Day 3: Heavenly Sunlight During the Bitter Cold!

Remember that in the face of adversity, we are the image of God.  As the vigil will be canceled for tomorrow, please continue to pray for the campaign, knowing that your prayers make a difference.  Sometimes, we say, “All we can do now is pray.”  In reality, all that we can ever do of consequence is pray.  Sometimes we pray with our mouths, sometimes with our actions, but always with our hearts.  As we sit in our warm homes praying, know that we are storming the gates of heaven and beseeching the throne of Grace.  God is a great God, and He listens to the prayers of His people and waits on us to ask Him to do a mighty work in our midst.  Please take extra time to pray tomorrow and pray that angelic witnesses to Life will be present, even when we physically aren’t able.

Prayer does work.  And whenever you get discouraged at how the world is becoming worse and worse, there are rays of hope.  One such ray of hope is a great movie that’s coming out that looks worthy of our support.  In the frenzy created by the movie “50 Shades of Grey,” there is a very different movie that actually upholds moral values that we can agree with.  It’s called “Old Fashioned.”  Click the link here to find local times and theaters for the movie.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a Rosary for the Unborn, you can get one here.

Below are the stories and pictures from today’s vigil:

Even though the time of the vigil was delayed because of extreme cold, dedicated shift manager Bob arrived at 7am (in -10 degree weather!)  He wrote:

I owe many, many thanks to Cecelia Love for her advice on how to dress.  You know men have trouble dressing themselves anyway.  I wore two sets of long underwear, two pair socks, a hat and a hoodie and a turtleneck.  My loving daughter gave me some handwarmers to put in my gloves (which I passed on for the next shift).  When I arrived around 7 am, it was in the negative range.  I was able  to stay until about 10:40 or 10:45 by not just standing in front of the building, but by walking back and forth.  Standing still makes you stiff and the cold radiates up from the concrete into your joints.


God is so incredibly good!  After the first hour, which was spent in prayer and song, alone, I started to get a bit self-involved with the cold.  During that hour, however, one man stopped and asked me for one of my signs (I printed several signs off the internet on 8-1/2 by 11 inch paper) so he could hang it in his office.  He wanted to let me know that God started the world with one man and one woman for a reason.  I also met a man whose sole purpose was to deliberately run his shoulder into my side, and then rush away.  It just gave me someone else to pray for.


After that hour, I was thinking that God really knew what He was talking about when He said that He is there whenever two or more gather in His name.  So, I asked him to send someone to share the time with me and to help me keep up my spirits.  I was only getting to the “Amen” when I was joined by two more prayer warriors, who came to spend the hour from 8 to 9.  Rose and Al helped me tremendously and prayed and sang with me and passed out literature and  encouraged people endlessly.


More people came (Peter and Joe and Bill and Peggy and Sally and Marian) and continued to pray and praise and sing.  It was a glorious way to spend the morning.  My only regret was that no one asked me if I was freezing to death.  I wanted to be able to tell them “No.  I am freezing to Life!”


With Love and Prayers,


Rose and Al arrived at 8am, an answer to Bob's prayer!
Rose and Al arrived at 8am, an answer to Bob’s prayer!

Rose writes:

I promised to be there for at least one hour. I hopped on the 91 A bus to see on the first seat dear, faithful  AL. He asked, ”Are you coming to pray?” to which I responded, “Of course.” We arrived around 8:00 a.m. to find Bob from St. Irenaeus already having been there since 7:00 a.m. He smiled and said that he already felt warmer since we had arrived. We prayed, sang several songs, and were thanked by a beautiful African-American mother of four, Jasmine, who stopped by and put her arms around us as she led a short and beautiful prayer of gratitude for our being witnesses even in the freezing temperatures. We spoke a blessing for her and her children as she went on her way. Around 8:30 a.m. Tom from St. Ferdinand’s arrived, then closer to 9 a.m. another brave warrior (I believe his name was Phil) came to witness to LIFE. Al was nearly frozen as I accompanied him across to catch the 9 a.m. bus. His nose was more red that Rudolph’s. Prayers continued throughout the day as I offer “all I think and say and do, united to Christ who saves us.”

Sally writes:

Al had no trouble staying for his hour. He even had 3 people with him:
Rose from Sharpsburg, Bob Federline (new shift manager), & Peter from
St.Ferdinand, who is with us often during the 40 Days. The mill did
not seem to be busy.

Rose and Bob sang. A black lady, named Jasmine, came by, thanked them
for being there, and prayed with them for a short while. Joe White
came early for his shift, so Al & Rose caught the 8:50 bus. Bob &
Peter were still there.

