Day 7: St. Peter Catholic Church, Steubenville; Holy Angels Catholic Church, Hayes

Day 7– With all the harsh weather and changes made to last week’s schedule, we must remember to be thankful that Superman’s mortal enemy, Mr. Freeze, is not in charge.  God is!  I am thankful for Him and have to remind myself that He does see the bigger picture when I only see a small piece of the puzzle (of what is going on in the world).  I used to think that I was happy not to be born in the violent days of centuries ago but I was naive. The world has not only been fighting wars for ever, but abortion and abandoning unwanted children to die has always been a human response to conflict.  Christian organizations started orphanages to save unwanted, born children.  Christian organizations are at the forefront of protecting the unborn children as well.

I heard this song on WORD 101.5  as I was getting ready to start this blog.  It is called: “Good Fight”  by Unspoken.

Keep fighting the good fight (Never give up, never give up)
Keep letting your light shine (Holding it high as long as you live)
‘Cause I’m never gonna leave you

Also news from south Jersey- an abortion clinic was closed: From the Facebook page of NJ Right to Life:

Great news! The South Jersey Women’s center is closed! A Huge Thank You to all the faithful pro-lifers whose consistent presence outside this clinic saved countless lives.” Prayer leads to an abortion clinic closing in south Jersey.   I find it interesting because the words  ” saved countless lives” implies that saving the life of an unborn baby does save many other lives too.  That is so true.  Ask any family member of a child saved from abortion.

Everybody needs somebody sometime!

WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 25- WITNESSES ARE NEEDED FROM 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and then from 6:00 to 7:00 pm!  Please stop by between 7 am to 9 am if you can to keep Bob company!  Also, Chris needs support during the 1 pm to 3 pm shift!  Standing alone can be very prayerful but Jesus sent his disciples out two by two!!

Summarizing  the descriptions for the weather:  It’s cold.  Dress like you live in the Arctic today!

Witnessing is more profound when it is inconvenient!

7 am- 9 am- Al; 9 am- 11- Sally and company

It was extremely cold this morning, but NO WIND. What a blessing that  was! Susan and I both arrived at PP a little after 8 a.m. Pat arrived  a few minutes later with some signs and a bag of things that normally  would be in the container that Diane brings. We only saw one group of  3 going in for abortion, a few single girls & some workers. Beth arrived a little after 9 a.m.
Bill walked by while I was waiting for my bus, going down to  be at PP for a while with Beth.  Minutes later, as my bus passed PP, I  noticed that other people had arrived. Al, who got there a few minutes  later, said that the new arrivals were Tracy, Beth and and another  lady whose name he didn’t know.  All were from Steubenville. PP became  busier after 9.  The one lady estimated 15 people going in, but she  had no idea how many were there for abortions,  I did not see an  abortionist this morning, which is unusual for a Tuesday. They usually  are in by 9:05.  Al had one “conversation” with a passerby concerning the holocaust of  babies that nobody seems to want to identify as such, the passerby  included. Just as Al was getting ready to cross the street and get on  his bus at 11 a.m. Deacon Dan arrived from Holy Angels parish.  Cil  and her friend called. They were delayed, looking for a place to park. In spite of the cold, Al and I were glad to have been at PP this morning. When we don’t go in for at least an hour we feel that we did not do our job, even if we pray at home.   Sally
Beth reported:
Tuesday 9-10 a.m.  Sue was just leaving, as was Sally, when I arrived.  In no time at all, Beth and Kathy from St. Peter’s in Steubenville arrived and then their friend, Tracy.  Bill and Al also were there so things were good on our side of the doors.  Unfortunately, there were lots of clients going into the other side of the PP doors this morning.  That fact was colder than the wind-chill on Liberty Avenue.
Just a strange little side note:  For a pro-life refresher,  I just started re-reading  The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God, which tells the story of Ruth Pakaluk, Harvard graduate who travels from atheist pro-choice to God-centered pro-lifer.  Her journey illustrates the intelligence of the pro-life position and the need for involvement.

11 am- 1 pm:  Cil managed this vigil.

