.  I asked her whether she had known that we were there today… and she had NOT.  However, Pastor Bryan was able to give her our “Resources” sheet, and I offered some other possible locations she could try.

Turns out that her own view is the one above- that adoption is better than abortion- and that she is going to present this in her public city school.  Good for her!

Thank you to Justin, Pastor Bryan and Tom!
Thank you to Justin, Pastor Bryan and Tom!
Shift Manager Lisa with two sweet girls, Mary Grace and Kayla, and Pastor Bryan
Shift Manager Lisa with two sweet girls, Mary Grace and Kayla, and Pastor Bryan


Jeannie’s Report:

We had a terrific day on the sidewalk.  Pastor Bryan, God bless him (there since noon)- joined me for my first hour, and Liz B. came too. We were surprised that a woman coming out of Planned Parenthood stopped to say how important our work was and that she supported us. We also had a gentleman stop that said his fiancée had changed her mind when she came down to the clinic –now they have a three-month-old daughter. What a gratifying day!

In life – Jeannie

Thank you, Pastor Bryan and Liz!
Thank you, Pastor Bryan and Liz!


Rick’s Report:

Today, everything went well.  Amy and Kyle M. were there from 5 to 6 and we prayed the rosary and divine mercy chaplet.  Amy plans on coming every day of the campaign.  She started a pro-life group called Life Matters no Matter What.  Jeff came and relieved me while I stayed in his car for a while.  He is so kind.  It felt good warming up.  One person in town stopped and prayed with us and another person told us to give up praying for Lent.
Take care and God Bless,
god's mercy

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  • February 27, 2015 at 6:35 am

    In the photo of Lisa with two sweet girls there is a statue/image of our Blessed Mother above them! Did someone bring this?? Tom? HOW BEAUTIFUL!

    • March 8, 2015 at 8:56 pm

      Yes, Tom brought the statue.


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