Joe managed the vigil from 9-10am and writes:

I showed up for my shift and was greeted by Wonder
Woman (Rose),Hercules (Pete from St. Ferdinands), Superman (Al) and Iron
man (Bob from St. Iraneus). Bill stopped by to pray and say hello and
Marian relieved me (pictured). The cold didn’t stop the abortion mill,
and it certainly didn’t stop the witness to LOVE.

All Glory and Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

First shift!
First shift!
Reinforcements have arrived!
Reinforcements have arrived!

Marian managed the vigil from 10-11am and writes:

Some of the witnesses to life today were Peter, Bob, Tim, Terry, and Peggy.  We had “A tale of Two Women” today: one woman stopped by to talk about life and told us that Al and Bob had helped her four years with her son, who is now a four year old. Another   woman told me when I offered her a brochure that I should mind my own business and stay out of her personal life. She walked on.  Thanks Bob and Al! Life is our business!


Regina and Susie managed the vigil from 11am-1pm.  Regina wrote:

Though the air was cold, the feeling was warm on the sidewalk today. Susie and I were very warmly greeted by Sidewalk Advocate Peggy upon arrival. We had the privilege of praying a rosary with both her and 40 days participant Amy. It was a blessing to stand and pray for life with both of these Inspirational women. They made the first hour fly. The second hour was a littler harder on the toes, but God knew we needed relief and sent Carol 15 minutes early. Thank you Carol, and everyone who participated in prayer and penance on the sidewalk on this very cold day! 

A blessing from Heaven to meet and pray with God’s children for life! So many beautiful people stopped to pray or give us encouragement in spite of the cold. The cold offered a powerful element of sacrifice. The power of prayer coupled with sacrifice is unparalled, just as our dear Holy Father of happy memory, JPIl has said. God is so generous to give 40 Days this powerful start to our Lenten Journey! Peace and blessings dear ones!




Shift managers Regina and Susie, with Peg and Amy
Shift managers Regina and Susie, with Peg and Amy
Shift manager Marie shows up to relieve Susie and Regina
Shift manager Marie shows up to relieve Susie and Regina



Marie managed the vigil from 1-2pm and writes:

The shift went well – I arrived early to relieve Suzie and her friend Rachael.  3 people joined me (Shamus Maloney and a couple from Franklin Park).  Not very much traffic but one black man with many tattoos all over his face stopped and inquired about what we were doing and then indicated he would like to join us sometime and bring his sons.  I gave him information on 40 days and hopefully we will be seeing him again.  Marshall Myers came early and he took pictures of everyone.

Marshall managed the vigil from 2-3pm and took these photos:

John and Iris
John and Iris
Justin and Marshall
Justin and Marshall


Nikki  managed the vigil from 3-4pm and writes:

I was very layered-up for my one hour on the sidewalk at 3pm today.  The sun was shining and the sky blue.  It really wasn’t too bad until towards the end of the hour.  Lisa and three of her children, along with Arlene and I, prayed for the entire hour.  I had the sensation of being inside a little “prayer cocoon” …maybe because we were all huddled together and were so bundled up.  But, it seemed like the outside hustle and bustle of the city disappeared at times, and I was just enjoying the sunshine on my face and the companionship and prayer.  At one point a man stopped to thank us for being there.  He had a name tag on his jacket that showed that he was a pastor of a church.  He said that his wife was a product of rape, and that her mother had had numerous abortions before becoming pregnant with her…but chose not to abort her.  He said they have a large family now and he is so thankful that her mother chose life.

Friday afternoons are my least favorite times to be there.  We saw a few girls walking out of the clinic with their boyfriends.  They look so sad.

It is good that we are there.  Keep the faith everyone!

The Cahills from SS Peter and Paul Beaver
The Cahills from SS Peter and Paul Beaver

Pat M. closed out the final hour today from 4-5pm and  writes:

I think I’m getting used to this bundling up business.  Seven layers under my winter coat seems to do the trick. Well, my shift was fairly peaceful and uneventful.  I was grateful that Nikki stuck around (even though I could tell that her feet were very cold) at the beginning to talk a bit and pray a bit.  I gave out more literature than I expected given all of the people with heads down and hands in their pockets.  But after a while I stopped because my hand was getting cold being out of its mitten and I just wanted to stand there and “be”.  Throughout the hour I don’t recall any negative comments, but do recall several positive ones.  The one that sticks out the most was one from the uncle of one of the PP executives.  I’ve encountered him three times now and I really like him.  

Thank you to all the shift managers and participants on this cold and blustery day.  You are loved and greatly appreciated and your actions arer working to build up the Kingdom of God!

In Christ,

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Pastor Adam

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