Day 6: Resurrection Church Munhall: “Just show up”

“…Nor shall you stand by idly when your neighbor’s life is at stake.”
LV 19

Sometimes doing God’s will is just so simple. Just show up. And stay. But sometimes it’s not so easy. It’s cold, dark and I’ve got “stuff” to do. At the crucifixion some showed up and stayed. I doubt it was easy. There had to be a lot of fear. But LOVE prevailed.
At the vigil site our neighbor’s lives are at stake. Souls are at stake. But we show up, stand up and stay. We love. We do God’s will. It’s just so simple.
So, the next time you hear “the call”, answer it, go to the vigil site, pray, stay as long as you can. You don’t need to sign up. You don’t need to stay long. Be HIS presence. Who knows, miracles can happen. You can save your neighbor’s life.

Today at the vigil site we have Resurrection Church of Munhall from 11 to 3. But 3 on is open. So if you can stop by. Just show up.

The vigil began this morning in bitter cold temperatures at 9am.  Susan managed the vigil for the first hour and wrote:

Mark joined me on the sidewalk from 9am-10am. I was surprised, even with my many layers how quickly I got cold! There was a good wind going and my face was numb in about 5 minutes! Bill stopped by briefly and Shift manager Kathy and her friend showed up at 9:30am. They went to Catholic charities to stay warm until they relieved Mark and I at 10am. Thank God, because I don’t think I could have been there for more than the hour!  Mark and I both wore our 40 Days for Life hats, so I felt like we “represented” even though we did not have signs. I had brought some 40days for Life fliers and some printed material on fetal development/helpful resources from home and to my amazement, 3 people stopped. The first was a young man who I think saw my hat. I explained why we were there and he took all of the resources I gave him and thanked us for being there. An older man also took information and a young girl stopped on her way to school (2hr delay) to chat for about 10minutes. She said that her mother told her they did not do abortions there. I thank God for the opportunity to tell her the truth and am grateful for the statistics that I have learned from Al.

Kathy L. managed the vigil for the 10am hour.  Report will be posted later.

Lindsay volunteered an hour to help make sure our shift managers were able to shorten the shifts to one hour and was at the vigil during the 11am hour.

Rick and Sue split the noon hour.  Sue wrote:

Today I spent a half hour at the vigil, from 12:30-1:00p, to allow shift manager Kathy L. and her friend Terri a chance to warm up for a bit.  We prayed a litany to the Holy Spirit, and then a very powerful prayer for the purpose of binding up all of the evil spirits in, around, and associated with Planned Parenthood at 933 Liberty Avenue, and casting them back to where they came from.  Even after only a half hour, my lips were numb and tingling when I left — but more importantly, I could feel without question the tingling of the Holy Spirit in my soul!  May God bless all of you amazing, amazing prayer warriors!

Sue's selfie
Sue’s selfie

Rick wrote:

Kathy led us in songs of praise, we read passages from Scripture and we prayed the litany to the Sacred Heart of Jesus when I was there.  There were 4 people there the entire time I was there.  It sure was cold.  Thank God for such committed pro-lifers.

Beth managed the vigil during the 1pm hour and wrote:

 Well the sun was shining…… but the wild was howling so it was still cold.  We had Millie, Mary Ann and Paul, three incredible prayer warriors who stood with me for a long time, an hour wasn’t enough. Pat came with signs and very welcomed hand warmers.  We prayed, sang and had quite a few positive comments from people hurrying past.  Luckily, PP seemed really slow.  Before we knew it, Jeff and Nikki took up the task and we were on our way home.   What a great group of people!

Jeff managed the vigil for the 2pm hour:

Shift manager Jeff pitched in an extra hour to help us get through this cold spell
Shift manager Jeff pitched in an extra hour to help us get through this cold spell

Nikki managed the vigil during the 3pm hour and wrote:

When I arrived on the frozen and icy sidewalk, I was blessed to see both Jeff and Beth standing there.  Thank you to Pat for delivering a few vigil signs.  After Beth and Jeff left, I was alone for a short time…and I took my second “selfie”.  I think Tim created a monster by asking us to do this! 

Frozen Selfie
Frozen Selfie

During my brief time alone, I had a wonderful conversation with a young man who stopped to tell me that “You need more numbers out here!”  I agreed, but told him that was difficult to do when it was 10 degrees.  He asked me, “Do you remember me?”  I said he looked familiar.  He said he met me 4 years ago, right here in front of PP.  “I was stalking my girlfriend, who was in there aborting my child against my wishes, and you talked to me.”  I told him I was sorry for his loss.  He then said, “Yeah, but the worst part was that she got ultrasound pictures of the baby and made sure to show them to me!”  He then told me that since that time, he has “found God”.  He attends Calvary Chapel in New Castle, and is going to be baptized this coming weekend!  He said he still struggles with some things, but is in NA, journals every day, has an accountability partner and is doing his best.  We talked for a long time, and it was very up-lifting.  Soon after he left to catch  his bus, Charlene and Dick appeared to take over for the last hour of the vigil.  Just in time, because my toes were frozen!

Charlene and Dick volunteered to help out on a cold day!
Charlene and Dick volunteered to help out on a cold day…and on her birthday too!  Happy Birthday Charlene!!!


Charlene wrote:


The last hour on the sidewalk was quiet…cold but the sun peeked out off and on. Only one person came out of PP and no one went in. Not too much eye contact ( maybe they couldn’t see our eyes

3 thoughts on “Day 6: Resurrection Church Munhall: “Just show up”

  • February 23, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    Terri Semon with Cathy Laslow at Catholic Charites @ 9:30a.m.. Cathy, a sidewalk advocate, gave Stephanie, a pregnant student, some local resouces for herself and her unborn child. Cathy told her where she could get clothes for her child! Despite the cold temperature of 11 degrees, we left the Catholic Charities for the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood. We saw Sue & Mark were already standing on the sidewalk . Rachel & Margie came followed by John @12:00 followed by Sue M.@ 12:30p.m.then came Beth & two other women @ 1p.m. God is good! He laid on the hearts of many to pray for the unborn! A constant flow of people to pray, despite the cold temperatures!Praise God! His love endures forever& ever!

  • February 24, 2015 at 6:35 am

    I thank God to be a part of this group!!

  • February 24, 2015 at 9:20 am

    Thank God for all of you being out there in the cold. What a testimony of God’s power and grace. I’ve been taking part of my lunch break to pray for 40 Days….the national website prayers help me to focus on the task….that is what I’m giving to for Lent…praying for everyone who is in front of PP today and I’ll be down there sometime soon. Love the hats!


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