Cil writes:  It was so nice to have Patti, from my church, St. Joe’s, come down with me.  I really enjoy our conversations.  As I was running late, I would like to thank Pat for covering for us with our late arrival and also to allow us time to get warm. A hot drink did the trick to help us warm up. Deacon Dan an “angel” from Holy Angel Parish came down to represent his church while his concern for his parishioners asked them to stay home on the very cold day.  While praying the Divine Mercy prayer, a young couple stopped and asked for resource material.  The young woman wanted information to pass onto others as she knew first hand the sadness and pain of having an abortion.  The young woman spoke with us of God, forgiveness and His Divine Mercy.  Sue from St. Bernard Church arrived to witness despite the cold.   Mark stopped while on a break from work and then Mary and Gaetano, from St. Sebastian Church arrived for the start of Dean’s shift.  It is great to have the people who work in Pittsburgh stop and pray when they are able.    Cil

1 pm -3 pm:  Dean reports:

All of the 40Days4Life frozen frontline prayer warriors have been in my prayers this past week. I wondered how I would hold up in these cold temps. but, have used your brave testimonies to provide inspiration for me.
First of all, I would to give Dan, from Holy Angel, a big shout out as he stood through both Cecilia’s shift and mine today.Also thanks to Mary and Di from St. Sebastian of North Hills who prayed with me from 1-3.
Traffic was light at P.P. today, with nobody staying for very long. The pictures I am sending from today are my 1st selfie, Mary and Di and the driver from Stericycle.
On a lighter note our former senior pastor once said, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing choices”  

Dean's selfie
Dean’s selfie
Mary and Di from St. Sebastian
Mary and Di from St. Sebastian
Stericycle truck is always a stark reminder to the reality of why we are there
Stericycle truck is always a stark reminder to the reality of why we are there


3 pm-5pm : Sheila wrote

Sheila reports that she is accompanied by Tom, Johnny,  John, Deacon Stephen and  Shamus  on  this  bright, crisp afternoon! Oliver, Brian, Lisa and Katie arrived for the last shift of the day.   Dee joined in as well.  A PP employee, upon leaving, gave a suggestion for the witnesses to leave and get out of the cold weather, since the last patient at the clinic had left for the day.  Many of the clients left with brown bags. And one usual passer-by who complains about the signs stopped to complain and ramble on today even though the signs of  which he complains were not with us.  (Whether said in jest or in true concern, an employee of PP responding is step in the right direction.)

Dee came to pray during Sheila's shift
Dee came to pray during Sheila’s shift
Tom, Johnny, John and Deacon Stephen witnessed with Sheila during this bright, crisp afternoon
Tom, Johnny, John and Deacon Stephen witnessed with Sheila during this bright, crisp afternoon

5 pm-7 pm: First-time vigil shift manager, Lisa wrote:

Thank you for this blessing.
I do have to say I was apprehensive going into my first Vigil Manager Shift tonight 5 – 7.
It did not start out well as one hour was not enough time for me to get there tonight. Traffic!    A big thank you to Shelia
 3 – 5 shift.  She did let me know that if I ever could not arrive on time – not to worry – she will be there for us. And she was!
So, the other worry I had was that there was no one else signed up to be with me on my first “official” shift.  No worries – I had the blessing of having three wonderful people there with me the whole time.
Around 6:30 we had a homeless man approach us asking for help – specifically a ride to a homeless shelter.  We asked him to wait until our shift was over and all four of us escorted him to the shelter on Smithfield.  So even though our witness did not to appear to help an abortion bound victim – we did help one of God’s suffering souls.
I was sufficiently dressed in several layers and only felt the cold toward the end of the two hours – but the hand warmers were greatly appreciated by my fellow prayer warriors!
The first “official” 7 pm end of 40 Days for Life ended well.
IMG_20150224_171522_094 (1)
Three seminarians from SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary, with first-time vigil shift manager Lisa!  Sending a message that cold weather does not keep people from witnessing!


Stay tuned for updates through the week from other shift managers and bloggers!    Sorry some of the pictures did not post!

I tried and tried again!! Isn’t that what we do everyday in prayer when we try to get others to learn the message!  Sometimes we get through and other times we do not!

Many blessings this week to all the superheroes- dressed not in capes but in coats, hats and gloves!!!  They say: “Cold hands- Warm heart!”


Marian Carlino





One thought on “Day 7: St. Peter Catholic Church, Steubenville; Holy Angels Catholic Church, Hayes

  • February 25, 2015 at 11:43 am

    Margie Baker and Rachel Burke represented Resurrection Catholic Church on Feb 23rd from 11:00 am-1:00 pm. It was indeed a cold start for us but we were soon warmed by some passerby’s who prayed with us a very powerful prayer to exorcise and bind up the demons and evil spirits from Planned Parenthood. We sang praise to God with Kathy, one of the side advocate prayer warriors, and her friend, Terry. We got to speak to a young man who was in and out of Planned Parenthood servicing data collector machines. I asked him to pray while he was in the building where the evil spirts dwell. He said he understood and would do so. The time flew by as we prayed many powerful prayers together and sung praise to God for allowing us to be His hands and feet, even in the bitter cold weather. God bless all of you for witnessing your faith!
    Rachel Burke


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