Day 5…St. Regis (Trafford), Heart of Mary Homeschoolers (Steubenville) & Holy Trinity Ukrainian (Carnegie)

Shift manager Jen came early, even though we delayed the “official” start of the vigil until 9am…she was there at 8!  She writes:

The weather was not a problem this morning–I think I got the best temps and roads of the whole week.  (Plus I took everyone’s advice and wore ten layers!)  I’m afraid it probably didn’t look like the vigil was open while I was there, though.  I never thought to pick up signs!  And I really didn’t have a chance to talk to anyone, so there’s not much to report for the blog.  But I’m glad I got to be there for awhile.  Praying for all of you as the brutal cold comes back–God bless you all! 

9-11am shift manager, Pat wrote:

I arrived at about 8:45 and was surprised to see SM Jen McDevitt already there praying by herself.  She said she had been there since about 8.  After Jen left, at around 9, the sidewalk was peaceful and quiet.  Since this was my church’s slot – St. Regis in Trafford – I was happy to spend some time talking and praying, first with Nancy and then with Larry (who’s also my next-door neighbor).  While I took a picture with my phone with the both of them in it, I forgot to actually save it and now it seems to be gone.  Thankfully Larry took the one of Pasquale, Sue, and their 5 kids – all from St. Bernard’s.  When I found out that’s where they were from I mentioned that my uncle, Fr. Richard Wesoloski, was a priest there and Larry mentioned that one of his daughters worked there.  As they say…it’s a small world.  

Wonderful family of witnesses from St. Bernard in Mt. Lebanon
Wonderful family of witnesses from St. Bernard in Mt. Lebanon

Now if there was one lesson to be learned from this it was that if someone wants to engage you in conversation more to entertain themselves and make themselves feel superior, it’s best to end that conversation as soon as you can and just start praying.  I learned that lesson about 20 minutes too late.

Roseann and Rich managed the vigil from 11am-1pm and wrote:

We had 10 children plus their parents and others to stand with us the 2 hours we were at Planned Parenthood. Not only do they stand with us but these little ones are great prayer warriors.  What a witness!!! They inspire us.  Surely God is pleased.

Marshall managed the vigil from 1-3pm and reported that he had many prayer volunteers join him during his time on the sidewalk.  Here are some photos taken by him:

These two families are a wonderful witness to life!
These two families are a wonderful witness to life!
Heart of Mary Homeschoolers from Steubenville came out in force
Heart of Mary Homeschoolers from Steubenville came out in force


the Downs family and Kevin

Johnny and Mary Ellen managed the vigil from 3-5pm and wrote:

We arrived a little before 3:00 and pulled into street parking near PP and the snow and ice water was” over the ankle” deep!  Mary Ellen could step out right onto the sidewalk and the driver’s side was just slush being on the higher street side. However, I had to walk down to the alley and back up to the Vigil site. And what a sight it was! More than 15 people praying the Rosary, including some 8 to 10 children! After meeting as many of them as we could @ shift change, a mother and her 5 children (8 to 18) stayed over to say the Chaplet and Glorious Mysteries with us. (they had come in all the way from Steubenville, OH).  As we were finishing up, another family came (also with 5 children) from Carnegie and we prayed a Rosary with them, just finishing before the little ones got cold and they had to leave. Between 3:30 and 4:00, our shift buddy, Trish arrived as did a lady from St. Bernard ‘s in Mt. Lebanon and we continued Rosaries and Chaplets right on through the rest of the shift, with the ladies praying in the cars half of the time. During that time, a regular in the 40 days group from the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Carnegie joined us. As we were just leaving Jeff showed up by himself and hopefully got some company thru his shift. God bless him!  All in all, a pretty chilling shift, but more importantly, a very filling, continuous prayer-filled shift.

Much thanks and appreciation to shift manager Jeff for standing vigil by himself for the final 2 hours today from 5-7pm!

Please check back later for more stories and photos from today.  Please note that the vigil times for tomorrow (Monday) are shortened to 9am-5pm due to the cold weather.




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